And Here’s Kim Kardashian At The Marine Corps Ball That She Left In The Middle of Dinner

When Mila Kunis attended the Marine Corps Ball last year, there were barely three pictures of her that someone obviously managed to snap without her noticing. So of course when Kim Kardashian showed up this year, there’s a goddamn bonanza – With ass shots! – of her posing outside before bailing fifteen minutes into the meal. (She tweeted she left at 9:04 pm. Dinner was served at 8:45. h/t Todd) But you know what? Let’s not waste another second harping on what a horrible attention slore we already know Kim is, and instead salute her badass date who, with courage and bravery, clearly went, “I don’t give a fuck, I’mma stare right at those titties.” Semper Fi, marine, Semper Fi.

Photo: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, WENN