Kristin Davis’ sex tape: My long-awaited thoughts

March 19th, 2008 // 69 Comments

Over the past few days provocative photos of what may or may not be Sex and the City star Kristin Davis have surfaced on the net. Do I think it’s really her? Absolutely. I mean, everyone’s been nude on camera. Even Hillary Clinton who, I must say, was a true professional. Miss you, babe! Anyway, TMZ is giving their final word on the whole situation and shooting down the rumors these pics are part of a sex tape:

The photos, we’re told, were snapped in 1992 by an ex-boyfriend. That’s right, they are just photos — no sex tape, fellas! According to reports, 20 photos are making the rounds, but actually it’s not quite 20.
We’re told the ex-boyfriend was pissed at Kristin and then sold the photos to a third party. Classy, huh? The third party got involved in a business venture with another guy and we’re told that guy pilfered the pics and they ended up online.

That guy is supposedly Scott Fayner who had the above pic on his website, but as of this post it’s gone and there’s only a link to a porn site where you have to pay to see the rest. Then, once you pay, surprise!, you don’t see them. Not that I paid or anything and you’ll never prove it. *throws wallet out the window* HA! I win!

NOTE: Photo links to a ridiculously NSFW pic that shows just what’s in Kristin Davis’ mouth. And, no, it’s not a Crossainwich but good guess.

Photo: Scott Faynor

  1. Veroonica

    Whore : )

  2. ZaZ

    Only hot chick on that entire show.

  3. Gits

    Seen the pictures. Lippy and hairy. And the pictures are so cold and clinical they look like Jame Gumb took them.

  4. quackymd

    Sweetness. If you told me it was any other girl from sex and the city I couldn’t have cared less, and would have most likely barfed.

  5. veggi

    What a dick..

  6. Fat Tabby

    She should curb stomp the bastard

  7. Looks just like her to me…

  8. Wow, she’s a chubby chaser! Who knew?

  9. This is not as bad as the time I asked Ashley to dress up as a Whopper Jr and told her to keep demanding extra mayo…

  10. Ted from LA

    Isn’t it a bigger deal if someone didn’t have a sex tape now?

  11. The White Urkle

    ZaZ is correct. She was the only hot chick on that stupid show. She could blow me any time.

  12. Big

    That’s nothing. Check out this picture from Sarah Jessica Parker’s sex tape.

  13. UCrawford

    Completely agree…she was the hot one.

  14. Paul Veryze


  15. Silo

    It’s definitely her. But so what? She’s obviously enjoying working that cock. Why not?

  16. mattk

    That’s it, Fuck You Superficial.

    I only have time to check one shallow gossip site a day and this is the THIRD time you have brought me news of nudie pics AFTER they have been taken down.

    YOU=FAIL for the last time. DAMMIT, I’m going to have to switch blogs.

  17. mattk

    That’s it, Fuck You Superficial.

    I only have time to check one shallow gossip site a day and this is the THIRD time you have brought me news of nudie pics AFTER they have been taken down.

    YOU=FAIL for the last time. DAMMIT, I’m going to have to switch blogs.

  18. agree

    Mmmm, I saw her on millionaire&celeb datting site “” last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

  19. liz

    poor her!

  20. #19 – You should follow mattk out the door.

  21. Mr Big

    She had a higher jack-off factor on TV, with better lighting and no limp dicks covering her pretty face.

  22. Anonymous

    Not that I spend all my time looking at porn, but I’ve spent a lot of time looking at porn. Once, after clicking through various links a few months back, I ended on this website:, and those pictures of the woman who are supposed to be Kristin are there listed as someone else. I’m not about to hunt through hundreds of pages to find the shots, but anyone else who wants to break such a dumb story is more than welcome to.

    I like porn.

  23. Ted Mosby

    She appears to have curtains made of beef.

  24. Classy.

    Simple procedure to follow if you don’t want perverted pictures of you showing up in public forums – don’t take any. Why would you need them, anyway? Get a mirror installed and watch it live if that’s your thing.

  25. Mr V

    I concur with previous posters.

    Kristin was the only fappable one.

  26. jiklok

    !! ATTENTION !!

    Kristin Davis free full sex tape ONLY [ H E R E ]


  27. titlesswonder

    What a wanker that bloke is, shit my ex has pictures of me doing far worse than that, thank fuck no one is going to offer to pay him for them though!

  28. nipolian

    Can’t be her……..She’s 45, never been married, has no kids and is from Boulder………I guarantee she’s a lesbo and does not like the cock.

  29. Sarah

    Though Kristen Davis is the prettiest one on the show, she also is the most normal looking. There are a lot of girls that look like her, and I wonder why she’d date a guy with a belly.

    That being said, if you want to watch her simulate sex, go rent Sex and the City. You see a lot more than these stupid pictures.

  30. Captain-Insano

    #19: Well, sounds like she is taken then, so there is no reason to click on your useless fucking link is there you stupid fucking internet terrorist prick?

  31. Suzy TITS



    Kristin Davis Sex Tape SURFACED:

    the vid is HOT




  32. juniper

    13. LOL

    She was the only reason I watched Sex and the City. And I think it’s her.

  33. fielder

    watch her video at official website

    FULL and protected.
    watch and enjoy

  34. Kleinfeld

    You’ve got to love her enthusiasm and wide-smiling grin. Definitely the most babe-licious on SATC.

    Me & the crew used to do her.

  35. BarelyStearn

    Uhh…what can I say…? “You go…girl…?” When are people going to learn: Sex and film do NOT go together…. For future reference girls: Think of this in the same way that tooling down a busy highway at 70MPH whilst chatting merrily away on a handheld cell DO NOT go together. And there you have it: My safety lesson for the day.
    …and by the way: Her “technique” blows. No pun intended.

  36. Chad

    Wow, so Kristen Davis, an adult female, has blown an ex. That’s so unheard of between adults. This is news?

  37. MassGrrl

    @33: I looked through the photos… no way is that her.

    1.) Her tits aren’t that big.
    2.) No way she’d have such a hairy, uncoiffed bush.
    3.) The photo of the girl in the tub is clearly not her.

  38. L.Linus

    I just glad it’s not Sarah Jessica Parker sex tapes or pictures. Kind nice this isn’t a racial situation like Scary Spice was. But Kristin is white and that does make the difference.

  39. Reverend Wright

    This is proof of how KKK America is. Where are the sex pictures/videos of African Americans? I am being forced to pull my pud to these lilly white girls.

  40. @mattk – Don’t be so hard on TheSuperficial! Who else goes out and pays the big money to give us the latest gossip about celebrity sex pics? ;)

  41. LBot

    This is the best news for her. It helps break the type-cast role she has from that cable show with long in the tooth SJP

  42. Erica.

    Everyone has sex, well most. It’s not like we’ve never seen this stuff before. Who the fuck cares? Go get laid, and you can do this if you’d like.

  43. so what?

    who cares? she’s ugly, or at least not hot at all, who would want to see her fuck? Definitely not me.

  44. emily

    Why the hell did I click on the link? I didn’t need to see her licking that dude’s itty peepee. I must be bored.

  45. I dont care if Im first

    She must be doin something right, didnt anyone notice hes limp cuz he just came all over himself? I mean its right there in the pic

  46. Eliana

    Via 23/6..
    “Actress Kristin Davis, who played society hag Charlotte York on “Sex and the City,” is the toast of the Internet now that everyone’s ogling what seem to be stills of her going down on an as-yet-unidentified schlong.

    Jossip and TMZ both note that the allegedly five-year-old pics are emerging just as the “Sex and the City” movie is about to come out. Whether it’s a coincidence or not, what an insanely dumb move. Making a sex tape’s risky for any actress longing to be taken seriously by anyone other than creepy masturbators.

    In other words, What was she thinking? ” The rest is here:

  47. al riezgo

    dude. I wont link another site on here (that’s just rude) but i saw the rest of the pics, and she has roast beef cooch. She’s gross.

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