Kevin Federline works hard for his money

March 4th, 2009 // 54 Comments

Per an arrangement with Britney Spears, Kevin Federline is being paid an extra five grand a week to watch the kids and provided a free rental house in whatever town she’s set up base while on tour. So how does TMZ report he spent yesterday? Gambling at Harrahs Casino. Father of the year, folks.

I’m starting to think Britney would’ve made better use of the money shredding it into confetti and sprinkling it all over her hotel room. Then again, that’s exactly why her dad doesn’t let her keep cash in the mansion anymore. Or the kids’ birth certificates, family photos and pretty much anything made of paper.

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  1. Lucky fat fuck…

  2. queen

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  3. Be nice! Competitive eating is so a sport…

  4. Melissa

    Would’ve got? Jesus fucking Christ… Apparently you don’t even need a GED to get a blog these days. There’s hope for America’s future yet.

  5. ToTellTheTruth

    Big fat assed chunky fucker

  6. Mr. Jones

    Five grand buys a lot of Big Macs, apparently.

  7. The F'n Jem'Hadar

    Hey, isn’t he just living out the American dream?

    Getting plump off the wifes income while the kids are cared for by a nanny?

  8. Max Planck

    Shit rolls down hill.

  9. Randal

    I called this one earlier when I declared him a worthy Father of the Year award winner. This one has earned his accolades and a little gambling is a well-earned distraction for our winner! What is life without risks and K-Fed knows how to beat the odds.


  10. Anon

    Not doing anything an ex-wife doesn’t do (substitute gambling with shopping) so it’s good to see we’re getting closer to equality.
    Feminist must be happy as thats what they claim to be after.

  11. wat

    gambling, how controversial!

    if i could gamble someone else’s money away i’d be at the casino every night. whats the problem here?

  12. Kelley

    Whatever town’s ??? Don’t you mean whatever towns ??? SHITTAAYYY editing, again :/

  13. p0nk

    anything to keep him from reproducing. xrist can you imagine if him and octuplet mom hooked up? apocalypse.

  14. Kelley

    Why in hell is everyone posting about dating sites for wealthy people on these news items ? What the hell do they have to do with the posts ? Who cares ? If you’e that rich then you don’t have time to read The Superficial.

  15. Rachel

    I wish someone would pay me $5000 a week to watch my own children.

  16. J-Dizzle

    to #10 Randal

    You’re an asshat …
    That is all

  17. J-Dizzle

    to #10 Randal

    You’re an asshat …
    That is all

  18. J-Dizzle

    to #10 Randal,

    You’re an asshat.
    That is all.

  19. Greg

    The fat pig blew the money the same night. Why can’t she hire a nanny. This fat ass is not getting up and taking care of any kids. This fat f-cker don’t have a life or dignity. He holds those kids because they are his gravy train. Britney and her whole family are dumb as dirt. I believe her stupid dad are trying to get them back together.

  20. J-Dizzle

    to #10 Randal,

    You’re an asshat.
    That is all.

  21. Randall –

    JDizzle thinks you’re an asshat, just in case you didn’t know.

  22. Mike

    This is the only way this turd know to get money syphone it off this family. Bet he takes money from them to pay Shar child support so Britney pays Shar support to. A disgusting he is.

  23. Hey, hauling that fat ass around is hard work! Besides, since giving up the Federrari, he has no reason to deny himself all the food he wants!

  24. Mia

    He’s a fat mess! Dude just say no to extra servings and junk food!


  26. Darth

    It’s obvious he didn’t do any kind of exercise for a long time.It would be wise to buy a bra first if he’s planning to do some jogging in the near future.

  27. farty mcshitface

    gamble away kfed!!!
    it is pretty funny and sad at the same time (sad because i didn’t do it 1st) that you have managed to knock up a rich former hottie and still ride the gravy train to the buffet and the casinos. you are living the dream my good man!!

    yo kfed, please help me find an attractive, disease-free rich babe that i can marry and then divorce for a large amount of money so i can have fun too!!

  28. Allen's Woody

    A ‘Kept Man’ is a happy man. This guy may be a dirtbag on many levels and he may be annoying to many, but I gotta tip my hat to him for pulling off such a successfull con job on that vapid lip-synch queen Britney.

  29. Lowlands

    Carrying a piece of paper while walking isn’t exercise K-fed!

  30. The Laughing G-D

    Fatty Fatty Fat Fat

  31. Mikeylikey

    @13…hey dumbfuck, reread the post. There’s no ‘s’ on town. Do you have brain damage from being slammed in the head by somebody’s balls?

  32. Carolyn

    Big fatty trying to hide it in baggy clothes. Does he have a job other than eating, gambling and smoking? What a leech.

  33. Ladia

    Papa Spears is stupid for letting this jerk leach off Brit’s money like this. They need better lawyers.

  34. Ladia

    Papa Spears is stupid for letting this jerk leach off Brit’s money like this. They need better lawyers.

  35. Chris

    This jerk has no dignity at all. He is so not a man. What is he going to teach those little boys how to live off a women.

  36. NY Ted

    Hey Rolly-fucking-polly-K-Fed..what do you do all day long…drink beer and eat potato chips…? This hog has put on 40 pounds since he was sticking his dick in his trollop of a wife! The fuckers head is going to explode right off his shoulders one day…!

    I can hardly wait!

  37. Tom K

    The smartest wigger ever! Only in America can a dirty white trash wigger with no education, talent or money of his own, marry a rich bitch get her pregnant twice and then live off of child support and get fat like a king. America what a country!

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  39. KK

    What has such a jerk proven himself to be awarded full custodial? Spent 50 % of time with $$-tag kids, forsake the zero-$$ tag kids and that’s love for kids? Pretend he still held good relation with his first ex, to gain favour with the black (thinking he is Obama?). Claimed that BS seduced him and forced him to marry her? Throw some $$ he extorted either from B or her idiotic parents and claimed he is the owner of some clothing line, a brand that sells on its own, no need to put any effort, no need to spent time on it, just probably a blind partner and that’s job for him to support his 4 kids as written by tabloid?

    Tell me – what business guarantee profit, no need to put in any effort and you can still have time for golfing, play bowling with heavy bettings (these are expensive games), womanizing instead of spending time working or taking care of kids that he claimed he loved? If there are such business, Americans still out of job, drove into bad debts, and lost their home with even banks running into trouble, leading to global recession?

    If BS behaved like a kids and now certified with a mentality of a kid needing guardian from parents, it only show a man con a child, married and raped her, leading to birth of 2 kids and now demanded childcare/spousal support and even extra travel expenses? What a joke! What is the penalty for raping a child – should it be life imprisonment and at least 10 strokes of cane?

    If BS is treated like the man, a provider for the family and custody given to Kfed, with the law treating him as being the woman, then the kids’ last name should be Spears and the other 2 black kids should also be Jackson! If he still wants to remain as a man, has he proven that he had been a houseman during marriage, had been looking after kids 24/7? Did he? What a doughbag!

  40. melody23

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  41. damnstraight

    Kfed is from Fresno. And let me tell you, he’s staying true to his roots.

    He’s looking like every old high school friend I see when when I go back to the central valley.

  42. ghost

    What a fat sack of crap.

  43. This “FAT MAN” is still alive.

  44. coolio


  45. So then, who has the kids?

  46. :::: Remember when K-FAT was SKINNY?? ::::

  47. bboks

    Jesus, it’s like looking at pictures of Grimace lumbering down the sidewalk at you. Except Grimace is purple and more classy.

  48. A. Thomas

    You’re giving the guy shit for gambling? Does anyone really know how much he spent?

    Actually, it doesn’t even matter. Why the fuck is this even news? I swear this site gets more fucking stupid each day.

    Also, The Superficial Writer: you’re really not as funny as you think you are.

  49. joe m

    Father of The Year Kevin.
    2 organizations say so.

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