So Kris Humphries Didn’t Get Myla Sinanaj Pregnant Because She Made The Whole Thing Up

July 10th, 2012 // 31 Comments
But She Looks Pregnant
Myla Sinanaj Bikini Kris Humphries Pregnant
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So remember last week when Kris Humphries‘s rebound Myla Sinanaj claimed he knocked her up? Turns out she made the whole thing up and isn’t even pregnant which she apparently thinks the above pic proves because we’re dealing with a mental giant. TMZ reports:

Myla was out in Jersey earlier today, where a photog asked her straight — are you pregnant or not? Myla responded, “I am definitely not pregnant.”
What Myla DOESN’T explain is why she texted her lawyer Friday night that she WAS pregnant — and why she told numerous other people, including Kris, that she was expecting.
Myla’s latest version is that people just started talking and, “Of course, me not being a size zero kept it going.”

In Myla’s defense, she is trying to get back together with Kris Humphries and chicks who pull shit directly out of their huge sloppy asses are his type. How else was she supposed to impress him?

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  1. Dick Hell

    That second to last sentence paints a very ugly mental picture. Thanks, Fish.

  2. Eddie Baby

    So she got the abortion?

    • Never abort your meal ticket; That’s Woman 101

    • LJ

      She was planning on some “panic” money from Humphries so she could disappear for a couple of months under the guise of “taking care of things”. The plan fell through when Humphries said “I want a paternity test”.

  3. She’s fat, stupid and ugly.

    So I’ll get some thumbs down from some fat gals.

  4. rantatonne

    How else could she impress him?

    Some yellow Kool-aid and a few steps back into that fountain could do the trick.

  5. Taylor

    Let this be a lesson to us all, just because she had her legs apart and a toddler fell in doesn’t mean she’s pregnant.

  6. When did it become acceptable for fat ass bitches to use “Just because I ain’t a size 0″ excuse for god damn everything…..I blame Mo’Nique

    • anonymous

      F*ck Mo’Nique….I blame myspace, twitter and facebook for making these nobodies do wannabee photospreads like the rest of the internet is interested.

  7. Myla Sinanaj Bikini Kris Humphries Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    So her waist starts just under her nipples?…

  8. braddy

    I thought Octo-mom wasn’t allowed to have any more kids?

  9. El Jefe

    Is this slag really worth a post?

  10. fuckityfuck

    ugh, creatures like this trashy asshole shouldn’t be allowed to have a uterus

  11. Myla Sinanaj Bikini Kris Humphries Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    Captain Obvious here, checkin’ in with…”She might not be pregnant but she sure is one fat bitch!”

    • Bethany

      That’s me! And I DID have the most fun! Thank you so much Chip & Lindsay. These photos are above and beonyd anything we ever hoped for. You captured the vibe of our evening perfectly. Hooray for wine bar weddings!

  12. your mom

    Hasty abortion?

  13. tlmck

    Kris should marry her. They are a perfect match.

  14. disillusionisreal

    That is definitely NOT a size 0, but her IQ is.

  15. Nope

    And another desperate for attention lying gold digging money grubbing whore is shown for what she is. That makes 2 for kris humphries. Both of them, and his previous attention whoring piss princess, are all losers…

  16. Doug Macray

    Skankus Maximus

  17. Dino Ciampa

    Is this something which exists as a response to the presence of the Kardashians as celebs ?

  18. Myla Sinanaj Bikini Kris Humphries Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    I wouldn’t fuck that with Nancy Grace’s dick.

  19. Fred Garvin

    How did they get a pink two piece on the 1956 Buick?

  20. Myla Sinanaj Bikini Kris Humphries Pregnant
    Dr. Ike
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s a little chubby but I’d definitely do some serious damage to that ass.

  21. Myla Sinanaj Bikini Kris Humphries Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    the bakc fat rolls are repulsive…needs to join gym ASAP

  22. Myla Sinanaj Bikini Kris Humphries Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    move your hand…whatcha hiding? ohm a beer gut LMAO

  23. Myla Sinanaj Bikini Kris Humphries Pregnant
    Commented on this photo:

    move that arm…we still can see the gut under there

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