Kirstie Alley is Giving Anorexia a Shot

“Starting tomorrow. I mean, Friday. No, wait, after the holiday. — March 4, 2016.”

Following Monday’s Dancing With The Stars performance, Kirstie Alley, who apparently people think is thinner now, shared her new diet secret and claimed to be a size six rocketing toward a two, according to Extra:

Kirstie Alley dished about her “Dancing” diet secret and laughed, “I don’t eat!”
The actress pointed to a tattoo of a slim pin-up girl on Maks’ back and declared, “This is me in a month-and-a-half.” The actress also revealed, “I haven’t weighed myself in the last four weeks.” The slimmed-down actress may not know her weight, but she does have a goal in mind. “I bought these dresses from a [size] twelve to a two. Tonight I’m a six. When I’m a two, I’m done, people!”

Before everyone starts patting Kirstie on the back, she hasn’t weighed herself in four weeks because the truck stop near her house won’t let her use their scales anymore. Though someone did ask where her flannel shirt was and how long she’d been truckin’ which she played along with on the prospect of gravy. It was a mighty tale. An American tale.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News