Kylie Jenner Knows Chemtrails Are Killing The ‘Honey Bee’s’

Believing in chemtrails is the shit-strewn wheelhouse of morons, so naturally Kylie Jenner is on board because she hasn’t seen the inside of a classroom since Kris Jenner figured out she’s the family’s last fake-titted hope and started prepping her for porn. (So 8? I’m going with 8.) Which means if you’re reading this and don’t grasp the simple concept of how moisture is created at certain temperatures, but instead think the government is spraying you with mind control mist, congratulations, you have the IQ of a Kardashian. It’s a miracle you’re even reading this, and not just seeing “THE LIZARD PEOPLE ARE IN THE BUTTS” over and over again. Although, that was my first draft.

Photos: Instagram