Kirsten Dunst Wore Nude Spanx On The Set of ‘Anchorman 2′ Because Goddamn Everyone’s In It

If there’s one movie that’s absolutely not giving a fuck about spoilers, it’s Anchorman 2 because thanks to the 8,000 paparazzi pics I’ve seen over the past week, I could tell you the entire plot and every single surprise cameo. Not only am I looking at Kirsten Dunst, but I’ve seen pics of Kanye West because, again, goddamn everyone’s in it. And you’ll never guess who was the bitchiest diva on set. Via GossipCenter:

According to an insider, the “Love Lockdown” rapper showed up on an Atlanta rooftop with Christina Applegate and Paul Rudd to shoot his scenes earlier this week.
The eyewitness also noted, “Kanye was quite afraid of heights and required an umbrella for shade most of the time he was on the roof.”

“Kanye, you know umbrellas don’t work like they do in Mary Poppins, right? They don’t make you fly-“
“Man, shut up, I know that. Errbody knows umbrellas work just like The Penguin. Chopper me away, bitch!” *jumps off roof, falls to death*

This is how I know God doesn’t exist. This not happening.

Photos: Pacific Coast News