Apparently Kirsten Dunst refuses to uses elevators tarnished by the hoi polloi meat bags whose blood she feasts upon at will because her handlers commandeered an elevator at Chateau Marmont this week and refused entry to anyone lacking a distinctive snaggling of tooth. Page Six reports:

“They said Kirsten Dunst was going up and down. They said nobody else could enter and asked other guests to take the stairs.”

In Kirsten’s defense, moving coffins are all the rage with the Nosferatu right now, all the rage. Why just the other day I saw Dakota Fanning napping in one swinging from a helicopter. Granted, it accidentally collided with a building, cursing everyone within to unholy damnation for disturbing her slumber, but she swears it was like a blowjob to her back. “Fuck memory foam,” I believe she wrote on Amazon.

Photos: Splash News