Kristen Stewart craps on Twilight

February 25th, 2009 // 93 Comments

Robert Pattinson presented an award at the Oscars but noticeably absent was his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart. Turns out she hates financially successful films. Why not? Access Hollywood reports:

Access’ Billy Bush got the answer on the red carpet, when he asked Kristen’s father, John Stewart, why she wasn’t presenting with Robert Pattinson.
John responded that Kristen would present at the Oscars, “When it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money.”

Somebody’s going to be a joy to work with for the next three films. Then again, the studio could always recast Bella Swan. It’s not like Twilight fans are a collective of pure fucking insanity capable of God knows what. Nah, they’ll be fine.

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  2. el ces

    Heh, I love Kristen’s work. But no, Twilight doesn’t top Panic Room.

  3. Rachell

    As a twilight fan, I was pretty much amazed at the depth of Kristin’s terrible acting. There have been times when I noticed how GOOD people were in films (Heath Ledger,etc) but watching Twilight with her cast as Bella was the first time where I just wanted to punch a baby in the face because someone’s acting was so horrible. Someone above mentioned the hospital scene…god…it was fucking horrible. I felt embarassed for her.

  4. With an attitude like that, directors and producers will certainly steer clear of Her Snarkiness in the future, and boy, won’t she miss her “Twilight” days then…

    Well, it was her dad who said it in her name, not answering makes her seem subdued, on the other hand, she is enough of en extrovert to be able to act; she’s also been acting since childhood, might have been because of him though. So, acting is her way out of his control, but also is within his control, and acting might not have been her decision, which make her miserable as shit, and turns to read the superficial, and call others ugly.

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  6. sid


    you know, since they casted one kid from harry potter might as well cast another…… in other words HERMIONE would have made a better pick.

    thats the diffrence between harry potter and twilight….. good writing vs. bad
    good acting vs. really bad est…. both are children based books made into movies but holy shit twilight is so unsuccesful, and then you add acters like kristen stewarts….. who ever cast her needs to get FIRED followed by this bitch.

  7. the big kahuna

    well she better get over it bc twilight is the biggest movie she’s ever going to get.
    i’m a twilight fan and i could give 2 shits if they recast her.

  8. Hannibal

    She’s quite cute, isn’t she? But for me Lindsay’s got the whole package. Oh yeah.

  9. sin

    Typical spoiled left wing liberal. She has everything handed to her so she doesn’t need money so she assumes everyone has money. Rot in hell.

  10. Eddy

    Oh god you scared me for a minute. I was worried her father was the Jon Stewart of Daily Show fame, and then found out, oh good, it isn’t.

  11. She's Right

    Well the movies a piece of fucking shit no wonder she doesn’t want to endorse that crap. But then again those books were poorly written dribble too.

  12. We can donate money for this “ROBERT PARKINSON-DISSEASE”, folks?

  13. GG1000

    I spilled my tea, oh dearie me.

    Will you people please get over yourselves? Except you, #13. I think you have a deep and rare talent and should continue your meaningful work.

    And her, too. What was she talking about? Hey, there are great films, but it’s gonna be a cold day in hell before you get cast in one of them. Oh Meryl’s booked, let’s call that sourfaced little vampire loving bitch. Yeah right.

  14. goodwolf

    Come on….Kristen is a fine actress and in fact has received lots of critical acclaim in her short career so far, ……we should consider that it’s possible that Access Hollywood may have taken her dad’s remarks out of context….I know it’s all the vogue for serious actors to do these little low budget indie films that are often akin to watching grass grow…….a little advice Kristen…do like Angelina…for every heavy character driven true story full of complex, raw emotion, she’ll throw us a “Wanted”; sheer. action packed, special effects laden & simple fun!

  15. prella

    typical LA spoiled brat. no one would care if she’s recast. she’s not important anyway.

  16. megan

    i hate her so much. i will never forgive the twilight producers for casting this twat as bella. she’ll never be bella. shes not even a good actress.
    i would LOVE for them to re-cast bella, with someone who is a better actress and much prettier.. hmm lets say.. EMILY BROWNING.

  17. Nathiest

    Oh please unless Kristen said it herself who cares and besides 98% of the fans would tell you that the movie was only just ok.

  18. Haywood Jablowme

    yeah, cuz she’s in it for the “art” and not the money…

  19. kt

    i honestly would not mind if they recast bella.
    in interviews, kristen seems to have a very holier-than-thou attitude and likes to be “alternative”.
    very unfortunately, these traits totally shine through in her acting.

  20. Well at least her father realizes it was a horrible movie

  21. Pam

    She’s such a bitch. I really wish they would replace her. She has a bad attitude, thinks promotion of a movie is beneath her, thinks fans are beneath her, basically everything is beneath her. She’s snotty and rude. She is also a bad influence on Rob, who is always charming and polite when she isn’t around. When she’s there, he starts giving attitude like her, as if he thinks he’s supposed to follow her lead. Does he think she’s like the cool kid at school that he wants to emulate in order to fit in? I don’t know if it’s that or he’s just easily influenced, or if he’s trying to get in her pants by acting like he’s just like her. In any case, we’ve seen that her kind of attitude equals to a very short career. No one wants to watch someone on screen who is so rude and insulting to the people who are paying their salaries.

  22. KC Marie

    Bitch, you do not bite the hand that feeds.
    Just remember, this is the film that made your fucking career.

    There are plenty of more talented and far more attractive actresses who could bring more to Bella than she could dream of.
    And that’s saying a lot, because that character sucks straight through the whole series.

    Dumb bitch.

    Anyone else upset that she’s apparently playing Joan Jett in a film about her life?
    Kristen Stewart?
    Really, Hollywood?
    If I were Jett, I’d smack a bitch.

  23. T-Mon

    who cares, she’s hot

  24. KTrex

    I don’t know much about Kristen’s previous career, but as far as Twilight goes — ugh. Admittedly, the whole movie stunk quite a bit on mulitple levels (and I am a Twilight fan!), like much of the script, the over-acting of the fellow high schoolers, Robert’s very bad one-liners. All in all, the movie needs a new director (which it got — YAY!), preferably one who will tell Kristen to stop stuttering, stop letting her mouth hang agape when she’s not talking, and pretty much say “I totally don’t believe your sincerity” for any remotely emotional scene.

  25. suckoffbella

    Kristen was the ONLY thing bad about Twilight – her acting sucks ass, they should recast her part.

  26. Mariana

    I actually liked her acting in Twilight. Maybe she could do a more tender Bella, and stop talking like that about the movie that made her famous, because to be sincere I hadn’t heard her name AT ALL before this movie.

    I hate that she has this attitude, I really loved her, but then I started to watch all her interviews and pictures.. she barely smiles, I hate that. She’s such a spoiled diva I hope someone gets her mouth shut soon.

    She thinks she’s better than everyone else, I hate that kind of people. And btw she just said that because she wasn’t invited to the Oscars obviosly, poor bitch.

    Robert on the other hand is the PERFECT Edward and he’s so nice, I love him so much. Rob you deserve better, WAY better than Kristen. Yuck!

  27. KC Marie

    To give credit where it’s due, Robert did tremendous where he could.
    But that script fails like Sarah Palin reading legitimate literature.
    He’s actually quite talented, and it’s mostly a raw sense of work, rather than something a trained actor might have.

    However, the one or two good lines Kristen had were botched because she’s fuckin’ perma-stoned.
    The franchise needs a life already.
    I’m excited for the director, which will also help the script.
    Dump Stewart, find yourself someone legit, and let some magic happen.

    Lord knows there’s still a slight chance that the books’ awfulness can be redeemed by the films.

  28. lindsayy

    she is such a bitch! im sure no one would care if she was recasted. She should be grateful for all the money Twilight made cause some of that money goes to her fucking weed. She seriously needs to get her act straight and look at her dad…..creeper for sure.

  29. Jazzy

    I saw a pic of her in Tokyo yesterday and she SMILED! Honest – it’s true! I think it’s a sign of the apocalypse!! Head for the hills!

  30. Jane

    It’s really amazing. If I remember correctly, in one of her interviews she said that she actually declined the script when it was first handed out to her and then had to literally begged for it because she wanted to play Bella badly! Well it’s obvious that she had read the script but why did it if she thought it was going bad ( according to her and her father) ???

  31. I love Edward...Robert is alright.

    I think she is an ungrateful little bitch. Nobody really knew or gave a damn about this girl until Twilight. It’s rude how she calls these Twilight questions “bullshit”. Did she seriously think that she wasn’t going to get vampire questions when she made a vampire movie? Most of the books and movie fans are young, wasn’t it obvious she would get these type of questions? While I liked her playing Bella, she is just not worthy to play her.

  32. Hedwigger

    I think the part of Bella should be re-cast and my dog should play Bella, he would make such a better Bella, nuff said!
    She needs to get over herself, plus shes not that pretty.

  33. Bite-Dis

    Someone had mentioned maybe casting Emma Watson (Harry Potter) as
    Bella. I believe this young actress could bring more sincerity and emotion
    to Bella’s character.

    She would also be a good choice for the part because
    she is not exactly a bombshell, but she has a charm
    to her. The bonus factor of her and Robert Pattinson previously
    working together and great chemistry.

  34. Caroline

    I recall reading an interview with Kristen herself saying she wasn’t invited to the Oscars…and that hasn’t been disputed by anyone who plans that stuff. We all know the story is from Bella’s point of view, but that Edward is the character everyone is obsessed/in love with. So it’s not really all that surprising.

    Personally I thought the casting was great, especially Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, and I can’t wait to watch the movie over and over again…have started that already, really, and I’m looking forward to all the rest of the films in the saga!!

  35. Kayleigh

    WoW. All I read here if a bunch of obsessed girls complaining about Kristen because they aren’t her. Complaining because they don’t get to be her right now. She’s a great actress, I’ve enjoyed watching her movies. One thing that ticks me off is her blatant disregard and respect for her fan base. I watched one of the press releases for Twilight, with most the characters, and she never said a word. She sat back and looked bored the entire time. I mean seriously, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, then why do it? Other than that, she played Bella very well. Reading the books, I have my own version of Bella and although Kristen Stewart is FAR from my Bella, she did her justice. I hope she stays on for all 4 movies. :) (And I kind of see where she’s coming from. I’d get pissed at all the paparatz as well…But she shouldn’t be that way with her FANS).

  36. Kayleigh

    Oh and BTW. HER FATHER said that, not HER. She wasn’t invited to the award ceremony. Although I don’t see why not. It’s because of stupid little girls like you that she’s probably pissed off about. All you guys think about is EDWARD EDWARD OH EDWARD. OH MY GAWD SHUTTUP!!!! This book/movie is about more than EDWARD. It’s about BELLA. From BELLA’S perspective. About BELLA’S life. BELLA BELLA BELLA BELLA BELLA BELLA. While reading the books what I noticed a lot, was that all EDWARD does is WHINE. Oh I can’t be with you blah blah. Oh my I’ll eat you blah blah. And Robert Pattz acting? WHINE WHINE WHINE. He makes EDWARD even MORE WHINEY!!! With the “pained” expression. Dude looked like he was sitting in a pile of his own shite. *hem* I’m finished now…

  37. vecchio

    I’m so glad to see people feel as I do. That is, where the hell did they get this loser? I loved one of her interviews, she said, with her bitchy attitude, ‘I’m like, just good at it’–meaning acting, or physical stunts or something. Yeah honey, you’re real good.

    You can tell from the trailor she’s a monotone, lackluster, homely lameass who can’t act. Her best bet was the fact that she kinda looked like the average, clutsy loser Bella from the book.

    Recast! I bet the new director would love to recast both the leads. The dude can’t even shower? And he really is kinda skanky and unattractive. I thought Edward was supposed to be sooo gorgeous. At least he can act better than Stewart though.

    Note to Stewart, shut your stupid mouth and thank your lucky stars, because you ain’t got many of them left.
    Luck only gets you so far–talent, character and integrity take you the distance. Speaking of boxing, man I’d like to punch that ugly slackjaw–whoever said that–you hit it right on the money!

  38. hahaha

    haha, you know the funny thing is that this actually was a good movie, the thing that ruined it was her being in it. If she wanted it to be good then she shouldn’t have auditioned. She is a very big hypocrit and honestly, she’s right to think majority of the fans hate her. Show us some respect and we’ll show you some. She’s no where near a good enough actress to be able to play Bella. Rob deserves someone who actually is serious about this and isn’t just a total b!tch, especially towards him. Go ahead with the original plan and actually replace her ! the rest of the cast are amazing. Kristin, you butchered it.

  39. not a fan

    I agree, the movie sucked compared to the book. The movie left out relevant information and important dialogue.

    However, considering the fact that Kristen should be promoting the movie, she needs to keep her negative comments to herself. If I were a producer, I would be pissed.

    Furthermore, for Kristen to make negative comments about the story/plot is sort of like the pot calling the kettle black. Her portrayal of Bella was poor, and her acting skills need work. She tries to ‘overdo it’ in several scenes, and in turn, ends up blinking and stuttering uncontrollably. It’s almost uncomfortable to watch.

    Kristen may have been cast first, but Robert Pattinson made the movie. The other actors were great, as well. In fact, Kristen Stewart was really the only ‘poor choice’ made by the casting director. If Kristen left Twilight, it would probably be beneficial to Summit. Perhaps then they would find someone who is actually suitable for the role of Bella (someone who would refrain from bashing the movie, author and fans) and bring in more revenue at the box office.

  40. Elizabeth

    Fine, I thought she destroyed the lovely character Stephenie Meyer created in the book anyway. Sounds like a spoiled hollywood brat whose parents are in the position to put her in roles… geeze how nice. I could name at least five other actresses that would do a better job and look the part better, and would not say its crap. Its based on a fantastic literary saga. She did not even read the books before she took the role. I guess the one good thing she brought was Robert Pattinson. It has been said that he auditioned so he could meet her and possibly work with her. I don’t know what a guy like him sees in her… she’s not that good looking, average at best, and she sucked as Bella, and she kind of has a bad, spoiled attitude. Wonder how long that will last. Taking smoking breaks with somebody only goes so far in a relationship. So, I guess now I’m prepared for the all the Kristen and Robsten fans to kick off on me. Wish they had at least cast
    Emily Browning like Stephenie had originally suggested.

  41. Joe

    Have any of you read the books….Hello Bella is not meant to be hot she is a plain clutsy girl…I think she is well matched to Bella in the book..Every thing about her is just like bella in the book…Get rid of Kirsten and i think you will ruin the movie……Weather you like her or not she is Bella and changing her now would suck…
    Can any of you act just checkin cause maybe you should try to do it..

  42. Celine

    I really think that Kristen Stewart should be recast. She is way too butch to be Bella, her character is supposed to be vulnerable and soft with just a little bit of tomboyish-ness, and Kristen made her look like she could seriously injure Edward. I have watched her in many movies and find that she always acts the same way. A good actress is versatile and takes on different roles, but Kristen plays it safe by basically playing HERSELF.
    I know that people say that fans will never be satisfied with who is chosen to play Bella because every girl thinks of herself as that character, but that’s not true. I would love for someone worthy of playing the part to get the role. Also, someone who actually knows how to act and has chemistry with Robert Pattinson. I was personally disappointed in Stephenie Meyer for saying that Rob and Kristen had SO much chemistry, because when I watched the movie, I laughed at all of the scenes that were supposed to be “romantic”. Kristen is not a convincing actress at all and I think that she should be recast.

  43. I liked her game in Twilight. Maybe she could bid more Bella and stop talking about this film that made her famous, because to be honest, I did not catch her name at all before this film.

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