Kim Kardashian Dedicated ‘Whip It’ To Demi Moore At Elton John’s Oscar Party

Apparently Kim Kardashian is still salty about the time Demi Moore called her out for using the word pimp on Twitter which is surprising considering it got Kim’s name in the press, her entire reason for living. Anyway, Kim decided to be a bitch about it if you believe this report from Janet Charlton’s Hollywood which I’ll explain why I don’t:

At Elton John’s party Kim was heard making fun of the fact that Demi was caught doing drugs with much younger friends -“she called ME immature!” Kim laughingly requested a song “dedicated to Demi” – the song was Devo’s “Whip It!”

Granted, Kim has already issued a denial which would normally mean this absolutely happened, here’s why I don’t think it did: Shit’s way too clever. If there’s one thing the Kardashians aren’t, it’s clever. Sneaky, manipulative hosebags who’ll do anything for a buck, yes. Clever, fuck no. Case in point: They tried to pretend a Wookiee is one of them and a girl at that. “Pretend it’s my son? Oh, no, no, we’ll just slap some make-up on its fur. I’m Kris Jenner: Business Geni- Wait, is that a stray penis? Hold my calls.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty, Splash News, WENN