‘Please Be Quiet Around My Tits And My Baby. My Tits And My Baby Need Silence.’

June 25th, 2014 // 43 Comments
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Because Kim Kardsashian is a vacuous leather couch who demands constant attention, she wheeled her supposedly sleeping baby (and see-through tits) through LAX instead of sending it ahead with the nanny who nobody would’ve recognized and could’ve easily got the kid in a car. Except the paparazzi that Kris Jenner called in advance were promised Kim with North West for their cooperation which is why she felt extremely comfortable demanding silence in one of the busiest goddamn airports in America. Except here’s the amazing part: They actually listened. Because if they didn’t, they wouldn’t get the next call, and they know for a fact complete fucking idiots will gladly pay for pics of Kim’s- GODDAMMIT! Alright, new plan: When they find my body at the shooting range in a hour, tell them I had a wife and Leonardo DiCaprio banged her. It’ll be funny, trust me. *searches for keys*

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  1. Ewww. She is still orange. Why?

  2. Kim Kardashian Cleavage See-Through North West
    Commented on this photo:

    The bigger story here is that she’s totally one of those Japanese robot women. Or her face has been 100% shellacked.

    • There has been zero facial expressions lately – zero. She looks catatonic, something like an Oxy addict. Weird. No personality whatsoever and a black soul. I’m also convinced those two had that baby for the cash opps – sad. Really fucking sad.

      • JC

        We can’t rule out the following possibilities:

        1. They’re both too stupid to figure out any form of birth control.
        2. Pimp Mama sabotaged whatever BC they were using.
        3. They tragically but sincerely believe they’ll be good parents and not raise a kid that will end up as a junkie prostitute or, worse, a reality show “star.”

    • cc

      She’s really doing a good job screwing up her face. She’s going to look like a freak sooner rather than later.

  3. Cock Dr

    It’s so lifelike but obviously the team of wax techs the ass size considerably; can’t see much of it here in any of these shots.

  4. anonymous

    The fake tan isn’t do her any favors mixed with all that botox. She looks like a goldfish.

  5. Media Takeout has some close-ups of the baby carriage and the only thing inside it are a few ROLLED UP TOWELS. Yeah, Fat Kim brought an empty carriage to the airport and then demanded silence.

  6. OK, Fish, I have an offer for you. If you can find it in your heart to stop posting any pictures of, news items for, or refrerences to this profane caricature of the female form and any of her related ilk for one month, I will begin to randomly click the ads and/or referral links on your site on every visit throughout that ban period. This will not only increase your revenue, but undoubtedly reduce your costs, as I’m sure the pricing for KK’s photos are as bloated as her implanted ass. We can use this as a test case for a Kardashian-free/guiltless business model. What do you say? Anyone else willing to take the click pledge with me?

  7. CuriousTroll

    Needs more nose job because not enough.

    • That’s the result of at least 3 different surgeries, plus philtrum surgery to elongate the area underneath her nose. It’s over-done and so is her mother’s. Fug, just FUG.

  8. Kim Kardashian Cleavage See-Through North West
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s looking more and more like a wax replica

  9. “Because Kim Kardsashian is a vacuous leather couch who demands constant attention”

    That is funny. +1

  10. RayJ

    mmm…come here my sexy piss-pot

  11. RobinHoodrat

    At least those boobs aren’t the ones sleeping.

    • She seems to be revealing more cleavage since her wedding and I think when she does, a tape cassette starts running in her head that says, “Look what my kid gets to suck, and YOU don’t!”

  12. you know, absolutely no fucking doubt, that she’s constantly staring at pictures of herself, so how does SHE NOT SEE how horrendous she looks!!??? just fucking GHASTLY.

  13. Robb7

    Still waiting for some gun nut to do the right thing!

    • I truly think that will happen. I’ve been surprised that the school shootings have gone on this long. Those kids want to go out during something infamous. How long til they realize it’s not 1999 anymore and they’re going to have to take out celebs for some notoriety? I’m serious.

  14. Kim Kardashian Cleavage See-Through North West
    Commented on this photo:

    You can almost here the houseflies buzzing around in her head.

  15. Mitch

    I’ve got a 30 year old football with a better complexion than her.

  16. Kim Kardashian Cleavage See-Through North West
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh Lord, I hate this mannequin-faced cunt.
    Sorry. I just do. Not normally a celeb-hater (at least not the ones who are strangers), but this bitch just oozes WRONG.

  17. kery

    She is ugly and has a big ass that doesn’t look human….

  18. Ghostofanimalhaunches

    It’s pretty clear to anyone who has had a child in a stroller that for one thing the child would be screaming if it was covered up like Ignori is always covered up. Second, she telling them to be quiet and not wake the “baby” but the paps scream at each other to shut up, and not a sound from the “baby” er towel. Also you can see that there are no legs in the car seat, so unless she ate the “baby’s” legs on the way to LAX, there was no “baby”. She is rarely is around the child, and the kid looks like she doesn’t even know who mom and dad are, however I give big props to the nannies, they seem to be doing a great job, which Kim & Ye would be totally incapable of doing as parents to the poor kid.

    • I have found thru years of experience that towels have very poor hearing and are, therefore, much less apt to start crying like a human child. However, they are handy for wiping up spills.

  19. lindy

    Talk about empty eyes but they say eyes are the mirror to the soul.

  20. “See-through tits”? You mean, you can see right through her tits to her rib cage and lungs, like Superman? Remember that? When he used his X-ray vision to see through Lois’ nightgown, but went right past her naked breasts to check for cancer in her lungs? What a fuckin’ pussy.

  21. cc

    ‘Please, don’t jostle my gravy boat!’

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