Even Kim Kardashian’s Giant Breasts Can’t Believe This Terror Gap Shit

In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, activist Igor Volsky spent yesterday calling out every horseshit Republican senator offering up “thoughts and prayers” – the preferred “Fuck You” of right-wing Christianity – even though they’d taken money from the NRA to vote against blocking suspects on terror watch lists from buying guns because they’re the party who’s tough on about terrorism. Not like those pussy liberals who don’t want terrorists to buy guns, those pussies.

You see, if everyone can buy a gun, then everyone needs a gun to protect themselves from everyone everywhere. That’s just good business. Except when even Kim Kardashian can figure out what you’re doing is turning America into a goddamn shooting gallery, then I dunno, probably nothing. I don’t know why I’m acting like this matters.

Maybe when people stop watching you and your shithouse family on reality TV and/or looking at your big, fat, giant breasts on celebrity gossip sites? Wait.

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Photos: AKM-GSI