Lady GaGa in Her Underwear at a Mets Game. Why Not?

June 11th, 2010 // 99 Comments

Here’s Lady GaGa at last night’s Mets game wearing basically nothing but her underwear and a pair of fishnets, so I’m sure Katy Perry will complain before smothering a small child with her cleavage at the Teen Choice Awards. “Pfft. Walking around in your underwear is so cliche. Now who wants to see my tits?”

Also, I should probably point out GaGa is sitting in Jerry Seinfeld’s private suite, so he’s probably going to want to burn that thing to the ground if he hasn’t already. I don’t know how an arrangement like this even gets made, but there had to be some sort of pants clause. Or at least a promise not to leave the place smelling like vagina and weird.

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  1. Que

    Que got right.

  2. Michael G.

    Strange, if I click on View Full Size, she still has a bra on

  3. Al
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    lol this girl tries too hard

  4. telephone

    Needs a better costume.

  5. vhw

    why do people follow her? why is she even famous for? her act? it’s kinda wearing thin, hopefully soon people will stop playing her shitty music

  6. Karina
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  7. ladnaR

    Brighter than a star, hotter than the sun
    Lady Gaga
    Darker than night, her mystery draws in beams of moonlight
    Lady Gaga
    The trees shed their leaves in her wake, her sleep more real than when we wake
    Lady Gaga
    Mountains tall and stone ancient, But when they crumble there will live on the memories of our
    Lady Gaga


  8. AnneShirley
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    Ugly ugly face.

  9. Scumbag

    Puuulease, restore the thumbnails inside the RSS feed items, thanks!

  10. Nasty
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    She’s nasty!

  11. Whosawhat
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    will do anything just to keep her name in the spotlight..

  12. Nasty
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  13. Admirial Nimitz

    Her 15 min are almost over….

  14. Deacon Jones


    Another typical Mets fan…how’s this news?

    Go PHILS

  15. Ooolala
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    Not that it matters, but it was at the Yankees game. She didn’t get there until the 5th inning and left early. Just another photo opp

  16. joho777
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    Lady Gaga is the least attractive and most desperate celebrity out there. Even more pathetic than Tila Tequila or Lindsay Lohan (if you can believe it).

    • Even more pathetic than Tila Tequila or Lindsay Lohan (if you can believe it).

      Are you kidding me?

      Don’t get me wrong, she is only hot in a “I drunk-f#cked a Tranny!” sort of way… but Tila and LiLo are way more desperate!

  17. Ooolala
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    Now i understand why she wears masks so often. She’s got a fugly beak face

  18. Ooolala
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    Sad, very sad. But none of this will matter in a few months because she’ll be pan flashed over!

  19. Commented on this photo:

    Why? I mean, c’mon. Can’t this chick keep some clothes on? It’s not like she’s attractive or anything and we would want to see her prancing around in her undergarments.

  20. FattyFatty2X4
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    true story
    my first was a blonde that stunk like a fish, i swore off blonde’s for that reason.
    But…this fine lady has made me rethink about my aversion to spelunking that kind.
    Tie a rope around my waist, I’m going in.

  21. Flaming Bag of Poop

    Look at the nose on that bitch! She’s wearing a bikini, and all I can see is nose.

    Stan: Listen I’m only telling the truth. You have got a very big nose.
    Mr. Big Nose: Hey. Your nose is going to be three foot wide accross your face by the time I’m finished with you!

  22. Commented on this photo:

    First bitches!

    Lady Gaga screams “LOOK AT ME…..NOW I’LL PRETEND I DON’T LIKE IT”

  23. Hernandez
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    I’d still love to bury my nose in between her ass cheeks, sniff her asshole and tongue her pussy from behind. What a fucking great ass.

  24. diego
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    Does she not understand that re-hashing Madonna’s 1980s career is really not that cool or original? It was lame as hell when Madonna did it, and it’s even more lame the second time around.

    BTW, she totally looks like she’s wearing one of those Groucho Marx “disguises” in pic #7 . . . what a huge, nasty schnozzola!!!

  25. Dog
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    Jew face

  26. This is why she’s so shitty at business: She confuses GROSS with ‘NET.

  27. FrankNfrtr

    More women should come to sporting events dressed like this.
    Her real hair looks like it is very stressed & broken off, probably from all the crap she piles on her head day after day.
    Don’t look at the nose, focus on the cute natural tits. Quite a rarity in the performing arts these days.

  28. Tyler
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  29. old ho
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    common long island street trash

  30. Jacquie

    Could this creature be any more discgusting? Obviously she is trying to distract from her hideous face by wearing stupid clothes (or not wearing clothes.) So tired of this act. And holy NOSE on her.

  31. Fightin' Phils

    Yes, Fuck the Mets!

  32. RasputinsLiver


    See, like the whole faux lesbian celebrity PDA kissing on national TV shows ostensibly to “shock” viewers and make them seem edgy and hip, the whole thing of celebs, politicians, etc. has been done to death and like the peace sign (which celebs also think makes them seem edgy and hip) is so trite, predictable and all around lame in the 21st century.

    Got news kiddies, the peace sign and the bird meant something a very long time ago. But not so much anymore. They both kinda went out with the hippies. It’s been done to the Nth degree by so many, even gandmas, it just doesn’t have any impact, nothing cool, edgy, or rebellious about it. It’s merely lame and de rigueuer. SOP, folks.

    For some links to support that allow me to present:

    1. Johnny Cash, whom one can obviously see put some real heart into the gesture:

    2. Dubya, The Ensconced who routinely flipped the ol’ One Finger Howdiedoo openly without regard to children and those who prefer not to be subjected to such gutter level symbology:

    3. Someone’s Granny:

    4. Someone’s Li’l Darling:

    See? Been done to death. Boring as Clarence Thomas.”

  33. flipping off photogs with your bare fingers is totally unoriginal; self blasphemy, really and i’m beyond disappointed in this bitch. i’d expect her to at the very least strap giant, glittery teacup dildos to her knuckles and bleed from her eyes.

    she’s so boring. and fugly. you can’t even say she’s a butterface. she’s mostly a butterwallet.

  34. bar room hero

    She looks like total bridge and tunnel white trash…


  35. missywissy

    I like her nose. Thank you for not having it done!!!!

    With that said, it looks like somebody is getting a little full of herself. Doesn’t she have some illuminati recruiting she could be doing??? You have just about every last person. I’m so glad I’ll be alive to see the appocalypse and watch you all go down. Take her with you!

  36. Dawn Weatherby

    It really wasn’t that long ago that if a women went out in public like this people would refer to her as mentally ill.

  37. Sardonic

    She sure is going through her deck quickly. It looks like a case of talent insecurity. Or she’s just another really dumb young and misguided girl.

  38. Anon

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned “The Face Painter” episode of Seinfeld yet. I wonder if Jerry will take after his character and not expect her to call up and thank him the next day, or if he will be mortally offended if she ignores him after the game.

    • Larry David

      That’s because the correct reference is “The Letter” episode where Elaine refuses to take off her Orioles cap while sitting in her boss’s box seats at Yankee Stadium, gets tossed, and the next day sees the whole thing reported (with a picture) in the newspaper.

      • Sylv

        Except she’s not wearing a cap for the wrong team. I think the face painter episode is a better allusion since it involves jerry and seats to a game being given to someone else.

  39. I bet she stained Seinfeld’s seats

  40. Heeziefosheezie
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    Say what you want, that’s still a quarter-bounceable ass right there. I’ll put up with lifeless, saggy titties and fuglyface for a double handful of that.

  41. Jon
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    She reminds me of my best mates little sister. When I would wake up after a sleep over, she’d be humping my leg (or other parts) and being all “me me me me me I want attention”.

    Tries too hard. Sorry Gaga but you are damaged goods lady.

  42. Teriberka
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  43. so vain
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    I am so tired of her.

  44. grim reaper

    Psssssst! I’m a bit tired of these Neantherthals!

  45. Cardinal Fang
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    Still think it’s an ex dude

  46. Sindel

    Someone make this fucking idiot go away already.

  47. Cardinal Fang
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    If you like your “dudes with tits” looks. She’s your guy. Or is it, he’s your girl?

  48. John
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    Is this like… for publicity? I don’t get it.

  49. Jon

    she’s no Bon Jovi

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