Lady GaGa’s Meat Bikini

September 8th, 2010 // 92 Comments
Lady Gaga in a Meat Bikini

I should probably apologize for that headline because it implies something entirely different, but yet doesn’t at the same time because here’s Lady Gaga in an actual meat bikini for the latest issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. Of course, it’s supposed to be shocking and so “GaGa Gooey,” a gay publicist might say, but the only surprising part about the whole thing is its ability to elicit the most tepid response from PETA since that time they yawned then told me not to eat a baloney sandwich. If I felt like it. Via NY Daily News:

“Oh, Lady Gaga’s job is to do outlandish things, and this certainly qualifies as outlandish because meat is something you want to avoid putting on or in your body,” PETA’s President, Ingrid Newkirk, told the Daily News.

“Don’t put meat in your body.” That’s your big response, PETA? No huge ad campaign featuring a nude D-list celebrity saying something retarded like, “I’d rather go naked than put mutton chops over my Brazilian?” Wow, you’ve changed. It used to be about the publicity, dammit! And something about animals whenever you got around to it. But publicity!

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Photo: Terry Richardson/Vogue Hommes Japan


  1. Doc Schweinstrudel

    WOW. I never liked her garmets. Virtuous woman who is he who may find her…

    • job


      Johnny Knoxville from JACKASS DID THIS ALREADY!!

      I am SO freaking tired of this Bitch, She tries to be so original and weird just to be famous,

      YET everything she’s doing has been done before by
      God I am so tired of this bitch, please just die now!

      • xemphyte

        So true…
        She was almost original, until she got so full of this fame monster bullshit that she cant see past these lame cliches… And she is the new shock rock… yea right.

      • Sarah

        shut the fuck up. you don’t know what you’re even talking about. lady gaga is an amazing, inspiring person so just fuck off.

      • Tai

        Lady Gaga is an artist….. She can do what she wants, all the attention shifts on her when comes throu… Baically im saying Imma fan.. and fuck y’all haters.

    • Zinbag

      Well to be honest, it’s pretty hard to be original in the medias eye with out being a labeled a freak, and really whats the point of trying to be original just for the sake of being original?

      I’m not trying to debate morals/motives or anything. I’m just saying if you spend enough time you can connect everyone originality to someone else.. People usually simulate traits they find appealing/attractive to them. So I guess gaga face here loves the meat idea and thought it’d be awesome. That or her publicist told her too.

      Anywho that’s my opinion at least.

    • Ians

      google Jana Sterbak.
      She did the meat dress thing yonks ago.
      Lady Gaga is a bit of a hack.

    • wings

      Lady Gaga the truth comes out your satanic, and your wearing the body of the poeple you sacrificed. Take my advice for your next dress cover yourself with shit, because your so full of yourself. Lady Kaka!

    • She’s retreading things that were done years ago. If you think she’s being original or inspiring you are too freaking young to be on this blog!!! She’s a Madonna clone, with a bit of Cyndi Lauper, Anna Nicole Smith, Nina Hagen, and Patti Labelle (Hair styles, make up) mixed in. She is talented musically but unoriginal in her shtick.

      Thing that gets me about her is in some pictures and videos she looks absolutely scrumptious, while in others she looks like a hag!!! I dick can’t figure her out!!!!

  2. Doc Schweinstrudel

    garments*. I dream of the day she will try everything and finally puts on a burka

  3. UY

    PETA are terrorists.

  4. Who is wasting the meat? Assholes!

  5. glace neuf

    i’d go to town on her meat….then grill up her bikini and eat that too

  6. Bradley

    wow is that funny. I adore lady gaga. PETA must be genuinely pissed, being made to look quite the fools.

  7. imagen

    What’s up with her boobs? Seriously. I don’t mean to hate, but it looks like she’s breast fed 5 babies. Was she fat before and lost a bunch of weight or something? I’ve just never seen pancake boobs on someone who hasn’t had a child or lost a lot of weight.

    • dmn

      no no see that’s what natural boobs look like

      • nahhhhh

        That’s what sad flappity natural boobs look like. She has an unfortunate rack, nothing more to say about it.

      • Hello

        That is not what natural boobs. Those are saggy small boobs. The only natural boobs that sag are big ones, and she doesn’t have big ones.

    • job

      Thank you!

      yeah her boobs are disgusting and NO THAT IS NOT WHAT REAL BOOBS LOOK LIKE, Wtf are you talking about, natural boobs, SPECIALLY SMALL ones like that Dont look so saggy, boobs,
      real boobs tend to be perky,
      big boobs sag,
      but This bitch has small saggy boobs, that is just disgusting

      • michiez

        agreed, i got big boobs and they dont sag at all. so i dunno whats wrong with her gene pool here. oh.. wait a minute. lol

    • Poopface

      She says she used to be overweight in high school.

  8. That’s disgusting. The meat bikini I mean. Lady Gaga looks good. Only because they photoshopped the heck out of her. Lady Gaga is naturally busted.

  9. Rei

    Wasn’t this an ANTM shoot idea? Wow, way to make ANTM relevant.

  10. Greg

    PETA doesn’t care because it’s raw meat and not pretty, pretty fur that came from a coot and cuddly wittle animal.

  11. GaGaGagOnDeez

    I never thought I’d say it, but she doesn’t look like a roast beef sandwich on a barbershop floor in this one. I may actually have to skull fuck her. If we were the last two people on the planet that is. Way to save humanity Japan!

  12. Dishy

    She shoud’ve worn whale meat. That’s stir things up.

  13. girl who likes it in da butt

    sorry, this was cool the first time when carolee schneemann did it in ‘meat joy’ during the performance art era decades ago but everything since is a lazy ripoff. fuck you gaga.

  14. i feel like wrapping my meat around her neck

  15. Ralph

    Ho hum.

    The Beatles wore meat in 1966 (google “butcher cover” if you don’t know what I’m talking about.
    This was done already. So Terry Richardson has no new ideas. What a surprise. Hack photographer lifts idea & passes it off as his own.

    Or perhaps it was Gaga’s idea.

    Either way, unoriginal, at best.

    • Balzac

      Amen, bro. Holy shit, pop culture is such garbage.

    • girl who likes it in da butt

      not to get all art cunt on you, but the beatles copied carolee (hot jew) who i mentioned earlier. she did it in ’64 and in what is still, the most badass way (lady gaga is a baby shock jock in comparison, i’m talking group sex rolling around in meat, pulling pig intestines out of her vagina, lol and people today think this cover is ‘daring’). it’s been one of the most lazily played stunts since.

      i can’t believe i’m talking about meat joy on the superficial.

  16. Burt

    The funniest thing about this is that the beef was probably photoshopped on her.

  17. At least they photoshopped his Adam’s Apple out……again.

    That clinic in Sweden did good work though…….


  18. Taz

    Stop posting this ugly skank!

  19. buongu

    theres something strange about her left thigh… some funny dents… gentlemen im afraid we are infront of a new photoshop victim..!

  20. The band Protein did that more than 10 years ago with a hot redhead on the cover of their album Songs About Cowgirls.

    That being said, I love Lady Gaga. When I first saw here I totally thought Missing Persons. Very similar to their lead singer. The bitch can sing, and dance, and write a damn catchy tune. I’m jealous I’m not her.

  21. RolyPoly


  22. james

    Eat the meat, then eat her out….

  23. Clark

    Gaga, your 15 minutes are up

  24. It is beyond idiotic to, “liberate,” lab animals from labs, you never know what they were doing to those creatures or how those effects could alter the environment, not to mention that animals in captivity typically lose their abilities to protect and feed themselves, or interact with their own wild kin.

  25. Gilligan Poopiepants

    What the hell is Lady Fajita thinking? Oh, who cares – I’ve already wasted too much time…

  26. LD

    I now have respect for her(Today). We need a lot more anti-PETAfile exposure.

    There is a reason animals are made out of meat.

  27. Blondie

    Genious, she’s fabulous’ I love her

  28. shavederic

    What’s the big deal? Now she has a legitimate reason for her cunt smelling like unrefrigerated meat.

  29. Bigo

    Hey, PETA, this is a great ad pic for your campaing:

  30. Lady Gaga in a Meat Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    So offensive !!

  31. Randal(l)

    Jesus Christ! 50 comments and not a single one mentioning her rotting beef curtains. Also Fuck PETA, Fuck them up their stupid ass

  32. See Alice

    Oh Look its a Dale Bozzio copycat .

  33. Lady Gaga in a Meat Bikini
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  34. Anti Gaga

    What an ugly human being covered with carcasses of what were once beautiful animals.

  35. BigGiantButtholeSniffer

    Gag ga, get your stanky-ass rotten ‘ol meat out of our face!

  36. matt

    what a cheap whore, that beef has terrible marbling

  37. yeah, almost vomited. was not expecting this one. jesus Fish.

  38. Lady Gaga in a Meat Bikini
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  39. Bitchy cunt 2nd-grade English teacher

    “Elicit”, not “illicit”

  40. kingofbeer

    this is the first time that I have felt attracted to her :)

  41. xemphyte

    Good luck trying to convince Japan not to eat all their awesome world class dishes Gaga. And what the fuck is that dumb look on her face for? Did she forget where she was and what she put on before people started flashing lights in her face again? ~ true whale meat may have worked… it would have looked even more terrible also.

  42. Mina

    lady, you got a porterhouse on your head…
    i wouldnt have cared if it was fake meat but real meat? come on, starving people around the world and we’re wasting food to be supposedly “shocking” and “controversial”… what a bunch of BS gaga, I thought you were waaaaayyy more creative than that -_-

  43. AnonymousError

    This already happened in the 70′s with a performance artist called Carolee Schneeman. Lets give the credit where it’s due- not to Lady Gaga.

  44. Lady Gaga in a Meat Bikini
    Ray Sist.
    Commented on this photo:

    She/it actually looks pretty good here. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go and remove my tongue.

  45. Guest

    Umm..yep. Another way to prove she’s not original and knocks off other people’s ideas.

  46. Bored with life

    Her Vag probably smells like that meat…

  47. ctti

    See – even PETA, the world’s most pushy & preachy vegan organization, couldn’t give a shit about her latest antic.

    Just goes to show how tired people are of her attempts to shock. Nothing surprises people anymore, at least not when it comes to the attention whore that is Lady Gaga.

  48. gigi

    oh this is so tiresome… didn’t Tyra Banks do a photoshoot w/ this very theme for her trainwreck ANTM show? and it’s been done before because she likes to reenact famous shoots…. people are so sheltered & lame

  49. Roxanne

    Yes this has been done a lot before by America, but its a first for Japan.. Give them a break!

  50. Ned

    She’s so hot, I’d floss with her nose hair, and then let her grandmother pee on my face

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