Now Back To Whose Celebrity Nipples Can I See? Dammit, Just Khloe’s

Now that I just spent 18,000 words defending Emma Watson and feminism from sexless shitbirds on the Internet, here are Khloe Kardashian’s nipples for sexless shitbirds on the Internet to click on and make sure I stay employed to write more words about how their sexless shitbirds and/or make everyone who reads this blog think I’ve finally lost it. (Nips? Socialism. Nips? Socialism. Nipples that shoot socialism? *draws on face*) On that note, stick around for Photo Boy’s treatise on the War on Drugs and why Sean Penn is an egotistical bag of dumb for literally believing he was going to solve it by writing about his farts. Bring your NPR tote.

Or stay here and click on frozen Wookiee nips. It’s a free country. Until the nippalists move in…

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Photos: AKM-GSI