Lady GaGa Starved Herself Just To Do This

December 22nd, 2010 // 81 Comments

Back in October, Lady GaGa performed in Oslo looking noticeably.. plumper which brought about revelations that she starves herself to fit into her stage outfits. Following the concert she refused to be photographed in anything revealing her thighs even though she had a long, documented history of hating pants. Fast forward to last night where she proceeded to walk around Paris exposing the French to her ass cheeks despite learning firsthand these people will latch onto any body part they see flopping around. In a way you almost have to admire a woman so dedicated to her art, she starves herself just to show you her ass. If someone even floated the idea to Britney Spears, she’d take a KFC hostage – then show your her ass any way. “Ain’t it look like dem biscuits?”

Also, before I get any complaints, this is not so much an endorsement of eating disorders as of performance art pieces that terrorize the French. There’s a difference.

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  1. jojo

    Her nasty snatch all crushed up against that fishnet. Like pressing ground beef through a screen door.

  2. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    Cher called. She wants her outfit back.

  3. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
    Tommy Lee's Cock
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    take notes, Coco.

  4. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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  5. Anon

    I think for every inch of height a heel provides– the wearer looks like she lost about 2lbs. 4 inch heel = 8lbs.

    Lady Gaga’s 10 inch heels = 20lbs She can eat large pizzas by herself as long as she goes out in 24 inch heels.

  6. Slapkatyperry

    I’m confused, she has such a plump little ass. Its like when that smoking hot chick that looks like Eva Mendes hits on you at the bar and you end up taking her home in a drunken haze only to find out in the morning she’s a post op tranny but she’s still smoking hot, but you know that you could never get a real woman that hot so you show her off to your friends and go to public places with her and people are like damn shes hot, you are a lucky bastard.
    Do you keep banging the smoking hot tranny or go with the Cameron Diaz butter face that you know you’ll end up with any way?

    • monito

      this is true poetry my friend, true poetry,

      That is why I found the glorious world or beautiful trannies, they let you put in in their butt, without asking to put their junk in yours, they suck you dry, they have huge implants, beautiful faces, willing butt cheeks,
      best thing is that, besides the lack of baby giving gross fish smelling vaginas they are just completely out of this world,
      you haven’t really experience true bliss as a straight male until you had anal sex with a transexual with double D boobs. that to me is heaven

      • ilikesake

        I knew you were either a liar or being sarcastic when you said “you haven’t really experience true bliss as a STRAIGHT MALE until you had anal sex with a transexual with double D boobs”

  7. Dr. Nero

    Potato head/ check
    Implants/ check
    Playing audience who are most likely to follow/ check
    Buttocks/ Her best features and she’s aware of that.

  8. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    sorry,, she just looks like an idiot

  9. JN

    That ass looks good now and good plump. And where are Britney’s KFC ass shots, I bet those look tasty too. [likes real women with curves NOT little boy bodies and bolt ons]

  10. MLVC

    where did “she” tuck it????

  11. Jon

    I’m sure the cocaine helps…

  12. She looks like the old decrepid Dracula from the movie Bram Stokers Dracula!!!

    By the way, she makes millions. Can she not afford pants??? WTF???

  13. Her and Ke$sha should be careful bare-assing it in France; they’ve acquired a taste for frog legs there.

  14. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    and she is a style icon how?

  15. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    oh god…

  16. It’s the attack of the killer biker gandma.

  17. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    The weird costumes and opting to not wear pants like a proper person is still not cool or hip

  18. welldoneson

    I see now I must convert to Islam.
    Only then can I get someone to explain to me why such
    painfully disgusting sights continue to exist.
    I mean, they have all the answers, don’t they?
    Hello? Hello?

  19. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    doesnt she know most people avoid seeing their own asses? who the hell wants to look at hers??? NOT ME. this girl needs to drop off the face of the earth fast. obviously she knows nothing about PR. theres no mystique around her anymore. people are bored with lady gaga now

  20. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    doesnt she know that most people avoid seeing their own asses? who the hell wants to look at hers? NOT ME. this girl needs to drop off the face of the earth fast. she obviously knows nothing about PR ( or getting dressed) There is no mystique around her anymore. people are bored with lady gaga now and she feels like she needs to strip to get attention and love….wrong job honey. you belong on the street corner or a pole.

  21. wim

    she watn you to concentrate on her *SS because this way her ugly r*tten face is “INVISIBLE” for photographers!!

  22. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    I’ve been in the bar with this chick a few times and she NEVER has on pants. She just prances around in her underwear. And I’m talking about in dirty dive bars where you don’t want your skin making contact with anything. She’s got a nice ass though, distracts from her face.

  23. Jeffrey

    I sense it’s some gay dudes up in here talking about sleeping with trannies. Really is horsefaced, bucked tooth Eva Mendes really a definition of the hottest girl you can find. Caca is one of the ugliest bitches in the world. She’s skinny but her is flat and sloppy.

  24. Jeffrey

    Her ass is flat and sloppy.

  25. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    wow she looks like she is on marijuna n coccane n mioxed them n now she looks like a old lady who went to rehab to many times

  26. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
    The Truth
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    Wow, her ass has been starved to death and it’s still bigger than Ke$ha’s.

  27. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    ya know…..if media outlets (all kinds) would just stop talking about this crazy bitch, maybe the world would receive a great present, and she would just go away. does anyone REALLY think this nut-bag is news-worthy? no wonder this country is going down the shitter….lady gagme keeps making the headlines……

  28. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    The lass to the right has a much nicer arse.

  29. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    Jesus christ, nobody wants to see this thing neked

  30. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    if she wants to do porn, let her, but why do we have to see it when we don’t want or like to

  31. gluebomb

    he is such a attention man-whore

  32. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    tacky doesn’t even begin to describe this…. woman?

  33. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    Kesha is shaped like Danny Devito though, so I think GaGa here is doing a-ok.

  34. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    A class act

  35. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    Hot ass.

  36. Lady GaGa Butt Paris
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    I like Lady GaGa, but I don’t understand her trying to shock us with how she dresses. What styliest/manager is saying to her to do this? Remember GaGa you started out with Poker need to get back to yourself when you first started. The “monster” thing came afterwards, and I think it’s ran it’s course. Do something new. I hope this comment reaches her, but whatever. I like Lady GaGa, and NOT madonna just FYI.

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