James Franco Wants That Kristen Stewart Rebound

September 11th, 2012 // 41 Comments
Still Wearing His Clothes
Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson's Clothes
Kristen Shows Her Face In Rob's Shirt Read More »

Seen here wearing another piece of Robert Pattinson‘s clothing (the hat), Kristen Stewart was apparently hit on by James Franco during the Toronto International Film Festival which makes sense because she puts out. Via RadarOnline:

There was a lot of flirting and Kristen was overjoyed by the attention she was getting from James, who was gushing over her, saying what a great actress he thinks she is and was full of praise for her latest movie, On the Road.
“She seemed at ease in his company, and he was certainly making her laugh. She was wearing a huge grin on her face.
“At the end of their chance meeting, James took Kristen’s number and asked her out for dinner.
“Kristen initially said no, but is mulling over the idea. She knows she has to move on now following her break up with Rob.”

Keep in mind, James Franco actually wanted to be in Twilight, albeit for purely meta, dicknose-ian reasons, so this is probably his way of inserting himself into the franchise in the douchiest, most pretentious way possible. “So you see, now that I’m virally linked to Kristen Stewart, I’m like a hidden, secret character whose motives transcend the film itself and manifest themself in reality thereby compelling me to fart in this vase and sell it to the Guggenheim as performance art. R/C Cola, anyone? It’s a 1984 vintage.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, INFdaily


  1. General Zod

    Well she is his female equivalent. No talent, no looks, etc.

  2. Jack London's sober moment

    It takes a true vacuum of acting skill to believe that the Trampire can act. Either that, or he thought 5 minutes of compliments from the James Franco Enterprise (TM) could get him a joyless blowjob in a car. Either is plausible, I suppose.

  3. LJ

    Ain’t nothing wrong with working a good rebound.
    Good sex, good times, no entanglements, then you move on (or away, depending on the level of after-cling).

    • cc

      Absolutely. If she wanted to rebound with me, I’d be delighted. And, given the chance, I’d add a few more stains to that hat.

  4. Annie

    LOL this troll. He actually wanted the role Lee Pace got in the final Twilight movie. It’s known he has a boner for her.

    They should date. Both are inexplicably overrated and take themselves waaaaaay to seriously. Talking about their artistry and ~craft when all they need is a shower. But at least Franco has an education. Shia also is a good match. Like Kriste he is desperate need of an education. Everyone go search that video of Shia pronouncing “epitome” (eh-pee-tome… derp).

  5. USDA Prime McBeef

    I’m thinking that hat was used as a spunk rag at some point.

  6. El Jefe

    She looks damn good here.

  7. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinsons Hat Toronto
    Commented on this photo:

    I read somewhere this chick is worth $40 million, can’t she buy her own clothes? Or is this her “I’m an artiste, and above considerations of materials things” shtick? Lose the training bra and get a stylist already.

    • Jack London's sober moment

      also–$40M in the bank and she’s using the shitty earbuds that come with the iPhone? are you kidding? no one uses those.

    • Just Saying...

      She made $35 million this year alone….worth more than $40 million alltogether–WAY MORE!

      • TomFrank (can't sign in because of the fucking ad)

        Keep in mind that that $35 million figure doesn’t count her agent’s cut, or her manager’s cut, or her publicist’s cut. Oh, and that’s before taxes, too.

  8. EricLr

    You’ve got to understand, Franco is a brilliant scholar. I don’t mean, the “attend class, do the work, earn the degree” sort of scholar, but more in a spiritual (and hence deeper) sense. This puts him above our judgement, and above mere crass activities like “trying to get laid” or “robbing the craddle.”

    You see, when he hits on you, it’s because he is fascinated by your MIND, not just trying to get into your pants. Although, you should take your pants off and get into that hot tub with him, it’s just so you can get comfortable for a lecture on the merits of 19th-century literature–and also so he can bang you–but mostly the lecture.

  9. thespiral

    Franco is impressive to me simply because he manages to be a more obnoxious douche than LaBoeuf and also have a more punchable face than Clooney, all while trolling harder than 4chan. That’s a triple hat trick right there.

    • Sliver

      Hate 4chan. Yep.

    • V_Ann

      You know, I used to hate James Franco until I acually got the fact that he’s a troll. The one who’s totally serious is Shia Leboeuf and he’s a huge douchebag, crazy, deluded, abusive, addict. He dreams of becoming Sean Penn (in every sense), when dude, for us you will always be Evens Stevens. Forever.

  10. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinsons Hat Toronto
    Mrs. Binkey
    Commented on this photo:


  11. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinsons Hat Toronto
    Commented on this photo:

    LOL! The hat actually looks like it has dried semen on it. What is that white stuff?

  12. I don’t blame Franco. I would be trying to get into her pants constantly. Sexual harassment suits will be filed.

    • Just Saying...

      No kidding. Something sexy about a woman who doesn’t try to hard….

    • Ann

      And she’s a lot prettier in person too. Way prettier. Some girls have to try so hard and sometimes that’s just not attractive because it doesn’t give results. Everytime I see comments saying she’s bland, ugly, etc. I just think, really? :/ She has a really nice figure too.

      Personality aside, if she were more likeable and not suo… you know… I’m sure most guys would go for her instead of the overdone Kardashian.

  13. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinsons Hat Toronto
    Commented on this photo:

    That was quite a load!

  14. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinsons Hat Toronto
    Commented on this photo:

    This is the only picture of her that she’s every looked bangable to me.

  15. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinsons Hat Toronto
    Commented on this photo:

    Seriously, that hat’s gotta stink of old K-pat :(

  16. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinsons Hat Toronto
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s not Kristin Stewart that’s Justin Bieber in hippie drag

  17. Dr.J.Fever

    Well you know this story is complete BS just from this “huge grin on her face”. This girl is not able to show emotion.

  18. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinsons Hat Toronto
    Commented on this photo:

    Representing B’More, Hon!

  19. Brent

    Fuck You Fish, RC cola rocks.

  20. Just Saying...

    Ha! Could totally see them together.

  21. Sliver

    Hey, looks like Franco found someone as apathetic and lethargic as himself—it’s going to be love!

  22. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinsons Hat Toronto
    Commented on this photo:

    I know Hollywood is basically remaking everything but did we really need Gleaming the Cube?

  23. James Franco, Shia Lebouf, Kanye West and Chris Brown should be put in a room and told to fight to the death, the last one who survives gets to take on the mantle of Douche of the Century. (Of course, what the 4 wouldn’t know was as the doors closed in the room, they’d be poisoned through the air ducts and exterminated thus freeing ourselves from their douchedness). Either that, or someone … SOMEONE has to have pictures of Franco and Lebouf getting blowies from Pattinson. That’d shut em up…

  24. Ann

    Wearing this guy’s stuff when she was wearing it too when her director was going down on her on the mini-cooper… yeah, how about no, girl.

    And actually seeing her drop so much weight like this makes me think this was for real and not Hollywood staged. She looks super gaunt in those NYC photos from last night. Great make up and style but insanely skinny, I actually felt bad.

  25. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinsons Hat Toronto
    Commented on this photo:

    Bakka wai, Furanko-san. Hittu-man got deesh.

  26. Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinsons Hat Toronto
    Commented on this photo:

    5 people in the picture, 0 eyes.

  27. slacker

    I don’t know what you all are talking about. I would fuck her so hard her grandmother would feel it.

  28. betchadidntknow

    Isnt it obvious Robert Pattinson is a pussy? He’s letting this girl play him and he falls for him. Kstew knows how to play Rob because he’s such a pussy.

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