Lady Gaga Is Single

[Ed. Note: She’s the one in the middle. I think.]

So remember Lady Gaga? Wears weird outfits, haunts Leonardo DiCaprio, occasionally works with “alleged” statutory rapists? Not ringing any bells? Well, anyway, she’s single now. TMZ reports:

Sources close to the former couple say they parted ways earlier this month — no word on who pulled the plug.
Gaga and Kinney have been noticeably absent from each other’s lives lately … at events and on social media. Gaga was seen without her engagement ring last week in Malibu — the same day Taylor celebrated his 35th birthday.

So that’s what a story that doesn’t involve Taylor Swift looks like in case any of you were curious. I obviously forgot how to even write one. It’s like I want to make a joke about a vagina that’s been decorated by Martha Stewart, but Freddie Mercury with tits is staring at me in the top pic, so that can’t be right. Or is it? Photo Boy, check the flaps for a tasteful New England decor that makes Ryan Reynolds want to choke to death on a sand dune.

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