Kirsten Dunst Throws Lars von Trier Under The Bus

Last week, Danish director Lars von Trier attempted to make a joke about Nazis that was more nonsensical than it was offensive, so naturally the Cannes board of directors banned him from the rest of the festival because apparently Benjamin Millepied didn’t do enough to reinforce French stereotypes. “Non, non, non. You were snooty, but where is zee instant surrender?” Anyway, Kirsten Dunst still managed to win Best Actress for her role in von Trier’s Melancholia, so you’d just assume she’d be defensive of the man who won her international acclaim after she fell off the face of the earth following the Spider-man movies, but then you’d be forgetting that vampires are a sneaky and self-preserving lot. Via Hollywood Elsewhere:

“He was very inappropriate and idiotic, so I’m pleased that the festival and the jury could see beyond his words.
I’m not so sure this is a festival about freedom of speech, and, um, film and what he did was separate, and he paid for it. So… you know.” *Kiki shrug*

For the record, that was Kirsten Dunst saying the Cannes Film Festival isn’t a festival about film because apparently exposure to the sun makes her say stupid shit when it’s not reducing her to ash. But don’t worry; a good dirt nap and she’ll be refreshed and snaggletoothed as new.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Splash News