Lady GaGa Didn’t Help

September 21st, 2010 // 97 Comments

Lady GaGa appeared at a rally in Portland, Maine last night (above) to convince Republican Senator Susan Collins to vote with the Democrats today in repealing the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Let’s, uh, take a look at how that went. The Huffington Post:

“I find myself on the horns of a dilemma,” said Collins. “I was the sole Republican in the committee that voted [to repeal DADT]. I think it’s the right thing to do. I think it’s only fair.”
But, she said, refusing to allow unlimited amendments is an equal affront to decency. “That too is not fair,” said Collins of Reid’s decision. “I cannot vote to proceed to this bill under a situation that is going to shut down debate.”

So oppressing minorities is bad, but so is not allowing Republicans to get some tchotchkes, so let’s keep doing the oppression thing. Makes perfect sense.

I find myself in an interesting place on this one because, despite the fact we want the same thing, did Lady GaGa really have to poke her face (I hate myself.) into this one? This situation just proves celebrities make these things worse which is awesome because I love being right even though I could’ve done without the whole repression of a minority group thanks to institutionalized superstitions from a book where a donkey talks to people. But I appreciate the thought.

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  1. Deovi

    FIRST for the first tiem

    • TAB

      Cool, you were first, and there’s no reason to hate on or be nasty to that fact!

      As for Lady Gaga is concerned, I’ve seen her live and she puts on a HELL of a show..its like watching a Broadway show perform. I have TREMENDOUS amount of respect for her because she is VERY into gay rights. Good for her!

      Fuck all you haters!

      • Drew

        It’s hilarious that in America it takes a celebrity to get people interested (half of which the demographic that listens to her, has no fucking clue) in something that common sense tells the “free world” is completely ridiculous to be enforced in the first place.

      • Bow Down Assholes

        Randal? Why did you change your name? When did you start swearing?

  2. Taz

    She is scary ugly

    • TAB

      She isn’t the prettiest woman in the world, sometimes she looks GREAT and sometimes it is like WTF?!

    • That Girl Jen

      She looks really Jewet in these pics.

      “Great! Just what we need! A Druish Princess!”

    • hahahahaha Jen … Spaceballs … love it …

      I’m a Mog … Half man half dog … I’m my own best friend!!!

      BTW, Lady Gaga should stick to performing and quit thinking she’s more relevant than she actually is. Who does she think she is? Governor Arnold? Ronald Reagan?

  3. Ben

    This didn’t pass because they attached it to the defense budget. That is shitty politics. Just put forth a bill to repeal it, don’t attach it to some other bill.

    • The funny thing though is DADT isn’t a law, it doesn’t have to be “repealed”. DADT was an executive order by Bill Clinton to bypass executing on his campaign promise to allow gays to join the military. After being elected he figured out that was a shitstorm he didn’t want to start, and DADT was his compromise.

      Obama could repeal DADT with a one line signed post-it memo, but he’s staying far away from it for some reason.

      Keep in mind that repealing DADT would result in homosexuality still being illegal, but would just allow the DOD to ASK about sexual orientation. DADT isn’t the issue, it’s the UCMJ prohibition on homosexuality, which is a completely different issue.

      • Jabar

        You should read the federal law found at 10 USC 654; also found at sectoin 574 of Public Law 103-160. Section (b)(2).

  4. oh no

    Well, here is proof of the end of the world. What a tool.

  5. Poke her face? Now i got cartman’s karaoke stuck in my head again..

    Problem with the lawmaking in the us is lack of line item veto. Well and corporate campaign contributions.

  6. Hugh Gentry

    GIVE US SOMETHING NSFW ALREADY!!!!!! What the fuck is wrong with you?!?

  7. sexyman48

    If gays would quit telling everyone they’re gay there would be no problem. If I joined the military and said I love tits everyone they would think I’m crazy.

    • bonzo

      You’ve never been in the military, have you? Talking about tits (and other body parts) is a standard recreational practice and no one would think you’re crazy.

      • ポケットモンスタ

        Well if that’s the case, who wants to join the military and hear a bunch of pillow biters talking about dicks and buttholes?

  8. Lady GaGa Protests DADT in Maine
    Commented on this photo:

    Lady Gaga is a jackass… she just makes it worse…

  9. Vandal

    Why does she keep giving a Nazi salute?

  10. cmyk

    Since when are Glays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals, etc., etc., the same as African Americans, Latinos, and displaced Laosians? You’re in love with this word “minority” but I think you’re misapplying it.

    • your friend the dictionary

      minority: being or relating to the smaller in number of two parts

      Gay people make up ~10% of the population.

      10% < 100%

      Hence: Gays are minorities.

      I know, it's hard, but I'll stick with you until you get this figured out.

      • Bob the Builder

        Using your logic:

        “Gay people make up ~10% of the population.
        10% < 100%
        Hence: Gays are minorities. "

        white people account for 65% of the population.

      • J

        Bob the builder:

        You can be in a one majority group and another minority group at the same time. Gay people are a minority. Homeless people are a minority. Atheists are a minority. Intelligent people are definitely a minority. Individuals from any of those minority groups can be white; even if they’re a part of the racial majority in the U.S., they’re still considered a minority with respect to whatever category they fall under.

        Considering all the hostility and stupidity thrown at gay people, I’d say they deserve the recognition and protections that we as a supposedly civilized society bestow upon the minority, who may not have the strength in numbers to defend itself from the tyranny of the majority.

  11. Stodd

    “institutionalized superstitions from a book where a donkey talks to people”
    wow, just wow.

  12. Lady GaGa Protests DADT in Maine
    Commented on this photo:

    For the record, TS readers, the Repubs cannot block any legislation if it has full democratic support – there are only 40 with an R by their name. This legislation was killed by the Dems. Remember that when debating this issue.

    • Sarcastic_Twit

      Uh, might want to recount that number there sport. (hint Scott Brown)

      Shooting down the bill was easy considering the Dems didn’t let the Repubs add to the bill like the Dems were allowed to.

      But yeah, “repressing minorities” from the article is way over-the-top, even for The Superficial.

  13. Cock Dr

    Kudos to the goofy looking rabble rouser for speaking up & up & up against discrimination.
    If gays want to serve openly & get sent to shithole countries that end in the letters “stan” to chase down Bin Laden & his camel fucking cronies I say get them sworn in & armed ASAP.

  14. grobpilot

    She just needs a Hitler mustache under that big, honkin’ nose and her disguise will be complete.

  15. refried

    Oppressing minorities? Dude, go fuck yourself sideways.

    • fuck police

      Are you sure he can do that? I mean, since apparently controlling who and how someone fucks should be a legal matter.

      Fucking bitch.

  16. Crusty

    Used to be that the military didn’t allow blacks in combat roles because it would supposedly hurt the morale and cohesiveness of the unit.

    Well guess what? it DID hurt the morale and cohesiveness of the unit. The unit survived.

    And so it would here as well.

  17. MikeD

    sexuality is not a minority, rather a preference. For example my preference is to sleep with women, while someone else’s preference is different.

    Military do not have constitutional right they follow Uniform Military Code of Conduct. They are not civilians

    • check the dictionary

      “Minority” simply means a subset smaller than 50% of a set. In most instances of politics, referring to “minorities” is shorthand for “racial minorities”.

      Gays are still minorities.

      Also, US military personnel still enjoy the protection of the Constitution, but with limitations. These limitations are decided by the courts, who apply a standard that attempts to keep those protections and rights as broad as possible in the military environment.

      Some redneck being offended that his fellow corpsman likes dick is a Constitutional right. Keeping said corpsman from serving his country shouldn’t be.

  18. casey

    Since when are gays minorities? Since when is not letting them OPENLY serve in the military oppression? They CAN serve just not admit it. And if they were open about it in the military hate crimes would increase because whether you like it or not there are some hateful assholes who will do this. BTW, I wouldn’t call anyone in the USA “oppressed” unless they have had the misfortune of living in North Korea or Iraq. Just discriminated against.

    • Bow Down Assholes

      How are discrimination and oppression different?

    • check the dictionary

      Seriously, does no one understand what the word “minority” means? Read a fucking book. Here, again, is some help: a minority is any subgroup that does not form a numerical majority. Hence, gays are minorities.

      When the Army was first racially integrated, people made the same excuse, that the military “wouldn’t be able to control itself” so all the racial minorities would be in danger. Out of this “concern” they should be kept from serving. If you can’t control yourself, keep yourself from committing a hate crime while serving, you shouldn’t be in the military.

  19. Rhialto

    What happened??! Seems like i haven’t seen her in ages! New clip?!

  20. Nero


  21. Lady GaGa Protests DADT in Maine
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like she’s wearing one of those fake glasses/nose combos.

  22. Oh

    I totally stand behind DADT. Could you imagine men, being openly gay, in the military? Sashaying to their jobs in uniform, talking in a gay tone to their superiors and anyone else important from our country and others. I can just see them adding a cute little wink as they salute their captains & above. Gay women are different. I mean most of them [NOT ALL, but MOST] hold themselves to a high standard. A lot of gay men, on the other hand, LOVE to show of just how gay they are! I think the DADT should be kept!

  23. Shoreleave

    Ugh, politics again? This is why I like the GW better.

  24. LogicalDiscourse

    Oh, Fish… Why did you have to drag in politics… this is on gonna be ugly be here goes…

    First off, I am a big time supporter for gay civil rights… But I support DADT.

    The reason for DADT is to protect the “military way” of life not oppress gays. Gay rights are CIVIL rights, not the rights of the enlisted who are doing a job and have to conform to a code of conduct and ethics. Hold on… don’t go there. There is nothing wrong with being gay so don’t misconstrue my meaning on “code of conduct” and “ethics”. The meaning is, while serving, servicemen and women need to focus on their actions as a warrior and not on issues of sexuality. They need to follow rules of command and all the processes that are involved. Are they human? Yes of course. Do they have sexual needs? Yes of course. But ALL of their actions, benign or other, are subject to a code of conduct. That code of conduct isn’t in place to deny anyone their CIVIL rights. It is there to ensure, the military process functions efficiently and effectively. It is to ensure that the military culture which builds our fighting men and women is retained with a focus on being a warrior, not on sexuality. When any serviceman or servicewoman leaves their position, they are welcome to live out their lives in any fashion they choose, executing their rights as an individual and as a civilian. Until then, they need to conform to the code of the military and NOT drag down our armed services with ridiculous problems related to sexuality which are only appropriate as an issue in CIVILIAN life.

    • Whatever

      You obviously have a lot of romantic notions about the military, bub. Hmmm…..I remember the military well. Little idiots blowing thier paychecks on ugly, fat hookers and strippers. Those little retards should have been given extra duty just based on the ugly they fucked. Ah yes, all that time in the field, listening to one limp-dicked clown after the other talk shit about plowing this bitch or that bitch. Yeah, they were really concentrating on thier jobs, sitting around shooting off thier redneck mouths all day. The only one I ever remember working was ME! The only reason I think the LGBT community shouldn’t serve in the military is because this fucked up country needs to go down the tubes, and getting rid of DADT would just slow that process down. I spent six years in the military (combat vet) and I can honestly tell you, judging from all the slope-headed knuckle draggers I encountered, I honestly wasn’t turned on by any of them, especially in the field, after they hadn’t washed thier nasty asses for a couple of days. The showers? Forget it. Smelly, out of shape fucks. I would rather have cut off my own dick than blown any of them. P.S. None of those ass scratching retards were particularly efficient or effective, with led me to the conclusion that the military is just another form of welfare. A place where even the dumbest Mother Fucker on the face of the planet can get a paycheck. I swear to you, some of the conversations I had with those stupid fucks was almost enough to make my brain bleed. Paid for my college though, so it can’t be all bad. All I had to do was pretend I was somebody I wasn’t, lie my ass off, and listen to the putrid scum around me ramble on about snatch all goddam day long.

  25. BjorkLover

    Gays rights are a CIVIL issue.
    The military should not be burdened with this BS.

  26. nisro

    If you do away with the rule, then there will be a huge rush of gays and lesbians joining to military to prove a point, rather than for a legit purpose. What’s next after getting to marry and openly be gay in the military? What other problems will you have if they solve those? It’s sure to be something.

    • Bow Down Assholes

      Yeah I know tons of people that can’t wait to get their asses blown up to prove a point. Idiot.

  27. Madonna

    Now that is one fucking ugly dude!

  28. Randal(l)

    When asked “how many testicles do you have?” Lady GaGa was quick to answer

  29. what a big fucking joke

  30. AnonymousError

    So weird that she chose to do this in Portland… I feel like it was arbitrary and probably worthless. I’ve lived there before (just a block or two from Deering Park) and it’s a lot of drunks, transients and people on welfare who hang out in lawn chairs in front of the thrift shop or the bank all day. I guess there are a lot of lesbians there too, though.

  31. Jigaboo

    When you join the military you don’t get to have the same rights as average joe blow USA. Repealing the dont ask don’t tell clause won’t change much except give liberal soldiers one less easy way out when their cowardice arises. “I’m Gay” is the excuse so many hacks try to use when in basic training or when lets say…the US has to go to war.

  32. girl who likes it in da butt

    she is so gross.

  33. gibby

    Gays can and always have been able to join the military. They just can’t let it be known that they are queer. It is more for their protection than anything else. Anyway, everyone in my unit is 110% against gays serving side by side with them. It destroys moral. You have to start being careful what you say and you can’t get into the typical male locker room talk without fear of getting in trouble for hurting some homos feelings. That destroys cohesion which is mighty important when fighting an enemy.

    But of course the homo at the superficial just wants whatever Hollywood is trying to push. It doesn’t matter that it ultimately would be dangerous for the troops. Start thinking about the whole rather then a select few!!

    • Bow Down Assholes

      Being careful what you say? Do you mean when you’re talking about fucking your ugly ass wife, because I heard plenty of those conversations, and they had no effect on me whatsoever. The only thing that bothered me is when you sacks of shit would go to sick call instead of PT when there was a big run that day. Oh, and all the whining you breeders do when you have to go out to the field. Wahhh! By the way, can you please stop having so many fucking kids, because I know you get more money with every brat you spit out, but common, your wife weighs 300 lbs. already, give her a break.

  34. Lady GaGa Protests DADT in Maine
    Commented on this photo:

    as someone from maine….the rally was yesterday, not this morning. also, our senators were never going to vote for this. unfortunately, our state is fiscally liberal and socially conservative and they know that.

  35. GaGa sucks donkey's dick

    Why is a citizen of the UK over here telling us how we should run OUR government. Aren’t there problems over there that need her attention.

  36. How could it be forbidden if its rough?

    When did she get elected queen of the gays?

  37. Jay

    Looks like another attention deficit celebrity fame whore got nowhere with her BS. Maybe she should stick to whatever it is she does for a living.

  38. Bob the Builder

    Here is the problem with DADT, barracks. There is a reason behind it. Men and Women have separate barracks to avoid sexual confrontations. If you want to repeal DADT, then get one barrack for everyone. That way when I go to the showers I can at least stare at a woman’s tits while you stare at my ass.

    Equal for everyone, but hey women’s rights went out of style in the 60s.

  39. godzilla

    keep your politics off this site. fire this writer, thanks

  40. Diana

    Isn’t she from fucking Italy? Why the fuck is she over here defending the gays instead of in her own country? What the hell does it matter to her? This woman…thinks she is relevant to anyone other than her stupid fucking fans. She needs to GTFO ASAP. Nobody fucking cares what the fuck she has to say. Except her mom or something.

  41. Tim

    Do you gay people REALLY think she gives a fuck about you? It’s the IN thing to be cool with the gays, after this she’ll be supporting the hispanics on their immigration shit and YOU gays will be forgotten….Just sayin.

  42. poopsmith

    she is soooo facking butt ugly omg

  43. WhitePussyLover

    yuck. where’s that dude from the grassy knoll when you need him? I hate this fake bitch who tries to pretend to be deep

  44. JohnWhorfin

    If anybody thinks it’s inappropriate for a straight male soldier to bunk with and shower with female soldiers, but dont understand the opposition to gays in the military, then you need to work on your argument.

  45. Slab

    Well, I’m glad this is all cleared up.

  46. Ummmmmmm

    So how often are guys showering together in the military now? Outside of basic training, I never saw a naked man ass in my 12 year’s in the Army.

  47. Miss C

    Hey People,

    The bill wasn’t just about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”…it also included the stupid Dream Act (giving illegal immigrants money for college) among other things. That’s why it was shot down….

  48. Slab

    What would Mel Gibson do?

  49. captain america

    surprised when your name is spelled as “Ga Ga”?

  50. Lady GaGa Protests DADT in Maine
    Commented on this photo:

    No wonder this fame whore constantly dresses up and covers her face. Those specs dont help, but lets face it, she is U G L Y. And frankly, no one in the military gives a fat shit what any of you civilians think. Eat it libtards

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