So Kris Humphries Didn’t Get Myla Sinanaj Pregnant Because She Made The Whole Thing Up

So remember last week when Kris Humphries’s rebound Myla Sinanaj claimed he knocked her up? Turns out she made the whole thing up and isn’t even pregnant which she apparently thinks the above pic proves because we’re dealing with a mental giant. TMZ reports:

Myla was out in Jersey earlier today, where a photog asked her straight — are you pregnant or not? Myla responded, “I am definitely not pregnant.”
What Myla DOESN’T explain is why she texted her lawyer Friday night that she WAS pregnant — and why she told numerous other people, including Kris, that she was expecting.
Myla’s latest version is that people just started talking and, “Of course, me not being a size zero kept it going.”

In Myla’s defense, she is trying to get back together with Kris Humphries and chicks who pull shit directly out of their huge sloppy asses are his type. How else was she supposed to impress him?

Photos: Twitter, Splash News