Lamar Odom Got High On Crack And Rapped About Cheating On Khloe

November 22nd, 2013 // 25 Comments
Lamar Odom
WATCH: Lamar Odom Raps About Cheating On Khloe
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Here’s a high off his ass Lamar Odom hanging out shirtless (naked?) with some other dude and rapping about how he’s God and cheats on Khloe Kardashian because her divorce lawyer is a powerful wizard who made this happen with his mind. TMZ reports:

Lamar appears out of it, rapping about making money off his fragrance “Unbreakable,” and how he smokes drugs to make “the pain go away.” He even drops Kanye’s name.
But the crazy part — Lamar raps, “And when Khloe’s out of town / I still be on the DL.” His friend then follows up, “You know what it is / We the QU [Queens] pimps / Ask any of these shorties / We ran through their cribs.”

In related news, Kris Jenner‘s vagina just lubricated itself for the first time since 1997. There were no survivors.


  1. Kris really knows how to destroy someone’s image when they wrong one of her whores.

  2. Naked and holding the camera: Bruce Jenner.

  3. I thought “DL” meant homo on the side.

  4. You know, on the basketball side of things, this dude has always frustrated me. He had an insane skill set that he used to show off about every 7th game. If he’d had any sort of drive, he be a shoo-in for the HOF.

    • Chick Hearn

      Bullseye. I’m in LA, I lived through his Clipper years and his Laker years. I still remember on Draft Day, the experts said he could be the next Magic Johnson. A 6’10 guy with the skills to play all positions. He’s been nothing but a “what if” player. He’d have a monster game of 20 pts, 10 rebounds, and great defensive play, and then follow it up with 4 points, 3 rebounds, and 5 fouls.

  5. Cock Dr

    Those K klan gals really know how to pick their partners & fathers for their children. Well done.

  6. Oh yeah, now I remember what videos shot with flip phone look like

  7. This is nice and all but when Lucas gets around to doing the Special Edition of this video we’re going to have to CGI in a shirtless Hasselhoff who will stagger in halfway through with a burger in one hand and mumble-rapping while pieces of onions and meat go flying around. Aaaaand Cut!

  8. Dox

    Nothing here deters me from my original fuck humanity thought.
    Yet another example of why giant monsters from the bottom of the ocean are about to anally rape us.

  9. Robb7

    Who’s uglier LO or KO? That’s the real issue.

  10. Judd

    Being on the DL means he is banging, getting banged, or both, in the ass by another dude. Its not that unusual in certain “circles.” I wonder if his wookie-wife ever wonders why his breath smells like poop??

  11. Forrest Gump

    Which is worse: The awful camera or the fact that it’s vertical? No wait, it’s the subject.

  12. vindiggity

    I’d be more concerned about Lamar being high and half naked with another dude. They say Bruce is a cross dresser so I can only imagine what’s to come over this.

  13. Jesus Christ Himself

    Am I crazy for thinking this is all bullshit? Think about how much money these assholes make just by getting attention and staying relevant.

  14. suzi

    Lamar odom you an ass

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