Kirsten Dunst Throws Lars von Trier Under The Bus

May 24th, 2011 // 44 Comments

Last week, Danish director Lars von Trier attempted to make a joke about Nazis that was more nonsensical than it was offensive, so naturally the Cannes board of directors banned him from the rest of the festival because apparently Benjamin Millepied didn’t do enough to reinforce French stereotypes. “Non, non, non. You were snooty, but where is zee instant surrender?” Anyway, Kirsten Dunst still managed to win Best Actress for her role in von Trier’s Melancholia, so you’d just assume she’d be defensive of the man who won her international acclaim after she fell off the face of the earth following the Spider-man movies, but then you’d be forgetting that vampires are a sneaky and self-preserving lot. Via Hollywood Elsewhere:

“He was very inappropriate and idiotic, so I’m pleased that the festival and the jury could see beyond his words.
I’m not so sure this is a festival about freedom of speech, and, um, film and what he did was separate, and he paid for it. So… you know.” *Kiki shrug*

For the record, that was Kirsten Dunst saying the Cannes Film Festival isn’t a festival about film because apparently exposure to the sun makes her say stupid shit when it’s not reducing her to ash. But don’t worry; a good dirt nap and she’ll be refreshed and snaggletoothed as new.

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  1. please kiki… playboy.. and i mean proper nude… let’s see it all!

  2. Kirsten is lucky that ejecting people for nonsensical speech is a rule they apply inconsistently, or she’d have left skid marks.

    “…see beyond his words”? Does that mean he meant something even worse than what he said? Or less worse (I can use poor grammar too!)? Why is this chick even famous? She’s difficult to look at.

    • Richard McBeef

      She is difficult to look at, but I get the feeling she fucks like a mad bitch. Just turn the lights off.

      • Hans Richardson

        How much stupidity is there space for online? As in the hordes of people who have nothing else to do than writing offensive crap reflexions? Shame on you McBeef. Of course you would never have written what you did if your actual address and name had to go public along with your imbecile comment….

      • Hah McBeef! you got SHAMED!

        How dare you make commentary using a fake name, says a guy making commentary using a fake name!

      • Richard McBeef

        I thought my comment was actually somewhat complimentary, but if you want to take it as offensive, well I can assure you that I don’t give a shit.

        Welcome to the internet, fuckstain.

      • Richard McBeef

        also, Richard McBeef is my real name.

      • Bucky Barnes

        What kind of idiot (I’m looking at you, Hans) visits a website called The Superficial in search of serious discourse?

  3. RoboZombie

    Can a woman be a douchebag?? Yes? OK, then, she’s one.

  4. Tyffani

    If she would have had his back, she would have been criticized. She publicly stated that she didn’t like what he said, and she’s being criticized. Had she not mentioned him at all, she would have been criticized. I’m not exactly a fan of hers, but I don’t think it’s fair that she couldn’t have won in this situation no matter how she would have handled it.

  5. Richard McBeef

    the video of her sitting next that nazi dude as he rambles is priceless.

  6. the captain


  7. Venom

    This has to be the most retarded headline I have ever read.
    Yeah, defending a guy that made Nazi comments in an industry predominantly run by Jews would definitely been the smarter thing to do.


  8. Pat

    So, what, she should have sounded like Mel Gibson instead? Throwing a Nazi under a bus is a bad thing? The tag for this one should be “sniping for its own sake”.

  9. Bucky Barnes

    I think what Lars was attempting to say is that he can relate to Hitler because like Adolph, Lars only has one ball. Now Kirsten has ground his one ball into the pavement with her high-heeled jackboot. Ouch, that’s GOT to smart!

  10. Crabby Old Guy

    Did she first gnaw on him with her tiny teeth?

  11. Kirsten Dunst Best Actress Cannes Film Festival
    Commented on this photo:

    Har har har, someone thought I could act!!! Fooled yaaaa!!!!

  12. Kirsten Dunst Best Actress Cannes Film Festival
    Commented on this photo:

    Her gum to tooth ratio is all off

  13. Rancid

    First she started out playing a child vampire. In a couple years, she will graduate to a grotesque, creepy Nosferatu.

    The circle of unlife…

  14. Andy

    Geez, what an idiot! Next thing you know she’s be throwing a pedophile under the bus.

  15. Findley

    Dunst WASN’T saying Cannes is not about film–the writer transcribed her words badly.

    “I’m not so sure this is a festival about freedom of speech, and, um, film and what he did was separate, and he paid for it. So… you know.”

    It needed “the” before “film”–because clearly she was say Melancolia–and what he did–were separate…

  16. Facts

    Whatever with all the outage. Zion deserves no more of a pass than Hitler

    • Chongo

      Here’s a map of Israel from about 1000BC. I can’t seem to find Palestine on it… hmm…

      • and a map of 1000AD shows the arabs pwning the joint. no one owns mother earth.

      • eatme

        …god job getting your historical maps from What a complete jerk-off. Maybe look at it again and take note of “Philistines“. And like duteeatdudedotdude says, no-one owns mother earth: Before the hebrews, Egypt owned it, with a very mixed-race populace. And even after King David defeated the Jebusite`s to take Jerusalem, there was always a mixed race of people there. Always has been. That is. of course, until the Zionists came around.

  17. God

    Throw the bastard out if he says he can somewhat sympathize with Hitler but didnt agree with him, BUT put Christ in piss and its artwork lol.
    These people are so hypocritical its unbelievable!
    I suppose it all depends on whose ox is getting gored. Sure God doesn’t exist, they can make movies pretending I don’t exist and Im a dick for thinking that I do exist. We gotta take him to a “low-stimulation” room and strap me to the floor for five days on an uncomfortable mattress only to be visited to give me food and a bedpan oh yeah, and lots of ativan!
    WTF? These are the same people that tasered me in the Portland Airport for telling them as a God I could help them stop terrorism.
    People hate God more than they hate Nazis :(

  18. YHWH

    Why is “The Holocaust™” justification for the displacement of an entire people who had nothing to do with Hitler? 2,000,000 Palestinians are dead because they wanted their land back, and somehow they’re terrorists? Would Americans not do the same? Hitler was as bad as anyone in history but so are the people bulldozing one neighborhood after another in Gaza and West Bank. It is GENOCIDE. And a HOLOCAUST! Israel is hypocrisy at its worst.

  19. Sian

    I watched the clip and it’s pretty obvious that what Kirsten said in response to the question was ‘I’m not sure ; this is a festival about freedom of speech and film and what he did was separate and he paid for it.’ So as to justify why the jury would reward ‘Melancholia’ in spite of von Trier’s ramblings.
    See, suddenly her answer makes a lot more sense.

  20. That's right

    Sure, reduce this to an absurdity instead of recognizing the depravity.

  21. eatme

    wow you people amaze me:

    “freedom of speech, and, um, film“

    …operative word being “and“.

    Her point is completely consistent with her words: free speech and film, with respect to Cannes, are by no means interchangeable. “And“ is so amazingly misused in the english language that when someone uses it correctly people have a hard time understanding.

    …considering how many people have a hard time grasping what Dunst said, maybe take the time to revisit what Lars von Trier said. Do you think he would have been given nearly as much grief if he said he sympathized with ANY of the other mass-murderers of history? Stalin? Pol Pot? Fuck no. He gave some very honest, reflective answers. And the second he started speaking he had that little blond moron pulling on his shoulders telling him to hush up, like when you say something subtle about someone, under the radar, possibly completely benign, and there`s that one little do-googer who just HAS to pipe up and say “omg, that`s so mean“, when really it only became mean the second the doo-gooder spoke up (I KNOW you all know what I`m talking about). Maybe if she had let him have his say without outright displaying her aversion. Next day I`m reading all over the net that he was joking about the final solution. Absolute garbage.

    The ONLY offensive thing he said, after Dunst was already having a hissy, was that Israel is “a pain in the ass“. Kind of? Again, do you think that if he had spoken of any other country of the world like that he would have been banned from Cannes?

  22. soahc

    Stupid cucking funt. She would not have won were it not for him, and she implies he is an idiot?

    Fucking actors. Nothing but dancing monkeys. They don’t write, don’t direct, have no other skills. Trained monkeys.

  23. Frankly, I don’t blame her. I’d be pretty pissed if someone suggested I make a porno with Charlotte Gainsbourg. Nobody wants to get chin-fucked.

  24. E

    It’s only fair, seeing as how she’s evidently spent the last ten years under a bus.

  25. GetABox

    LOL..for some reason I read the title as: Kirsten Dunst Blows Lavar Burton on a Bus.

  26. Kirsten Dunst Best Actress Cannes Film Festival
    Commented on this photo:

    Why is this considered throwing him under the bus? Seriously the man IS a fucking idiot.

  27. bitingontinfoil

    I wouldn’t call commenting on a piece of shit that compared himself to a Nazi and started to extol the virtues of Hitler “throwing him under the bus”. I call it a “wise move”.

    • congress is out for lunch

      “extol the virtues of hitler”?
      He did no such thing. He said simply that he has come to understand him and sympathizes a somewhat. And you call him a piece of shit for that?
      You are a moron.

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