Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Care About Armenian People

April 12th, 2011 // 101 Comments

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian made a huge hubbub about Cosmopolitan featuring her on the cover of their Turkish edition (above) during the same month the Armenian genocide – committed 100 years ago by the Turks – is remembered by her people. Except if you thought the outrage had anything to do with a serious ethnic issue and nothing to do with promoting her new shoot with Cosmo, congratulations, you live a blissfully ignorant existence that allows you to believe reality shows is real life happening on your TV. Sometimes twice in one week! “How do they know to do the same exact stuff?!” you probably ask. TMZ reports:

Kim Kardashian is a woman of forgiveness — TMZ has learned she’s already agreed to do a brand new photo shoot for Cosmo … putting aside her problems with the mag after they splashed her picture on the cover of the Turkish version.
Sources close to Kim tell us she struggled with the decision to work with Cosmo again — because even though she has an “amazing relationship” with the magazine … she’s very passionate about her Armenian heritage.

COSMO: Hey, sorry about the whole Turkey thing, but we’re hoping you’ll agree to anoth-
KIM: I’m in.
COSMO: Wow. Just like that? You don’t want to think about it? Maybe search your conscience? Have some sort of internal conflict?
KIM: Will my face be on the cover?
KIM: I’m in.
COSMO: Okay, then. So listen, it’ll probably be in our Turkey edition again…
KIM: Uh huh. Do I get paid now or after the shoot?

(How that happened.)

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    • Sharon

      The Turks DID in fact commit genocide…….I have many relatives who lived to tell about it. 1.5 million people were killed (my own grandfather and his brothers were lined up against a wall to be executed by the Turks, my grandmother and her sisters were also on a death march where she recalled seeing bodies lying on the side of the road)….so no, it is not “made up” – there are many Armenians who have similar stories.

      • wut

        old people like telling stories…where are the graves of 1.5 million people. In order to kill that many people, the Ottoman state would need the capability larger than any Nazi German concentration camp. The Nazis had the benefits of heavy rail, mechanized transport, engineering and well trained troops. The ottomans had none of these 30 years before the Nazis and yet they somehow were able to accomplish such a feat without leaving any trace. Armenian old people have some imagination.

      • Baby K

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    • Nomad

      I…don’t…CARE about that!! She’s built like a goddess and if she were my girlfriend her brainlessness would only make it easier for me to convince her to try more positions! Plus she’d be vapid enough to be impressed when I buy her expensive gifts. Hey, as long as I’m imagining I’m dating her I might as well make me a trillionaire I’m at it…

      • Burt

        “where are the graves of 1.5 million people”

        They are there. The location of some is very well known. I come across quite a few mass graves in my research in Northeast Asia. So, trust me when the tell-tale signs would very easy to spot for an archeologist (depression in the ground or a mound, discoloration on the surface…and that’s without even pulling out the equipment).

        I’ve seen video of one of these mass graves in Turkey were so many Armenian victims were buried that bone fragments are laying on top of the sand. Digging just an inch into the sand turns up even more.

  1. jess87

    It was not a genocide… it was forced migration during a civil war in the Ottoman Empire… She is clearly very well informed on matters of history.

    • A forced migration from life to death, yes.

      • wut

        Armenian militias took up arms and sided with the Russians against the Ottoman state. It was an armed uprising that was brutally crushed with many atrocities commuted by both Turks and Aremenians/Russians. It was not the one-sided story you year about in the media.

    • lol hope you’re joking. massacring a million people is pretty much genocide

      • wut

        unless the other side is pointing guns at you and killing civilians.

      • please you sound like the israelis trying to justify bulldozing an entire state cos a few people launched rockets to protest… israel bulldozing an entire state cos of a few people launching rockets to protest…

      • wut

        no the problem is that the Armenian story has been told by a Western, Christian society that were the victors in WWI as a means to demonize the Ottoman state and as punishment against the new Turkish state for not rolling over to Western demands. Please read up on history and don’t take all your information from sound bites on the evening news. There is simply very little evidence that supports Armenian genocide – that is mass extermination sponsored by the state. Don’t equate localizes atrocities (rapant in WW1 also by Allies) with genocide.

      • wut

        Apparently 1+ million people were killed, yet there are no mass graves documented by academic research studies. You only see blurry pictures of unverified locations on Armenian news sites. If 1 million people are killed, where is the physical evidence? No UN or multinational academic study has published information about supposed mass graves even in locations where Armenians say this happened.

      • good point. where are the ten dead jews in germany. or million ethnic albanians in bosnia, or million dead in darfur. must be more jew lies from the liberal media

      • oops meant ten MILLION jews… and twelve millian russians for that matter

    • Lara

      Why do so many people try to prove that genocide is some kind of a western/jewish/media etc lie? Even after plentiful proof indicating otherwise…

      • Moi

        Because they’d rather live in denial then accept that humans are capable of such cruelty.

      • wut

        There are mass grave sites in Europe containing the remains of 10,000+ people (jews, poles, etc). There are no mass graves sites in Turkey or Armenian. A killing of 1+ million people leaves unmistakable traces…you cannot simply vanish that many corpses. The Nazis had a very organized system for genocide on the Jews and even they could not destroy the evidence. Yet the Ottomans 30 years earlier were able to accomplish this without any of the technology the Germans had? Quite unlikely. The Armenian genocide claims quickly fall apart when you consider the scale of the problem.

      • Burt


        It is a well documented fact. Heck, the Young Turks were even put on trial by the Turkish government for the massacre of Greeks and Armenians.

    • blabla

      “launching rockets to protest”? that is how you call firing a rocket on a school bus?
      And does stabbing sleeping babies to death is also just a protest?

    • blabla

      That is because terror organizations using those places to fire rockets.
      Israel is not trying to harm civilians, only to protect its civilians.
      It is a complicated situation, and you see only one side of it.

    • kt

      Um … I know several Turkish historians and they are in complete agreement that it was indeed a genocide. This is not an invention of the Christian West.

      • Sailor

        Well, my family is all Armenian and my great-grandparents all survivors of the genocide. My grandmother was part of the “migration” as you so ignorantly call it. A migration that ended in the execution of millions of people, including a majority of my family. Forced with machine guns from their home…my great grandfather executed in fromt of his children, great grandmother raped and beaten and left to die. Oh yeah…wut…you seem to know what you are talking about. Lemme guess, drinking some of the Turkish Koolaid??

    • nat

      wow, you have no idea what you’re talking about do you?
      check your facts before you insult a nation
      people like you disgust me
      and im SURE kim kardashian is very informed on matters of history…dating back to, umm 3 weeks ago. how thoughtful of her

    • Burt

      Mass migration for the purpose of causing death is still genocide. And, the mass graves and the well recorded executions suggest that it wasn’t simply a mass migration as you suggest.

    • rob

      your an ignorant idiot! knowledge is key before speaking !

  2. Kim Kardashian Turkish Cosmo
    Commented on this photo:

    I can’t wait until Commodus releases the lions. They’re going to have the feast of a decade.

  3. “Um, when you really think about it, sometimes the term ‘genocide’ is thrown around a little too liberally, you know?”

  4. wut

    So let me get this straight. A Turkish magazine publishes a cover featuring a prominent Armenian celebrity…and somehow Armenians are outraged by this? Oh wait, that’s because it doesnt fit in with the Armenian political narrative about how they suffer so much under the Turks. These people will do anything for attention.

    • jess87

      Its pathetic…

    • They’ll play politics for attention? The savages. You sure wouldn’t see that in the US. Not no way, not no how.

    • Karen

      We not only suffered, but were slaughtered by the Turks beginning in the 1890′s. It’s called “genocide”. I lost two aunts, a great grandmother, and many other relatives – something not to forget – ever!

  5. Jeebs

    It is widely acknowledged to have been one of the first modern genocides, as scholars point to the systematic, organized manner in which the killings were carried out to eliminate the Armenians, and it is the second most-studied case of genocide after the Holocaust. The word genocide was coined in order to describe these events.

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down with that book-learnin’, guppy. Take a big huff from this paper bag over here and see some history for yourself.

  6. adolf hitler

    she better hurry up n do a bunch of nude shit, with some really nasty naked posing, because that body is gonna go in about 5 years.

  7. jojo

    A hot, steamy, yellow, asparagus scented stream into the face of this Armenian urinal is the only true way for KK to pay tribute to her heritage. Oh wait, been there, done that.

  8. Dan

    I still don’t understand what the problem is … she is on the cover of a magazine of something that happened 100 years ago? I mean it is bad… but it is not like she is responsible for the events of 100 years ago.

    Why would that cause a problem with anyone? I don’t get it.

    • Please, do you really think she gives a fuck about being on a Turkish Cosmo? Like Fish states,” Where’s my cut for being on that cover Bitches?

    • kt

      Because the govt of Turkey STILL refuses to admit it committed genocide (unlike Germany), and I do believe there was recent talk of deporting all Armenians.

      • Maz

        Not only they refuse to acknowledge the Armenian genocide, they are slaughtering the Kurds and no one seems to care.

  9. Kim Kardashian Turkish Cosmo
    Commented on this photo:

    Behold the latest addition to “Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum at King Tut’s Tomb” at the Luxor in Las Vegas. (It’s so lifelike!)

  10. Deryn

    La la la la la I do not hear political debate on Superfish la la la la

  11. The Critical Crassness

    Seriously? Kim Kardashian can’t even spell political let alone be political. This is just another instance of a boob talking!

  12. Inmate 12236969

    Who gives a shit of who killed who we just know the French will surrender! Now let’s get serious I’d fuck Kim just to say I did it.

  13. get real

    Kim Kardashian cares about no one other than Kim Kardashian, unless it’s a black guy that’s willing to pee on her.

  14. Kelley

    Interesting shit … a nearly-flat Kim Kardashian. Remember that pic she posted of herself saying “I’ve been a c-cup since age 14″ ? Well, she wasn’t 14 and the boobs in that photo look fake, too, lol :D

  15. ahole

    Kim and I have something in common. I don’t care about Armenians either.

  16. justice

    The fact of the matter is, this is turkish propaganda, their way of saying to the armenian people that they’re still denying the genocide this april. they are really rubbing salt in the wounds as the article was. more to the point, putting her image without her knowing on the cover of turkish cosmo is not just a coincidence that its a few weeks from april 24th.

    kim is not the subject of importance here, the turkish denial and propaganda efforts are. who gives a shit about kim anyway, she just has breasts and these days it seems they are all you need to be popular.

    • can’t say i entirely blame the denial–we know how WWI reparations panned out for germany.. but some of this is just pure unadulterated jingoism.

      americans are every bit as bad. look at how we lift up the military like they’re holier than thou. completely disregarding the opportunity cost (12 billion borrowed from china ev month to pay for the current wars could have gone a loooong way at home), and ignorant that the military is also the largest reason oil prices are so high (the PENTAGON consumes more oil than all but 35 countries of the world), and they’re also the worst co2 producer on earth (so bad they forced an exemption from kyoto). you get the point..

      people really need to get away from tv and LEARN how to research truth on their own.

  17. Richard McBeef

    normally I’m not down with genocide, but if they would have done a better job then we wouldn’t have to see/hear those Kunts. It’s all about the sacrifice of a few for the good of many.

  18. Clarence Beeks

    she is a fucking HYPOCRITE.

  19. Milanja

    I’m sorry, but Kim Kardashian isn’t even Armenian. She is American. She was not born there, does not live there, does not speak the language… It bothers me when people say that they’re whatever nationality their (great)grandparents were.

  20. zomgbie

    its a fugly photo and a fugly cover.
    of course the fugly fame whore will find some way of excusing cosmo if they want to pay her more $$ and put her fugly picture on another fugly cover.

  21. right

    Lets forget about all the ugliness of the past and get back to pee’n on her. Remember she’s a urinal that likes piss in her mouth.

  22. Kim Kardashian Turkish Cosmo
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks exactly like her mother!

  23. Fuckin’ ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!


  24. anonymoose

    Yes, i am “amazed” she has a relationship with the magazine…because she is neither “cosmo” nor “politan.” So just don’t buy any commodity offering a kardashian for sale! Maybe then they’ll go away and stop earning gazillions of dollars. They do not deserve our attention.

  25. Kamrynne


  26. In Kim’s defense, she thought the “Turkey Edition” was the one that comes out in November.

  27. Sid

    She should be grateful she gets magazine offers. All she has to offer is her plastic body, big hips, girdle butt, botox and filler face. I prefer Discover and Times magazine

  28. Lianna

    I cannot believe how ignorant people are! I am Armenian and my grandparents were able to escape the horrors of the GENOCIDE! Yes, people, it was a genocide where 1.5 million Armenians (the first Christians in the world) were massacred. They were led to walk for hundreds of miles with no water til they died; they were thrown into huge pits alive and lit on fire; pregnant women had their babies cut out of them; they decapitated thousands of Armenians and put their heads on sticks. My great-uncle, a brilliant physicist who was there wrote books with photos I will never get out of my mind. Do you blame the f*ing Turks for not accepting what they did? They are BARBARIANS! I will never speak to a Turk for what they did. Kim is a total moron…. The Armenian Genocide was the first genocide of the 20th century. I am tired of all the propaganda about the Jews. Yes, it was horrible and my good friends are Jews, but please…. this happened!!!!!!!!! Get with it people!

    • maddy

      You sound like a brainwashed moron. It is sad that you let your ethnic hatred towards Turks blind you from the truth.

    • kt

      I am Armenian, and my grandparents and their family also suffered as a result of the genocide.

      You cannot blame every single person of Turkish descent for the genocide; you can blame political individuals who continue to deny and persecute Armenians, but simply refusing to interact with all Turkish people is really not fair or logical.

    • Jovy

      Lianna is the new dunce that often lurks the superficial from time to time, pay her no mind.

      • Lianna

        F you…. apparently you are not of Armenian descent seeing millions of your people murdered and not having it even recognized! It is not in the history books, children are not taught the truth. So, shut the fuck up as you are very ignorant and do not care about the genocide. And, obviously, I do not blame every Turk for what happened.

        Pay no mind to Jovy and Maddy for they are ignorant and do not know (nor care about) the Armenians who are the most educated, humble and smart.

  29. ahole

    Is this issue scratch and sniff?

  30. xenith

    Christ she looks like her mother in that shot

  31. ahole

    Let’s all go on to an Armenian forum and talk about Kim Kardashian.

  32. ahole

    She has her mother’s taint.

  33. Lentil

    Did she forget that her mother is…uh, not Armenian?

  34. Liliy

    She looks more and more like her mother every day.

  35. Zee

    I don’t get what the drama is all about, it doesn’t even look like her on the cover.

  36. the captain

    sorry folks: I’M THE ONE FOR HER………..

  37. So Gunlugu Tutun means giant ass in Turkish right?

  38. I shudder to think of what sex tips they offer in the Turkish edition of Cosmo…

  39. the captain

    donald (duck)-trump for president?

  40. jonasarc

    what genocide? hasnt that already be proven to be wrong?? dumbo KK making a fool of herself again

  41. Jeanne

    “Kim” Kardashian was born in October 21, 1980 in an American family. She is a television personality, actress, model, and recording artist.

    I love Kim Kardashian.

  42. Sabinal

    I actually studied the studied this stuff…man, y’all sound like you’r BOASTING about your ancestors’ pain. This is KIM KARDASHIAN we’re talking about for goodness sake!!! Waste your time on the Turkish govt not her!!!

  43. mightycheese

    KIM KARDASH….She doesn’t deserve to use the IAN. I am sure that some of her paternal ancestors would have something different to say about her lackadaisical attitude towards being on the cover of the Turkish Cosmo. Fucking bitch.

    • anahit

      Entire world even knows that you changed your modern Turkish history, in order to cover up your shameful pass….Hundred and hundred years you were burning, destroying, stealing, civilized Christian people’s historical treasures, cultures young girls and boys, forcing them to be converd from Christian to Muslim. Even your modern Turkish history is lie, which is another crime. Hey, who are you?????????????????????????

  44. Maxi

    it wasnt genocide ..armenians were backstabbing Ottoman Empire…they took part with Russians and attacked many Turkish villages that they used to live in peace for years..If turks were so evil why didnt they force them to change their religion in the first place etc to take away their identity like any other countries we call Western countries now that had so many colonies all around the world(France, England etc)..amost every country in europe wanted a piece of land from Ottoman Empire..and of course armenians took part with them and killed so many Turks.So i dont understand how people can be so stupid to call this genocide…they were immigrated…bec they were doing Turks harm than help in war…Ottoman was busy fighting with other countries…why would they care about Armenians?…they just left the war and wanted to kill 1.5 millions of Armenians?…that is just bullshit i am sorry…if these Armenians read some history they would see how how crap those stories are…and there is no evidence of genocide…bec there isnt one..

    The other thing i dont understand is…Khloe Kardashian also came to İstanbul last summer for the Basketball World Cup Kim…they even know there is no genocide…they would be scared to come and hang here if they would think that way.

    • anahit

      Actually Armenians trying to throw(YOU) Turks, the barbarian/Mongol/ Tatarians out from their homelands and to send them back where they belong to, where they came from, because, simply we didn’t have, and we don’t have any common thing with them, not language, not religion, not culture, not customs, not resembles, nothing at all, and they didn’t and don’t have up-until now any qualification in order to control Armenians, Greeks or other civilized Christian nations………………………and whoever in Turky has big brown, green or blue eye with fair skin their ancectors either Armenian, Greek, Assyrian, Italian or other European Christian nation. Turks murched to Armenian homeland a couple of hundred years ago from Central Asia, from Mongolia, they are sipley Mongol/Tatarians, with narrow eyes like Chinese or Mongolians, yellow skin, rest go and figure it out…………………

  45. shouldbestudying

    Of course she doesn’t give a shit about the genocide!! She’s a self-centred spoiled american slut. We all know she isn’t worth shit.

  46. Kim Kardashian Turkish Cosmo
    Commented on this photo:

    she is not interested that. bec it s not true. it s not real. its lie. come and see the armenian people in turkey. than say that lies.. read the real story. not asking people who is nat interesten his or her country history. they always say lie,always,every year…must be an ugly people to believe that armenian genocide…

  47. Kim Kardashian Turkish Cosmo
    Commented on this photo:

    how unfortunate to be a turk, reviled by so many, ignorant of world history;
    1.5 MILLION ARMENIANS WERE MURDERED BY TURKS in the first modern genocide. You have only to look in your own mirror to see an ugly person. I guess that’s why you’re caught checking out Kim KardashIAN’s pic, huh? Such an ugly person, yeah right!

    • turk

      you fully a big lier like who believe this lie…bec of beeing stupid and ugly…i m sorry you re a big ugly in the cosmos… :D

    • aivaz

      You’re a psychopathic, ultranationalist, fascist person like all Armenians are. You are delusional concerning everything that is related to Turkey, or the Turks. You can identify yourself as an Armenian just thanks to the so-called Armenian Genocide, you have nothing else in your culture to have an Armenian identity. If you keep insisting on making Turkey recognize a genocide, what about your nasty, cruel atrocities committed against the Khodjaly Turks, which is called Khodjaly Genocide? Mexico, and Colombia recognized the Khodjaly Genocide, also will Hungary, Turkey, and many others do. Just accept that fucking crime you murderer, ugly Armenians!

  48. Peter

    Don’t care you call it genocide or not, or whatever. It is the problem of lawyers and politicians how to name it . One thing I know, my grabdpa’s village was burnt together with inhabitants by turkish soldiers in the territory of modern day Armenia which, at least for me, proves that the aim was not “relocation” of Armenians within than Ottoman Empire, as the turkish government claims, but total destruction of Armenian population in the region. Some Armenians go too far and hate every single turk. Probably it is because of the hopelessness of the situation. Also cynical responses of some ignorant people (mostly of turkish origin) fuel the hatred.
    Armenians were forced to flee and they see how their children are assimilating and becoming like Kim. Very sad. Pls have a respect and don’t be too cynical in your responses.

  49. carla

    Who the hell cares…Kim acts like she is a real armenian FOB..and it happened to her. Actually that was the past and its like the jews still hating the germans for what one evil man who wasnt even German did to them. Lets MOVE ON!!! I can see armenian natives being a little uncomfortable against the turks but what the hell does this girl care. WHy hate a country that probably has nothing against Armenians now?? To make this a big deal like Khloe did on the show is ridiculous!! GENOCIDE happened like 100 years ago get over it.

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