Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Care About Armenian People

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian made a huge hubbub about Cosmopolitan featuring her on the cover of their Turkish edition (above) during the same month the Armenian genocide – committed 100 years ago by the Turks – is remembered by her people. Except if you thought the outrage had anything to do with a serious ethnic issue and nothing to do with promoting her new shoot with Cosmo, congratulations, you live a blissfully ignorant existence that allows you to believe reality shows is real life happening on your TV. Sometimes twice in one week! “How do they know to do the same exact stuff?!” you probably ask. TMZ reports:

Kim Kardashian is a woman of forgiveness — TMZ has learned she’s already agreed to do a brand new photo shoot for Cosmo … putting aside her problems with the mag after they splashed her picture on the cover of the Turkish version.
Sources close to Kim tell us she struggled with the decision to work with Cosmo again — because even though she has an “amazing relationship” with the magazine … she’s very passionate about her Armenian heritage.

COSMO: Hey, sorry about the whole Turkey thing, but we’re hoping you’ll agree to anoth-
KIM: I’m in.
COSMO: Wow. Just like that? You don’t want to think about it? Maybe search your conscience? Have some sort of internal conflict?
KIM: Will my face be on the cover?
KIM: I’m in.
COSMO: Okay, then. So listen, it’ll probably be in our Turkey edition again…
KIM: Uh huh. Do I get paid now or after the shoot?

(How that happened.)

Photos: Getty