Kim Kardashian ‘Should Say Something’ About Montana Fishburne

When Montana Fishburne announced she made a porno because that’s how Kim Kardashian got famous, pretty much everyone reacted with, “Eh. Makes sense.” Now Bonnie Fuller of Hollywood Life is calling for Kim to come forward and speak out/lie about sex tapes before others follow in her footsteps. FOX 411 reports:

“I think Kim should say something. I don’t think she was happy about her sex video being released publicly and the reality is porn is not a career that is empowering. …. I think that Kim as a role model has a duty to speak out here and say this isn’t a valid career choice.”
Kardashian’s camp had no comment.

Two things:

1. You don’t work for E!, Bonnie. You’re allowed to say Kim released the sex tape herself and the plan worked perfectly. It’s quite liberating.
2. Of course Kim’s camp won’t comment. That just opens up an opportunity for more people to realize sex tapes don’t get distributed without the consent of both parties and completely shoots down her whole victim storyline. If she didn’t release it, the entire Internet wouldn’t be forced to see her giant ass everywhere they look. Which I’m still trying to decide is a good or a bad thing. I’ll require further study.

All that aside, guess who couldn’t wait for an opportunity to shove her face in the press to make a comment:

But “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Staub, who was caught in her own sex tape scandal in June when castmates accused her of leaking her own tape, has plenty to say, and she has issued a plea to Montana.
“I am already famous from being part of ‘RHONJ’ and my sex tape did nothing but hurt me. To anyone who is 19 and thinks he or she has it all figured out, please sweetie, think again,” Staub told “It is going to do nothing for you at 19 than hurt the rest of your life. Become famous the way your destiny permits you to. It will hurt the people who love you and it will hurt you in the end.”

Yes, take advice from a woman with square tits who still couldn’t get famous after everyone saw her naked. She’s like sex tape Kryptonite. To prove my theory, just by Danielle mentioning the name Montana, no less than 500 dudes just immediately lost their erections while watching her porno. In fact, I’d even go so far to say some watched their penises turn inward and become vaginas if I’m doing the math right.

Photos: Pacific Coast News