Barbara Walters to Kim Kardashian: Why are you famous?

March 13th, 2008 // 80 Comments

Here’s a clip of Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner’s appearance on The View this morning. It’s kind of funny to see Barbara Walters animated corpse cut right through the bullshit and ask Kim why she’s famous. Barbara even asked about the sex tape which is always a great conversation to have with an elderly woman. All in all, this interview could’ve been better. Namely by having Elisabeth Hasselbeck get her conservative freak on with Kim Kardashian. Just have her pretend George Bush is stuck in Kim’s dress and Elisabeth has to get him out using a variety of massage oils or else a gay couple will marry. You know, something classy for the daytime audience.

Thanks to Rockers94 who’s man enough to wear leather pants and listen to Whitesnake.


  1. john claude


  2. debagger


  3. Sicillian

    I’m watching this right now on t.v.

  4. Sumeet Sodhi


  5. her latest episode on E was pretty funny

  6. MosesGabby

    Why is Hassleback kissing this skank’s fat ass?

  7. Rossco

    That was too painful to even make it halfway through. They’re so fake it’s appalling. It’s almost like trying to pretend that the Partridge Family was a real family. Chickens walking around the house? Craziness! I bet that totally really happened and wasn’t scripted at all! Well, you really only have to look to the episode that had pornstar Bree Olson in it supposedly as a nanny. E!’s audience already consists of an awful lot of pervs, (like me) so how’d they honestly think that one would slip by as “reality”?

  8. ziggs

    “Barbara even asked about the sex tape which is always a great conversation to have with an elderly woman.”

    Actually the elderly are quite familiar with the topic of urinating in rooms other than the bathroom.

  9. OMG!!! It’s working!!

  10. Rick

    Too bad the clip wasn’t anime, then all you fantasy-life fags would be up to 100 comments already.

  11. The Silver Screen

    Well, one of the reason she’s famous is because The Superficial and other “celebrity pap smear” sites have given her so much press.

    Maybe The Superficial was looking for a mention in this video I can’t tell. Seems beyond asinine you “nice” people would catapult this nobody with a fat ass to “stardom” (stardom! lol) then pretend you don’t know why she’s famous.

    It’s a lose lose situation! Entertainment is following journalism down the toilet.


  12. Grunion

    Barbra Walters asking someone else why they are famous is a wee bit ironic don’t you think?

  13. it's called knowledge

    Baba Wawa was a news journalist and then the first female nighttime network news anchor, back in the days before cable when the 6 o’clock network news shows mattered. Only later did she change from journalism to covering celebrities.

  14. sunshine

    What happened to Bruce Jenner’s face? He looks like the burn victims who have to wear the plastic masks so they don’t develop scar tissue. Kim looks like she is wearing a maternity smock and while pretty, looks no different than 100′s of beautiful Latinas.

    #13 – are you kidding? Read up on Barbara Walters’ life. People make fun of her speech, but that woman opened the door for women to be taken seriously in journalism and television news.

  15. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Surprisingly, Kim is rather well-spoken. She definitely doesn’t have the chicken-brain Britney Spears is gifted with. She also looks surprisingly cute. It does not, however, change that fact that she was peed on. Eww.

  16. Dee

    How perfect is this?!! Not just more of Kim K for the hiney-fixated latent dudes, but they get to watch her….on a clip of “The View”!!! Sssssssuper!

  17. Ross

    @11 – Rick, you’re just a stupid cunt.

  18. #12 pretty much nailed it.

  19. RENEE

    Isn’t she a little young to have a face that looks like she can barely move or make expressions with? It seems she’s already been botoxed beyond belief.

  20. Thank you for blurring out the chicken shit – seeing that would really have fucked up my day.

  21. Zack

    I’m sorry but there is no shower in the world (at least with Auschwitz closed) that could remove the lingering filth of that n i g g e r pissing on Kim. Guys who say she’s hot and they’d love to fuck her are truly desperate, willing to lick another man’s toilet. Maybe that’s the attraction. Jesus, maybe Dee’s been right all along…

  22. Katie

    Her sex tape was released by vivid, and vivid does not mess around, meaning she and ray-j had to sign release forms for their porn to be sold. so…. poor baby cashing in on it and then trying to seem like such a good girl? That’s the only reason anyone knows who she is, and it wasn’t even that greatof a porn.

  23. hill

    seriously, porn or no porn paycheck, when your boyfriend says “hey baby, let me piss in your face” no matter HOW “caught up in the moment” you are, WHAT THE FUCK MAKES YOU SAY “OK!!” ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  24. momo

    can i get scoop on the peeing thing?
    that 4 reel?

  25. momo

    can i get scoop on the peeing thing?
    that 4 reel?

  26. sharpeidude

    Makes me wonder what kind of stuff Reggie Bush is doing to this bitch. He’s probably using his Heisman Trophy as some kind of brass dildo or something.

  27. mike

    I always thought Reggie was kind of a pussy and Kim uses a strap-on on him.

  28. Janice

    I suppose if you’re hot for Kim, the next best thing would be to dip your dick in a urinal that the last guy forgot to flush.

  29. pointandlaugh

    ol’ Bruce Jenner……World Famous Olympian Decathalon winner in ’76 and since then…….uh……..nothing. MAN that dude has to be bored.

  30. janex

    @18 – Gotta disagree. I think Rick nailed it.

  31. Will

    The reason she is famous is because she enjoys exploiting herself. When Barbara asked why is she famous; she did not answer the question honestly. She is famous because her father helped get OJ off murder and for her porn tape. Some guys watch her reality show because they are into fat chicks, some women watch her reality show because they do not have a clue. And Kim is overweight; it’s just that some guys like a lot of junk in the trunk and tree trunk thighs; she is like most Americans; fat. Fat in the behind, fat in the thighs, fat in the hips, and some are fat in the breasts while others fat in the stomach, but no matter how you phrase it, it’s fat.

  32. Great question by Bawawa. Only would’ve been better if she’d have followed up with “You know, having the world’s largest ass and getting pee’d on just makes you a whore, not a celebrity!”

    #1 – you are such a loser you probably get pee’d on too.

  33. mer

    If you are primarily famous for having been seen in a sex tape, you’re a porn star.

    Deal with it.

  34. D. Richards (Slob.)

    It would have been awesome if Babara Walters pierced-a stake through Kardashian’s gypsy heart — then burned it.

  35. dude

    If you could translate the chicken’s cluckings, you’d hear:

    “I am sooooo getting a new agent. I’m not working with these tacky iranian bitches. I was just supposed to show up and piss and shit in Kim’s mouth, but now they want me to run around the house scared like a damn stereotype?!? I’m outta here.”

    They should re-name the show “Keeping up with the Iranians: A scripted piece of Shit”.

    And Kim, play sexy all you want. We know you’re a lousy lay. We saw the sex tape.

  36. eurotrash

    haha ill bet that bruce jenner dude still jacks off to kim’s porn tape…am i the only one who thinks he looks sleazy as hell?!

  37. Will



    Very true!

  38. Ralph


    Kim is wearing a maternity dress because she did not feel like wearing her industrial strength girdle with butt pads. I’ve been told that girdles are very uncomfortable Her sister told her that her butt jiggles when she walks on her reality show, so Kim has to always wear an industrial strength girdle when wearing tight clothes. And she will always cover her behind while walking and wearing a bathing suit for fear of the jiggling buttocks. Too bad for Kim the novelty of the Iranian porn star will eventually fade away.

  39. duuuude

    “haha ill bet that bruce jenner dude still jacks off to kim’s porn tape”

    Why bother? He unzips as soon as he hears the shower running. Kim says she just loves the bathroom tile that looks like an eyeball.

  40. Tylor

    what the hell is wrong with bruce’s face?

  41. spiritkittykat

    #15. I was thinking the same thing about his face…It looks like he’s wearing a plastic mask over his face…such is vanity. And I know someone else metioned her not being able to move her face either. I think that runs in the family (the Botox, that is) since all the clips I’ve ever seen, while it’s being made fun of on The Soup, has everyone in the family unable to move their faces…Quite sad. But funny!

  42. Ted from LA

    “Why am I famous? I’m famous because I have a huge ass and they are making a come back. Also, because my father got OJ off on double murder charges. Barbara, did you see my father’s face when they read the verdict? That was classic dad! Holy fuck, are you people really that stupid? You all bought that shit we shoved up your collective asses? Great times for the family. I’m also famous for being filmed having sex and getting peed on. Someday I hope to get shit on, which come to think of it, I might have just had happen with your question Barbara. I have a question for you too. Who is that stupid blonde cunt sitting next to you Barbara?

  43. Harold

    Bruce looked better before his nose job. He was on the E channel for Hollywoods worst cosmetic surgery.

    I liked the way Barbara asked why are you famous? Barbara and everyone else knows she is famous for doing porn and having a big behind. Kim should have just told the truth. This is the first I’ve heard about her clothing line. Is her clothing line for fat women, or sorry, I need to be politically correct. Is her clothing line for curvy women?

  44. Jamie's Uterus

    I didn’t know that guy pissed on her in the porn video, now I want to see it. She also said she owns 2 boutiques, I thought those were her Mother’s stores.

    Also, I think it would of been funnier if Whoopi or Joy Behar interviewed her, they would of skewered her, in a nice way.

    I’m surprised Elisabitch wasn’t more uppetey.

  45. Curious George

    People posted that Kim’s video is boring because she just lays there. Does she at least make noises?

  46. she's soooooo hot

    Jesus Christ, Kim’s insanely fucking hot.

    Why is she famous? Because she’s fucking HOT, unlike you, bitter bitch! muahahaha

  47. damn

    I’d eat her ass until the sun came up and again and again.
    She’s sooooo hot.

  48. zuzuspetals

    Do you people really eat asses?
    That doesn’t seem safe.

  49. Why is KK famous? She’s Paris Hilton’s current BFF. PH is famous for, uh, being famous. Add to that KK’s face, tits, incredible ass and her, uh, flaunting, her assets in a homemade porno and people start to pay attention.

    BTW, does KK give personal perfomances? I’d kill for the right to play with that ass!

  50. 1 MILF Hunter

    I guess Babwa doesn’t know KK is famous for not just her famous sex tape, but for her ability in other films to get treated like a deodorizer cake in the bottom of a urinal.

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