Kim Kardashian Wants To Be The Mayor of Glendale Now. No, Really.

April 18th, 2012 // 52 Comments
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“Ms. Mayor, you meet with the Kiwanis Club at 10:15 and then the Jaycees at 11:30. Also, Mr. West called.”
“Did he seem upset?”
“A little.”
“I’ll let him pee on me tonight. Now let’s go make some laws!”

Because Kim Kardashian lives in California, she naturally assumes she can just waltz in and hold a political office like she’s buying a pair of shoes. And, again, because she lives in California, the city of Glendale is naturally going to entertain that thought. The LA Times reports:

“I decided I’m going to run for the mayor of Glendale,” Kardashian said, later clarifying that “it’s going to be in, like, five years.”
The reality star, who is currently a registered voter in the city of Los Angeles, said she would choose to run for office in Glendale “because it’s, like, Armenian town.” She said she needs to obtain residency in the city in order to run for the mayorship, adding that she and [her friend/campain manager] Keshishian are “looking into all the requirements.”

Two current Glendale city councilmen, in fact, have already thrown support behind Kardashian.
“I would support her,” Glendale City Councilman Rafi Manoukian told E! News. “I think she would make an excellent mayor.”
And City Councilman and former Mayor Ara Najarian told the Glendale News-Press that he has offered her the position of “honorary chief of staff” to give her a crash course on city matters.

While there’s some sort of commentary on the absolute horseshitness of local government in all this, let’s also be realistic and admit “Pisstown” does have a nice ring to it.

“So what are you doing this weekend?
“Oh, just taking to the kids to Pisstown.”
“Ooh, Pisstown! I hear it’s beautiful this time of year.”
“Just gorgeous. We go every year for the Piss Festival. The kids love it.”
“I beg my husband to go each year but he always says, ‘I didn’t fight in Nam to let no goddamn Sasquatch harborer turn a whole town into a urinal.’ You know how he is. So old fashioned.”
“Eh, he’ll come around.”

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  1. WhiteChick

    And Armageddon commences..

    • estella

      Why does anyone even support this mindless whore honestly for real mayor?? you might as well take the cities money and shred it cuz she will run this city into a shithole

  2. Yuuuuup

    The bubble these people live in is just fucking amazing.

  3. Release

    Oh, and the Glendale city councilmen who support her happen to have Armenian surnames. What a coincidence.

  4. Dude of Dudes

    A candidate who says “like” in sentences making campaign posters with her friend out of construction paper and tits. Obama, I hope you’re paying attention cause this is how you win elections.

  5. Bane

    There must be more black dick in Glendale than I thought….

  6. Kim Kardashian Running For Mayor Of Glendale
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:


  7. Kim Kardashian Running For Mayor Of Glendale
    Filthy Rich
    Commented on this photo:

    You’re all just jealous, she has it all and you have nothing.

    • JC

      If by “all” you mean “ass flesh,” you’re right. Why should she get to hoard it all? Some of the rest of us would like to sit comfortably.

    • El Jefe

      Shut up Meg..I mean Khloe.

      BTW, how many pounds of raw meat do they have to feed you everyday and are you shaved daily or twice a day and do you write off the 50 pounds of donated hair that they shave off everyday off your taxes?

    • FDrBn

      Maybe ‘filthy rich’ is defending her because she’s one of her relatives. In that case the name should have simply read ‘filthy’.

    • oifoivoia

      what does she have that we don t have ? Ah, yeah… a sex tape on the internet that made her famous. A show off family and a big foot sister… What a lucky woman ! …

    • Jennyenny

      What does this fatass/horseface grotesque skunk have? She is ugly,low,dumb and smells like burnt plastic.? People truly think she is a piss ass.

  8. Meh. California is already a basket case. She can’t do much more damage.

  9. Jack Ketch

    California isn’t a state … it’s an asylum for nutbars and wannabes anyways. I wanna be a an actor, I wanna be a singer … I didn’t wanna be a hooker! What a fucking AIRHEAD !!

  10. Kim Kardashian Running For Mayor Of Glendale
    Walter Cronkhite
    Commented on this photo:

    “Kim will surely win the mayoral race, now that Howard K Stern is providing the needed medications.”

  11. Go figure. You’d think she’d want to be mayor of Inglewood.

  12. Kim Kardashian Running For Mayor Of Glendale
    Commented on this photo:


  13. Kim can be the mayor of Glendale… depending on which way she faces— her ass can be the mayor of Burbank.

  14. vekfan

    She could end up your next president! God bless the USA! lmfao

  15. The Most Interesting

    Meh. Politics is basically one big urinal anyway.

    Meaning she was born for the job.

  16. FDrBn

    Moments like these make me glad that I’m not a U.S citizen. I hope this is a pathetic joke for media-whore press.

  17. Wet Monkey

    She’ll sell her soul for money. Will say anything for money. Has no self control when comes to spending. Has no problem with manipulation and betrayal. Has genuine hatred for any class other than the 1%. She IS a politician. Go for it girl, you’ll fit right in.

  18. sheila

    eh, I don’t think she’s being very serious about it. probably another PR stunt so that people will keep talking about her (and it worked).

  19. dooood

    fun fact: 100% of armenian surnames end with —-ian.

  20. Y’know, she’s THIRTY ONE FUCKING YEARS OLD. And the “tee hee, I want to do this zany thing now!” airhead shit that might have assed, I mean passed, for “cute” a decade ago is now woefuly past its sell-by date.

  21. west

    Pmk and Gaycrest waited for Oj to go to prison before the launched this pack of whores on America. They didnt want to exploit the murder notoriety with Oj free. With him out of the picture they were free to firmly plant their flag on the dead bodies- staking their claim so to speak.

  22. Juano

    Being mayor of Glendale would really inhibit her ability to do other things, like shill diet pills, so she likely won’t do it. And if she does, so what? Idiots have been mayors or governors before, like Sonny Bono or Jesse Ventura; she probably wouldn’t be worse them they were, although her mom would probably try to sell a TV show based on it….”Keeping up with the Kandidate”

  23. El Jefe

    I wonder if the two Armenian councilmen realize she does not sleep with Armenian men so kissing her ass is a waste of time.

  24. I’d rather see her open a PiPi’s SplashTown franchise.

  25. Bonky

    Can you imagine a town voting for her for mayor with the background she has. Who put this into her tiny mind ? I’m guessing her mother has sights set on the Whitehouse and this is they way to get started.

  26. Kim Kardashian Running For Mayor Of Glendale
    Commented on this photo:

    If you don’t believe Kim Kardashian is going to be elected Mayor of Glendale and then go on be a Congresswoman of California then you are even dumber than we all thought you were.

  27. Frankw

    No, no. Everyone misunderstood. What she said was, she has an ass like a mare. Totally different thing…

  28. Kim Kardashian Running For Mayor Of Glendale
    Commented on this photo:

    Amusing article until you get to the part where people already in council are already supporting her. Remind me never to move there.

  29. Archie Leach

    You people are so weak: Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Kuntrashian is as good as mayor.

  30. anonym

    she wants to be, like, the mayor of glendale.

    she has, like, no talent or qualifications to be mayor.

  31. april

    i’m not going to be like, “omg i h8 themz!” because i love the kardashians for entertainment. but politically? for real? uhh…i have enough problems in the state of indiana

  32. Yoyoma

    Relax. Even if she does by some miracle become mayor, it’ll just be entirely for profit/her show and she’ll quit after 72 days.

  33. Kim Kardashian Running For Mayor Of Glendale
    Heechul's Yeojachingoo
    Commented on this photo:

    Her plastic face looks pretty goofy here.

  34. The people are stupid enough to vote for this useless cunt.

  35. America trasheap

    She is an
    ugly horseface ,but no offense to real horses.

  36. America trasheap

    Since when is a butterface mindless,uncreative,sleazeball a role model?

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