Kim Kardashian Wants You to Watch Her ‘Hook Up’ – Wait. Again?

October 5th, 2010 // 65 Comments

“I think my name written in rhinestones on it lets y’all know I ain’t about to tolerate no weak-ass chips at my party. You bring Pringles or you get yo’ ass out.”

Seen here filming her new reality show Kourtney and Kim Take New York yesterday, Kim Kardashian proved either she, or more likely her producers, took notes from Jersey Shore because the spin-off is going to feature lots of “hooking up. And also a midget. (You’re still the hot one, Kourtney.) People reports:

Everyone is now trying to hook me up,” she says. “In a way, since I hate meeting new people and I hate that first-dating thing, it’s kind of reassuring to know, ‘Okay, this [person] knows them, so maybe they’re normal.’”
Whether or not she finds her one true love, Kardashian could be in the mood for romance as she and her sister establish a new Dash clothing store in Gotham. “I’d be down for some hookups,” Kim says.

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume one of those hookups is Kanye because I don’t know how else you explain him willingly film an episode of this shit provided you ignore all the evidence of him being crazy. Unless, of course, this is some sort of sick penance demanded by Taylor Swift. In which case, I don’t know how she sleeps at night. Have you no soul?

Photos: Pacific Coast News


  1. gross

    wow, kim whoredashian really just wont go away. wtf is wrong with her face? she looks more plasticky than usual. is anything about this nasty airhead real?

  2. Oh Hell No

    forget that shit…

  3. ugh

    ugh NYC does not want this skank. please go away plastic face.

  4. phil

    f**k that shit

  5. Kanye looks like hes flashing her in pic 1. She looks like, eh i seen bigga…

  6. Richard McBeef

    I heard they really want to focus on fossil fuel power generation this season.

  7. The Real TAB


  8. FruitLoop

    “Baby doll, I gotta take a wicked piss, and there’s not a men’s room or fire hydrant in sight. Get down on yo knees and help a brotha out. Just let me get my dick out here……”

  9. Alex

    Despite what the retards above think, I’d still fuck her. With tits and an ass like she has, I can overlook the fact that her face looks like a mannequins.

  10. Come_Honor_Face

    E! is no longer the E! network. It is the Whoredashian network. They really don’t air anything else but these whores. I’m pretty convinced the program director at E! must’ve had a 7-way w/ himself and the every female kardashian while bruce filmed it. there is no other explaination

    • Jizz Cockster

      It’s liberal Hollywoods dream come true. A bunch of black loving white whores. If they were lesbians and only dated black chicks I think E might actually explode through the tv screen with excitement.

      On another note, I bet the Kardashians dad is just thrilled that all of his daughters are getting passed around the NBA & NFL like plastic fuck dolls, with the world watching no less….

  11. Turd Ferguson

    Brilliant, yay – let’s give them another stupid show.

  12. Christian Virgin Girl

    I think Kim Kardashian represents many things that are wrong with America today. She worships money and fame and I have heard that she did something truly sexually perverse, something only someone under the influence of Satan would do, in a pornographic movie. Why do people watch shows featuring her? Her father helped a sick killer go free. I do not understand why anyone looks up to her.

    • While she certainly DID star in and sell for profit a pornographic movie, it was pretty tame action by porn standards. There’s nothing that would qualify as “truly sexually perverse”.

      I don’t think you can blame her for what her scumbag father did, so don’t hate her for that. Hate her for being a porn star who wants everyone to forget that’s why she’s famous, even though she’s never done anything else to justify fame either.

      • Christian Virgin Girl

        What I heard is that she allowed her co-star in the porn movie to do number one in her mouth or maybe it was on her, I’m not sure. To me that qualifies as a sexually perverted act.

        I know that many people believe that anything goes and that someone like me must be repressed, an idea that comes from the Jewish psychology of Sigmund Freud. I had a boyfriend who tried to convince me to have sex and when I reminded him for the umpteenth time that I intend to keep my virginity until marriage, he tried to convince me to do something depraved, and he said that way I’d still be a virgin. I told him he could no longer be my boyfriend. I kept my chastity and my dignity.

    • Cock Dr

      You ask an excellent question CVG.
      The things I can speculate are that a lot of men want to have sex with her (or the other sisters), so they watch the show in hopes of seeing bikinis & contrived for the cameras naughty girl talk. Others watch because they have interest in the lavish famewhore lifestyle.
      Certainly some SW posters watch it….perhaps they’ll chime in with their reasons.
      That Satan; always into people’s personal business. Thanks big S for arranging for Kim here to get peed on… front of a camera no less. That was an awesome day’s work.

    • Nope, no pee at all.

      just some fairly boring fucking, some moderately impressive cock sucking, and a load shot on her tits.

      The peeing rumor goes way back to before the tape was released, and even though it wasn’t true (at least not so far as the tape goes), it persists in internet lore because everyone has heard about it.

      • Cock Dr

        Well damn.
        I was about to send Satan a certificate of recognition for that accomplishment too. Rats. I feel all let down now.

      • Christian Virgin Girl

        OK I looked it up and learned that this kind of thing is called “golden shower.” Sometimes they call this kind of thing “water sports.” KK did it on the original unedited sex tape, which I think is called “Kim Kardashian Superstar,” but it was edited out of the version that was released on the web and otherwise sold. Just because you saw the tape and didn’t see the “golden shower” scene doesn’t mean that it wasn’t on the unedited version.

    • nope


      • CVG for a girl who is supposed tob e a virgin you sure have watched a lot of these so-called ‘disgusting’ peoples sex tapes. I get the feeling you are about as virginal as a Kardashian.

    • No one with a brain looks up to her. People watch her and other celebrities because the society we live in today puts a priority on celebrity. It doesn’t matter what you are famous for as long as you are famous, and as long as people keep paying attention she and those like her will still be in the spotlight.

      As for your comment about sexually perverse behaviors, I betcha you take it in the poop hole from your Bull Mastiff then lick the creamy brownish goo off his cock as he splooges into your pie hole …

  13. anonym

    douchebags and douchebaggettes

  14. absinthe

    NY doesn’t want you! GTFO!

  15. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Film With Kanye West
    Commented on this photo:

    God damnnnnnnnn this bitch is ADICK-DED TO BLACK DICK!!!!!!!!

  16. nope

    God damn this bitch is A-DICK-DED TO BLACK DICK!!!!!! JUST GO TO PORN YOU WHORE!!!

  17. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Film With Kanye West
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    Her extreme efforts to attain & maintain “beauty” are aging her fast.

  18. # ♫Mr Rough stuff...Who do you think you are♫

    Oh gee! I wonder why the “hot one” very rarely covered on this site.

  19. StEvec

    so does the black dude pee all over her like in the video she is famous for ?

  20. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Film With Kanye West
    Commented on this photo:

    dumb furry bitch

  21. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Film With Kanye West
    Commented on this photo:

    Gettin’ a little thick?

  22. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Film With Kanye West
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks so dumb and sad.

  23. * starfish *

    Christian Virgin Girl…did your ex wanna do the Parker on ya?

  24. I'm a Jerk

    A clown and a whore walk into a bar….

  25. Marius

    Why do you bother writing about this girl?
    The only thing interesting is her ass. If we can´t have ass, then she is not interesting. Stop writing about her, and only give her publicity when we get to see her ass.

    If we can´t have ass, you won´t get our gass.

  26. captain america


  27. Jizz Cockster

    No self-respecting white guy would ever poke this bitch-ass trick. They’d get their schlong all chewed up by sickle cells.

  28. Kim K

    U guys r all just jealous! Sorry! xoxo Kim

    • wildfire520

      jealous !?!? lmao …. of what? you have money sure… but money anit everything. You have “zero” talent , no education .. oh wait you went 2 beauty school, my bad you have your BA in lip gloss. People like you take attention away from ppl that deserve to be in entertainment industry, you have no idea whats like to struggle & get notice, for having talent “REAL” talent! you got famous because your father was well known, and your sex tape got leaked.. jealous ?! fuck you! You did nothing worthy to deserve being famous

  29. Boba Fett's Ghost

    Kim Kardashians skanky jizz-hole looks like the Sarlac from Return of the Jedi.

  30. marcushodge

    Well I know her and I am really desperate to have her once for dating. It would be the best wish for the people to have a date with a beauty like this.

    • You know her do ya? Knowing her is different than, say, stalking her you do know that right? If you have a court order telling you to stay away a certain distance from her, that’s not knowing her. If you had a picture signed by her and sent to you via email, that’s not knowing her. If you served her a cappuccino at a coffee shop you waiter at, that is not knowing her. If you are a member of ehr fan club and read her ‘personal’ letters to ‘ALL HER FANS’, that is not knowing her.

  31. Babs

    Who wants to “hook up” with Kim? It can’t certainly be any guy whose somewhat attractive and has money because Kim would have had another showance by now. A showance that would have no doubt led to a balls to the walls no expense spared wedding and an infinite amount of “Kim’s getting married” specials (heck, I’m sure she’d try to make her wedding a feature film).

    Seriously she’s fame whore to the nil and a name dropper to boot. Why would she turn down any hook ups, especially when she’s turning 30 or probably already has. (Heck, I have no idea how old she is and I’m not going to waste energy on a Google search.) Although, lately she’s being looking very much like a super plastic 45 yr old woman. Its funny how plastic surgery performed on anyone under the age of 30, makes them look older.

  32. Kerri

    this is how i judge if someone is actually attractive: what would said person look like if left on a deserted island for 30 days. a lot of women would look just as good (ie jennifer aniston) if not better (ie jessica simpson could stand to lose a few pounds). these three sisters would look like male gorillas after a month. so to me that equals fugly. case closed. next.

  33. ugh

    kim whoredashian is nothing more than a whore. she pretends to be this saavy business woman, who only got famous because of a s*x tape. you will always be remembered as a nasty, fake airhead kim. nothing more. everyone knows that your “curves” are not real. you’re nasty and skanky.

  34. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Film With Kanye West
    Commented on this photo:

    Is Kanye showing her his small pecker? She seems disappointed.

  35. I’d fuck her. I actually think she is attractive. Yes yes I know I need to get my head examined but for some reason I think she is hot.

    Kerri, I bet if Jen Aniston and Jessica Biel were left without waxing products or laser hair removal they’d look pretty gorillaesque themselves. In fact, I am almost positive that most women would look pretty formidible without any care products for a month … except you … you angel faced goddess of purity and all that is good with the world …. :-)

  36. Bethzilla

    I hope that fur is faux.

  37. josepe

    is she having another sex tape
    featuring kanye west?

  38. katie

    these chicks look like monkies. i’m sick of the no talent karTRASHians. who watches their stupid show and keeps it on the air??

  39. cc

    I can’t FUCKING BELIEVE this fucking nobody famewhore is getting another reality show.

  40. yup

    she like black cocks for sure

  41. truth

    She reminds me of Adam Lambert. She can look a lot like him sometimes.

  42. kara

    “kim kardashian proved that either her, or more likely her producers, took notes…”

    her? really? her took notes?! she, dammit, it’s she!

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