Lady GaGa Starved Herself Just To Do This

Back in October, Lady GaGa performed in Oslo looking noticeably.. plumper which brought about revelations that she starves herself to fit into her stage outfits. Following the concert she refused to be photographed in anything revealing her thighs even though she had a long, documented history of hating pants. Fast forward to last night where she proceeded to walk around Paris exposing the French to her ass cheeks despite learning firsthand these people will latch onto any body part they see flopping around. In a way you almost have to admire a woman so dedicated to her art, she starves herself just to show you her ass. If someone even floated the idea to Britney Spears, she’d take a KFC hostage – then show your her ass any way. “Ain’t it look like dem biscuits?”

Also, before I get any complaints, this is not so much an endorsement of eating disorders as of performance art pieces that terrorize the French. There’s a difference.

Photos: Fame, Pacific Coast News, WireImage

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