Kim Kardashian is Pretending To Be Pregnant

Seen here eating Ben & Jerry’s in Paris today (These are for you, Mel. You earned ‘em.), Kim Kardashian is reportedly dropping hints that she’s pregnant and was spotted buying pregnancy tests in London, according to Life & Style:

Her cravings have gone into overdrive. While Kim had recently started the Sunfare meal plan to keep her weight in check, she suspiciously ditched the diet earlier this week to indulge in heavy carbs. Continuing these new eating habits, she was spotted leaving dinner at L’Ami Louis, a French bistro known for generous portions, on Sept. 15 and stopped for ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s in the City of Light on Sept. 16.
The Keeping Up With the Kardashians vixen is also admittedly emotional: She cried while watching Shrek on her flight to London and has been expressing how much she’s missing her loved ones.
“God gives you what you need, not what you want,” she cryptically wrote on Sept. 14, “and sometimes more than you ever dreamed of.”

Jesus Christ. Here we go again. Is it Provide an Easy Out for Celebrities Too Lazy To Go To The Gym Because Ice Cream is Yum Yum Day? I’m serious, just like Jessica Simpson, everyone jumps to the conclusion that Kim has to be pregnant because she quit her diet after two whole days. There can’t possibly be any other explanation like, say, she’s an over-entitled celebrity who doesn’t feel like she should have to work for anything and released a sex tape to get famous instead of honing any type of talent. No, definitely not that. Gotta be babies.

Photos: Splash News