Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Want Her Baby To Be A Reality Star, Here’s Why That’s Bullshit

Time and time again, Kim Kardashian’s fans have proven they’re gullible morons who would believe Bruce is still a live human being if she spoonfed it to them, so of course she tried to pretend she didn’t want Kanye West to announce she was pregnant, and of course she’s already saying things like her child will never be on reality TV so he/she can have “real privacy.” Which is amazing considering the following has already happened since Kris Jenner made Kanye announce Kim’s pregnancy or she’d dig up his mother and piss on her corpse. The woman’s persuasive:

- Kris is already orchestrating a magazine shoot of Kim’s baby bump, just the bump, for $300,000.
– Kim hasn’t turned down an interview yet to talk about her pregnancy.
– The same pregnancy that – surprise – is already written into her reality shows.

And just in case that’s not evidence to prove these people are perpetually full of shit, their last name is Kardashian which I should’ve just said that instead of all those words and links, you’re right.

Photos: INFdaily