Today’s Links Brought to You By Kim Kardashian’s Fake Tears

I don’t know why Kim Kardashian is crying in these photos. Maybe she had one too many Tummy Teas and her ass is on fire, I don’t know because I don’t care. If you do care and want to find out why Kim is looking especially terrifying today, you should click here… or don’t. Still don’t care.


The bombshell exposé on Harvey Weinstein will be the second hurricane Harvey we’ve had this year and this one will be a lot more handsy. [TMZ]

Iggy Azalea burnt a hole in her AmEx and is in a ton of debt. [Celebuzz]

Netflix subscriptions are going up this year because they’re printing money over there these days. [Variety]

I don’t buy this story, but I guess Ben Affleck is talking about how he can go to rehab whenever he feels like it. [Celebitchy]

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is ruining another movie with science and logic and smart people talk. [PageSix]

The Sex and the City cast are pulling out the claws on each other now that the movie ship has sailed. [EvilBeet]

Beyoncé without pants… kinda. [US Weekly]

Velcro is pissed that people can’t recognize the difference between velcro and knockoff velcro shit — I don’t even know. [Warpedspeed]