Lady GaGa Got Groped. By a Lady…

December 21st, 2010 // 107 Comments

While apparently taking senior citizen porn to long-overdue heights – Merry Christmas, Grampa! – Lady GaGa was groped by a female fan in Paris yesterday and pay attention to how she reacts: Not with a look to the bouncer, a complaint to HR or yells of “Hey, we’re cousins!” Lady GaGa simply hugs the rogue yam-thief and goes about her business. It’s practically Christ-like, and I think we can all learn something a little here today. Except by all I mean women because you’re holding all the boobs and I refuse to negotiate. Trips to the mall and “really listening.” HA! Do your worst.

EDIT: Almost forgot a pic.

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  1. Casey

    I LOVE how calm she looks about the whole thing. Gives some of the creepers around here a little hope. Merry Christmas from Lady Gaga, everyone!

  2. I’d grope her too just to put to rest whether or not she was a he or … a she … There’s really only one way to find out and from these pictures Gaga is only too willing to let people find out for themselves!!!

    Ewe, I just dry heaved a lil …

  3. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
    Commented on this photo:

    For a second there i thought it was Gary Oldman from Bram Stroker’s…Dracula

  4. Cock Dr

    “rogue yam-thief”
    I die now from laughing.
    Fans will now be even more emboldened. The next one will try to get to 3rd base.

  5. McFeely Smackup

    You know dearie, back in the war we called breasts “Liberty Bags” and it was a show of support for our boys over there to give another lady’s Liberty Bag a little squeeze. We’d say “here’s one for victory!” and squeeze that sucker like it was gonna give change. We’d always carry change because paper was in short supply, and wear an onion on our belt which was the fashion at the time…

  6. So you are telling me someone out there has an “Aunt Bea” fetish?

  7. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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  8. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
    Cock Dr
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  9. DOucHe BaGELs


  10. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    hahaha the likeness is uncanny.. hahaha

  11. RoboZombie

    Ha! Awesome…oh those horn-dog Frenchies!

  12. Galtacticus

    It looks like she’s wearing a ballistic vest under her raincoat.

  13. Inmate 12236969

    Oh I see what’s happening; one breast is a little off center she is just doing the OL tit adjustment. I do them myself I like adjusting tits its sort of a hobby.

  14. Danklin

    Of course she hugged her, thats the most action Lady Gaga’s ever had since the surgery.

  15. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
    Oily joe
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    That ain’t no lady! It’s a man, baby!

  16. Oily joe

    That ain’t no lady! It’s a man, baby!

  17. dingdong

    I wouldn’t be surprised when there’re gropers in the lesbian world as well. And when they’re done with groping they’d probably run away roadrunner style.

  18. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    Why can’t Gary Oldman let go of a part? Time for a costume change, buddy!

  19. Briantehpirate

    Shes got the x-mas spirit.

  20. Bimbamboing

    in Lady GaGa’s case, a few albums more or less sold, probably a decision made in just a few seconds.

  21. thepinktaco

    Honestly officer, I was just trying to help her cover them up because it’s so cold out.

    • dingdong

      Thats exactly some fat,ugly guy was shouting around. But how do you know?

      • Bimbamboing

        Like always it’s many against one. In technical point of view, the many backing up the one groper are gropers as well.

      • ballbush

        kinda like those who defended clinton – they were banging sluts behind their wife or girlfriend’s backs as well…

  22. Scott

    Your best posts are ones where you aren’t quoting TMZ. Mom from Futurama!! hahaha brilliant!!

  23. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    OMG First—- Take that TOSH.0!!!

  24. Heyzeus Hosay

    I don’t get the penis jokes….people think she’s a man? really?

  25. jojo

    These mind controlled pop stars are really slow to react. Her nipples are probably just getting hard now.

  26. JeanDoe

    Notice, fat Americans, that the woman groping her is a thin, attractive, stylishly-dressed blonde. In France, even our sexual assault is sexy. You are all jealous.

    • ..and notice that we “fat Americans”, don’t walk around looking like the wolfman even when it’s NOT a full moon nor do go around smelling like yak ass all day and don’t know what soap and water is.

      Nor do we believe in giving our kids wine as soon as the fall out of the birth canal.

      You French are jealous TOO. :)

      • JeanDoe

        Hahahaha! This is how it goes in France… if you are a woman, and an attractive woman (as all French women are) comes up to you and massages your breast, it is an invitation to an afternoon of langurous sapphic pleasure.

        If this does not happen to you when you visit France, it is because you are a disgustingly fat American sow.

    • you can tell she’s thin and attractive by her left arm and the back of her head.

      I guess us Americans have higher standards of “thin” and “attractive”. We actually look at chicks before we stamp of approval them.

    • french tickler

      I’m only jealous that she’s grabbing that tranny’s boob instead of my junk. Enjoy your shift at the surrender flag factory.

    • Been There..

      I’ve been to France, and there are some fugly ass French girls.

      And yes, some of them were fat.

  27. I LOVE her outfit!! Especially that ring she has on!!

  28. Nobody understands Elton John anymore.

  29. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
    elliott spitzer
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    Is it just me, or does Gaga have a nice little rack stashed away under all those rags? Just asking…

  30. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
    Commented on this photo:

    Nope, no nice rack…

  31. kimmykimkim

    Break me off a piece of that GaGa Tit!! Hey!

  32. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    When I saw this picture, I started vigorously stroking my penis.

  33. The Listener

    It looks like she’s just trying to get Lady Gaga’s attention and touched her breast to do so. It doesn’t look like she’s fondling her breast to me.

  34. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    I see she’s getting into the vampire trend and going with a Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula look.

  35. french tickler

    Whenever I’m trying to get a famous tranny’s attention, I just boner-whip ‘em. It’s not fondling, and it makes them miss what they used to have.

  36. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    This will now be a reaction face I use on 4chan.

  37. Kei$ha must be pissed. SHE has to go to the TSA to get that kind of attention.

  38. Bimbamboing

    A ‘no’ should be accepted as a no and a ‘yes’ as a yes. That simply it should be.

  39. Boogeyman King Dong

    Hmm, i’d just like the boobtalks…

  40. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    I bet it gets pretty stinky under that pancake titty.

  41. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    Hmm, Barbra Streisand’s titts are looking ok.

  42. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    Not as nice as Mom’s rack.

  43. Bvck

    How did this repulsive no-talent moron become famous, again?

    • She grabbed Lady Gaga’s tit

    • Vito

      She may be no-talent, I don’t know one way or the other. I’m not up to snuff on what she does for a living. But I find her far from repulsive.

      I love those yummy white mammaries, and I seem to remember seeing a picture of her showing a rather shapely ass.

  44. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    Groping with a glove on… fucking amature

  45. Grandma got groped by a reindeer. As for me and grandpa we believe.

  46. Vito

    One would think that women, of all creatures, would realize the absurdity of handling a naked breast while wearing gloves. Sort of like washing one’s face while wearing a mask.

  47. All I can say is if I had tits that saggy, I don’t think I’d wear a dress without a neckline and no bra. You’re not supposed to be able to measure tits by LENGTH.

    • Carolyn

      That’s the way real boobs look, but moronic American men are so used to seeing the unreal thing that they want the hard pointed missles instead of soft natural breasts.

      • Look carolyn, I know saggy tits is what you see in the mirror every day, and since you think that’s what all boobs look like, we can tell you’ve been fat your entire life.

        But in reality, there’s a whole world full of women out there who aren’t grossly overweight, or suckled litter after litter of kids on their teats until they look like deflated footballs. “Real Boobs” are round, firm, and sag no more than gravity requires…anything else is just fat sacks stuck on a used up old hags chest.

        decide which you want us to think you are. oh,’s too late.

      • Vito

        Sorry, I agree with Carolyn. Just because you’ve not been around enough to experience the thrill of natural breasts does not make them any less attractive to those of us who have known and loved them.

        McFeely, you’re showing your ignorance/youth/inexperience.

    • kimmykimkim

      McFeely, when are u going to realize that everybody hates ur ignorant ass? Or is that why ur soooo angry at the world?

  48. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    Pancake booooobs. Just to make her uglier (which is hard)

  49. Lady GaGa Boob Grab Fan
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    I want your ugly…I want your disease….I want your anything as long as its free….

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