Lais Ribeiro’s Shiny Butt, And Other Shiny News

Somebody decided to take sports a little too far and went after Lebron James’ house with some spray paint. Why people so mad? [TMZ]

Playboy model Dani Mathers is crying about how she lost her privacy and had to hide at her mother’s house… after invading someone else’s privacy and getting in trouble for it. [Dlisted]

India was pretty mad at Baywatch’s Priyanka Chopra for not dressing Indian enough for her meeting with the Prime Minister. [TooFab]

Jennifer Garner isn’t ready to start picking up strange, but god knows what Ben has been up to since moving out of his pool house exile. [People]

Turns out Scott Speedman was a shitty boyfriend back in the Felicity days, but wasn’t everyone a punk in their early 20’s? He does say some weird stuff about Anthony Weiner that creeps me out though… [PageSix]

I better watch who I call fat from now on, Rihanna went after someone at Barstool for saying something about her looks (that wasn’t even that funny). [PerezHilton]

Modeling is really hard. Gigi Hadid had to get photoshopped in front of a bunch of NASA stuff and is complaining about how hard she has to work. A word of advice, Gi- it gets easier once you stop being 22-years old and having a perfect body… [CeleBitchy]