Kevin Federline to fake wrestle John Cena

December 20th, 2006 // 7 Comments

The always amusing Kevin Federline is scheduled to fight WWE champion John Cena New Year’s Day in Miami. Earlier this fall he signed with the WWE to appear in some staged fights, and earlier this week he showed up on Monday Night Raw to promote his fight with Cena, saying:

“The real Kevin Federline never backs down from a challenge. Make all your jokes, because New Year’s Day I’m the one who is going to be laughing. Oh yeah, Cena, my name is not K-Fed, it’s Kevin Federline, bitch, and I want some and I’m gonna get some.”

My holiday wish is that on December 31, 2006 the WWE decides their matches will be real instead of rigged. Because then on January 2, 2007 we can read about how Kevin Federline died the night before when he was bent into a human pretzel and shoved into a trash can.

Thanks to Kris for the tip, who I hear could beat up both K-Fed and John Cena with just the tip of his nose.


  1. hearse

    I am first.

  2. Truthseeker013

    ECW rules?


  3. Alyssa Marie

    Kevin Federline is the most annoying human being on the planet. That’s the way it is. The only reason his name is known by anyone is because he married the famous teen pop star turned hollywood slut Britney Spears. How amazing is it that this guy has no talent whatsoever and yet he gets more publicity than most people who make great movies? I tried to rap once, and people left the room. The sad thing was, I was perfectly in sync with Kevin. Yeah bud, look where you got me…no where.

  4. lol, that’ll actually be funny – he’s not a big guy…

  5. i would like to see that…

  6. john cena and k fed suck

  7. john cena and k fed suck

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