Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Want Her Baby To Be A Reality Star, Here’s Why That’s Bullshit

January 3rd, 2013 // 25 Comments
Stay Classy, Humanity
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Time and time again, Kim Kardashian‘s fans have proven they’re gullible morons who would believe Bruce is still a live human being if she spoonfed it to them, so of course she tried to pretend she didn’t want Kanye West to announce she was pregnant, and of course she’s already saying things like her child will never be on reality TV so he/she can have “real privacy.” Which is amazing considering the following has already happened since Kris Jenner made Kanye announce Kim’s pregnancy or she’d dig up his mother and piss on her corpse. The woman’s persuasive:

- Kris is already orchestrating a magazine shoot of Kim’s baby bump, just the bump, for $300,000.
- Kim hasn’t turned down an interview yet to talk about her pregnancy.
- The same pregnancy that – surprise – is already written into her reality shows.

And just in case that’s not evidence to prove these people are perpetually full of shit, their last name is Kardashian which I should’ve just said that instead of all those words and links, you’re right.

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  1. Jack Ketch

    MOO … her can is getting fatter and grosser by the minute. From now on I’m boycotting all Kim the Kunt posts.

  2. I love how she’s bitching about pregnancy yet has had no morning sickness or any real discomfort to speak of. “Growing pains are hard…” If you can carry that big fake ass around, I’m sure carrying a baby that weighs less than an ounce is surely totes hard. Totes hard.

  3. Cock Dr

    That calf already has it’s own booking agent and several product endorsements lined up….hoof polishing treatments, ultra-gentle deworming medications and special grain flavored anti-flatulent pills.

  4. Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Yoga Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks like Octo-Mom – She is hideous

  5. Remember this blind item about Kim from 2011? It appears it is coming true. It’s disgusting that she is dragging a baby into this. She is no better than those girls on “16 and Pregnant”
    “Why would someone get married simply to get divorced? Money. Fame. Her romances make the front page of every tabloid, and her weddings will make more money than they cost. Since she has no discernible talent, she will use what she has to make and stay in the headlines. She believes that a rotating door of romances and grooms will keep her in the spotlight long after most stars burn out. When you have such lofty ambitions, it helps to have lofty goals. Her close family and friends know about these goals (although many of them don’t approve). What are those goals? 1. Babies with more than one wealthy baby daddy. 2. More marriages than Elizabeth Taylor.”

  6. adm.fookbar

    fwiw, there’s gonna have to be major levels of surgery to de-fuck her body after pregnancy. she’s got a child bearing body, and pumping one out is gonna wreck it, hard.

    get excited for kelsey and kenner or whatever the fuck the little ones are, kim’s about to sunset.

  7. zomgbie

    kim doesnt want her baby to be a reality star because the baby has to spend its time keeping kim the reality star.
    and from the amount of stories on superficial about kim the last few days- baby is hard at work.

  8. Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Yoga Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    Can you imagine what she’s going to look like in a few months? MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  9. I always knew her ass was really a baby bump. Morning sickness must mean she has the runs or the baby is just puking out the opening.

  10. How about if Fish is the only K-free site? Pleeezzze.

  11. Maggs

    Blind Item Revealed on CDAN:

    Thursday, January 03, 2013
    Blind Items Revealed

    November 21, 2012

    This stage mom thinks a baby will make for great ratings and a bunch of money so she has her daughter’s ovulation cycle in an app and calls her and texts when its go time. Not sure, but she would probably even go and watch if she thought she could get away with it.

    Kim Kardashian/Kris Jenner

    Posted by ent lawyer at 8:30 AM 24 comments

  12. JC

    Given the length of her sham marriage, I assume she’ll drown the baby in the bathtub after a few weeks?

  13. fart

    The Baby will be birthed through her asshole and be all brown and smelly and have bits of undigested corn on it.

  14. Disgusting fat cow.

  15. Pshaw… it doesn’t matter what Kim wants or doesn’t want. Everyone knows that Mommy Dearest and Seacrest pull the strings and the puppets dance.

  16. Archie Leach

    Worthless fucking scum.

  17. Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Yoga Pants
    Toe Jam
    Commented on this photo:

    Proof that black is slimming. *eye roll*

  18. Bored with these idiots

    It’s so shameful how little integrity these two nitwits have. Yet people admire them…wtf?

  19. inkydink

    i bet she’s faking it. if this twat was pregnant she’d get fat as a house and that ass would be growing by the minute. pillow baby, that’s what she’s having.

  20. Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Yoga Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    Exactly when will Kim wake up and realize that she’s a talentless nobody with nothing to offer?

    • Nunca

      I hate people like you. Who are you to call someone talentless or a nobody? What do you have to offer to society? cuando? just a jealous latina arent you?;) hey at the end of the day she’s making that money sweetheart so go cry to someone else and stop following what Kim is doing;) mi pobresita.

  21. Sliver

    Maybe she isn’t really pregnant…just saying she is so that a month (or x amount of time) down the road she will “tragically” announce a miscarriage and milk that for what it is worth, then go on to announce another pregnancy, the next one a real one, and go on to have what People magazine will call a “miracle baby”. Wow, I totally could see this happening. Either way, a pregnancy, real or not, will assist her on her happy trip to the bank.

  22. Kim Kardashian Huge Butt Yoga Pants
    Commented on this photo:

    fat is an understatement….if it wasn’t for the black…we would all be losing our appetites. She is lucky she has nice eyes.

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