Kim Kardashian Didn’t Get Invited To Any Oscar Parties

Despite the fact that her butt actually did a pretty good job playing the Death Star in Rogue One, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West somehow didn’t get invited to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Or any of them, which is odd because it’s not like she’s Kim Kard- oh, wait, I see what’s happening here. Radar reports:

“They watched the show at home,” the source revealed. “Kim is often reminded that she is not a real star when she goes to any of these things, but she and Kanye really wanted to have a fun night out.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t her demon of a mother work the pre-show, and yes, she did. But all you’ll find there is a reason why the sun has been shrouded in darkness for the next thousand years:

Though she covered the red carpet for E!, the reality matriarch made a major faux pas by not knowing anything about the stars’ ACLU blue ribbons — and as Radar reported, she threw a fit off-camera.
“Kris accused producers of trying to sabotage her,” source said. “She will likely not be asked to work the pre-show again!”

This has been a post about how everyone hates the Kardashians, and they’ll never be fully accepted in Hollywood despite wanting to so, so badly. Kris Jenner performed rituals and everything.

“Mom, why is there an exam table with stirrups in your office, and a hair doll of Mel Gibson in your hand?”
“Jesus, I’ll go eat a salad or something.”

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