Kim Kardashian in a bikini

July 2nd, 2009 // 124 Comments

Ever had a fantasy about Kim Kardashian grilling you delicious hamburgers while wearing a bikini? Your dreams have come true, my friend. Provided you ignore the fact her ass is conveniently missing in every shot which is kind of making me think this is really a nightmare. Only one way to find out: Are Heidi and Spencer still alive? Yes? Fuck it’s a nightmare.


  1. Kim

    Why is she holding in her stomach like that all the time?

    Why not just lose weight, it’s surely easier. Only a couple of lbs would fix it mate.

  2. quake

    Amazing how well he can hide his dick in a bikini.

  3. Thats some bullshit

    Kim Kardashian cooking. Haha thats a good one. I dont think this bitch even wipes her own snatch when she takes a piss.

  4. Dork

    Not going to say it….frist

  5. johnson

    all the people beneath me are retarded.

  6. uh

    She’s at about minute 13. 2 more to go.

  7. Venom

    Jizz, I mean milk does her body good.

  8. Zee Brat

    Nice bikini at least.

  9. WTF

    I would like to take a piss on her.

  10. bah

    All the johnsons above me are tiny

  11. Yoda

    How nice of them to airbrush the fat and stretch marks off this piss covered, no talent whore.

  12. Hash

    Damn, I wish there was some kind of sex tape on the web of her being fucked from behind by a black dude, that would make her totally famous.

  13. Randal

    Kim, with every passing year you look even more beautiful then the last. Your day must start off very early as you work out your body to perfection to match your already gorgeous face.

    You burst out onto the celebrity scene and you’ve grown like a good wine ever since. Thanks for sharing your pictures and posting them on The FISH.


  14. Mr. Class

    Dear Kim,

    May I please squirt my salty, potent ejaculate inside your hairy, Gorilla-like poke-hole?

    Mr. Class

  15. No even one shot of the buffet?

  16. Amy

    How convenient that there are no pictures of her back side.

  17. Damn! she is sexy.

  18. RickenBat

    She’s sexy as hell!

  19. peterman

    New slang for ‘golden shower’….

    SIERRA MIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Yoda

    How nice of them to airbrush the fat and stretch marks off this piss covered, no talent whore.

  21. Lala

    Her books look fake in pic #7. Did she phone up the same surgeon as Kourtney?

  22. KIM M

    HI I LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3 >3

  23. KIM M

    HI I LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3 >3

  24. KIM M

    HI I LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3 >3

  25. Dude

    All of a sudden I want to drink sierra mist, eat bbq, and punch a bitch for some reason.

  26. Rafael Kafka

    Kim come to Brazil!

    Here we love big butt girls and would worship your godess body!

  27. kris

    I agree with #9 PISS all over her, after drinking 4 cups of coffee!!

  28. twizlah

    Why would you want to hide the one thing that makes you famous? Okay two things: her ass and the fact that Ray-J peed on her.

  29. Kelley

    Her tits look fake ?? They ARE fake … the lying skank says she’s had nothing done – horseshit.

  30. Urbanspaceman

    She’s a goddess, perfect in any way. And you know the drill: if she needs a place to sit inToronto…

  31. Urbanspaceman

    She’s a goddess, perfect in any way. And you know the drill: if she needs a place to sit inToronto…

  32. .

    Kim and Monica Bellucci are definitely my type as far as looks go. Dark and curvy ftw

  33. Champ

    Another ‘famous for being famous’ bitch. No talent and every photo ever taken of her is posed. Go away.

  34. DrainBamaged

    Just show your ass so we can mock you and then FUCK off bitch.

  35. john

    I would totally stick it in her butt
    I mean really, whats not to like?
    OPPS – sorry I came in your ass baby

  36. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    She looks good, just wish she would throw away that stupid scarf she keeps wearing around her azz.

  37. hmmm

    she’s boring, no personality, alot of people don’t like her, she must know she’s annoying…very pretty, but jeez she needs to work on that brain of hers, and im not talking about giving brain ! her whole life is about make-up and hair and posing for pics and hiding her butt one minute and posing with her butt out the next, she can’t even make up her damn mind, either way no one will ever take her seriously or respect her, i mean she introduced herself to the world through a sex tape, that says it all.

  38. me

    she’s not even good at posing.

  39. George Jetson

    Is it me or does anyone else find it hard to believe that her stomach is that tone but her arms look like gummy worms? Besides that…this chic is hot!

  40. Racer X


  41. Greg

    Did they PhotoShop the burgers, too?

  42. Ralph

    How do you say publicity photos/photo shopped?

  43. dink squeeze

    If it weren’t for her liposuction she’d be a lard bucket

  44. I feel like I'm taking CRAZY PILLS

    Are you all crazy? That woman is gorgeous!

  45. Kathleen

    She looks damn fine in these pics! She’s gorgeous – second one is the best.

  46. lisa

    Thank god for Photoshop! i’ve rather see her sisters on a bathingsuit…

  47. Buffaloed

    Buffaloed if you think PhotoShop was not used. I’m a Pro photographer, thyself. From watching her mostly sucking a blackie, breaf peeks of her snatch, going limp after only seeing her so-so boobies and OH SO BIG ass, these new photos have been altered. She possesses no pussy lips, a surgeon snipped ‘em off, like 90% of all celebrities, her boobies are filled with fun bags and last but not least, in many ways, half of that RUMPUS ASS was airbrushed-off. She has the same amount of talent as slut-whore Paris, none at all. I wouldn’t color myself black to satisfy a useless whore like her for any amount of money

  48. Tom K

    This girl is gorgeous!!!!! Ok Ok she likes black guys but I can still admit shes hot. Even though she loves gorilla penis!

  49. wow! she’s definitely the hottest.

    DVD Movie Copier

  50. PositiveC

    Me and my wife really like her.
    We wonder if she reads these posts.
    Some of you are really disrespectful.
    Keep your head up Kimmy

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