Kim Kardashian Was Poison Ivy

October 31st, 2011 // 36 Comments

Like every reality star trying to whore a dollar out of 15 cents this weekend, Kim Kardashian – sans Kris Humphries, of course – hosted her own Halloween party in New York Saturday night and showed up as Batman villain Poison Ivy. Which makes all kinds of sense once you realize urine is a natural remedy for poison ivy outbreaks. Clears it right up, according to the Google search I did five minutes ago just to make a pee joke. I’m very professional.

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  1. Balls McDicktug

    drip drip drip

  2. Burt

    “Which makes all kinds of sense once you realize urine is a natural remedy for poison ivy outbreaks. Clears it right up, according to the Google search I did five minutes ago just to make a pee joke.”

    Funniest quip you’ve written in a long, way too long, time.

  3. Poison Ivy League

    She will definitely make your crotch itch.

  4. ace11


    did she let some black guy pee on her also?

  5. aaw

    Blahh blah blah who cares!

  6. Gerald Tarrant

    Never trust a big butt and a smile…oh wait, wrong Poison.

  7. Deacon Jones

    She probably grabbed the first 4 brothas she could find, yanked them behind the building and demanded they all did a circle jerk on her.

    “He’s going to be here later on, hurry up!”

  8. Kim Kardashian Poison Ivy Halloween Costume
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    She ain’t no ginger.

  9. Who the Fuck Said I Said That?

    No Costume ever covers the fact that she’s dressed as a giant fat ass.

  10. If she wore nothing but green bodypaint, she could have been a python that just swallowed Khloe.

  11. Karen

    Either way…get too close and end up with a nasty rash.

  12. PU

    I’ll bet the farts that come out of her ass are simply wretched.

    She reminds me of a Redbone in that get up.

    • Richard McBeef

      It can take up to three or four years for farts to make their way between her ass cheeks to the escape into the open air.

      • kimmykimkim

        It’s a lot like astronomy. By the time the light from a star reaches us, it may already be dead. So the farts we smell today are really from about 5 years ago. Same. Exact. Thing.

  13. Ay Dios mio

    Nope. No irony here. Kim Kardashian as 100% natural Poison Ivy.

  14. Tristyn

    Xtra strength prescription is required.proceed w/caution!!!!!

  15. Like we needed any more reasons to associate Kim with itchy rash and blisters?

  16. Ho ho ho, Green Giant!

  17. Nixed

    Holy shit, she looks like peg bundy.

  18. How many acres of Amazon rain forest had to be denuded to get enough leaves to cover her ass? And you people just sit here making comments as if it’s all some sort of joke? Is global warming funny to you? Does the ozone hole amuse you?

  19. cc

    Part of her looks inflamed, and the other part looks gangrenous. Not much of a costume.

  20. TomFrank

    ♫ She’s pretty as a daisy
    But look out man, she’s crazy
    She’ll really do you in
    Unless she lets you pee on her skin

    Poison ivy, poison ivy… ♫

  21. mrsmass

    too bad she didn’t use real poison ivy leaves. and i doubt she knows about the comic book character. green was the only corset she had that wasn’t destroyed from previous wear.

  22. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    They always tell you not to wipe your ass with poison ivy, but they’ve never said anything about using it as a jit rag.

  23. Toby Weymiller

    She looks like somebody shit on her face.

  24. Kym & Kchloe Kardasian

    Lindsay lohan and her family are nothing but no class talentless trailer trash fame whores with absolutely no redeeming values whatsoever.

  25. samuel

    fat poison… thats what she is…

  26. Bob

    I’m not sure a rabid environmentalist like Poison Ivy would approve of someone made out of non-biodegradable plastic wearing her outfit.

  27. Alice Cooper

    Kim Kardashian was is Poison Ivy

  28. Kim Kardashian Poison Ivy Halloween Costume
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  29. Kim Kardashian Poison Ivy Halloween Costume
    Commented on this photo:

    for someone who filed for divorce the day before halloween and was supposedly so sad, she looks like she’s happy and having a good old time to me……again…..FAKE FAKE FAKE

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