Khloe Kardashian Sure Shut Down Those Photoshop Haters

Yesterday, presumably because her show is on the verge of cancellation, Khloe Kardashian posted the below photo to Instagram to either show off her new shredded body or tease everyone with the promise of Sasquatch vadge. The jury’s out. See if you can notice anything odd, and it’ll give you a hint, it’s in the giant white circle because this was only version of the original pic I could find. Via Celebslam:

khloe kardashian photoshop instagram

After getting called out by anyone with a basic understand of how doors work, Khloe deleted the pic then “totally slammed all the haters” by posting what you’re supposed to believe is the “OG shot” because Khloe ain’t scurred, but mostly knows her fans are fucking idiots and E! will help open their mouths for her Wookiee cock. (I know what you’re thinking: Is it Chewie cock or Sasquatch vagina? Both. It’s both. You heard it here first.)

“Alright, so you caught me Photoshopping. Well, here’s another version of the same pic that I could’ve also edited because I obviously do that but without making bush league mistakes like a goddamn curved door. BOOM! Suck it! Get E! on the phone.” – What literally just happened because this world is a shit-fire

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