Kevin Federline rocks the Teen Choice Awards

August 21st, 2006 // 114 Comments

Here’s Kevin Federline’s performance of his new single as he closed for the Teen Choice Awards last night. It’s entertaining and all, but only in the way seeing a juggler drop knives on himself is entertaining. The audience’s reaction when he finally reveals himself is priceless, like they have no idea whether they should be cheering or crying. He might as well have been the light technician, because the audience doesn’t even recognize him until the DJ tells them to make some noise.


  1. babycakes

    wow, those dancers exhibited alot of talent, cant say the same about the K-man can we?

  2. laury

    Even Vanilla Ice has more talent that K-Fag. Maybe someday he’ll open his eyes and realize that he’s not as talented as he thinks. Or not.

  3. wow.cursing at the teen choice awards!this guys a class act!K-Fed keeping it real for the 12 yr olds!

  4. chickadeemnstr

    apparently k-fed is taking birth control to stop himself from being impregnated by … himself, not only to stop himself from creating even more horrid offspring, but obviously to slow his flow.

  5. Ms. Sass

    Again, proof that ANYONE can get a recording contract. Even if you have to create your own company to do so. Not on does his rapping suck, but his lyrics are pointless, style retarded, and “dancing” redundant, but it’s all pure proof that he’s using Britney as life support. But then again, I think she’s as talented as he is.

  6. I for one enjoyed that song and his preformence.

    Especially at the end when he fliped that dancer!!….All of u need lives! especually #80 I mean u need a life for writing a comment that fucking huge! I think k-Fed has a chance to make it big!. and right now im gonna have to say that Lose Control is my favorite song!

  7. BurnedBright



  8. butterfly

    i was sooo embarrased for him.he was so terrible.the guy cant even dance.he was just moving his arm and bouncing to his right sucked sooo bad

  9. jrzmommy

    106–just go…

  10. bboy4life

    #106 – You need a life for actually liking this song and his performance. You are the people that have killed the true essence of hip hop. But it’s cool, go on with your bad self lil girl – stick to your guns and defend and love this crap. Crap needs love too and obviously you are the right person to give it love. And dont get it twisted, 100% of the peeps up in here liked his dancers. Them dancers were on point. Top-notch b-boys. Especially that pop-locker, he had some classic ass moves. Our prob is with your boy trying to act black and trying too hard to act “rap”. Look in the mirror fool!!! It aint no different to pose around thinking your a bad ass skater and busting your wack ass tricks in front of your own peeps that live off of you and your family at your family pic nic. them fools dont know what’s really up and of course theyre gonna clap for your ass too they dont know any better. I think you like the Lose Control song because you lost control of your senses!!! look in the mirror fool! Bring back real hip hop!!!! We taken it back!!!!

  11. Soerinebaby

    If I remember correctly, K-Fed was a backup dancer. The “performance” would have been more interesting if he’d danced, something I suppose he’s good at since people were willing to pay him for that (ahem-mademyownlabelcuznobodywantstohearmycrappyhip-hop-ahem).

  12. BTLoader

    I’m Not Going To Get On Here & Start Calling Him Names Or Ridiculing His Lack Of Any Form Of Talent Because You Have All Said It For Me. I’m Just Happy That I’m Not Alone In My Feelings For This Travesty. To # 106; I’m Sorry You Feel That Way, I Can Only Assume You Are A Friend Or Relative To Come On Here & Try To Defend That Talentless Hack. He Has No Future & The Sooner He Is No Longer Recognized By The Tabloids (Even For Being A Pathetic Loser Father) The Better Off We All Are. Our Society Is Going Down The Drain Because So Much Of The World’s Attention Is Being Focused On The Degredation Of Society That Is K-Fed & Paris Hilton. We Need To Spend Some Time Focusing On People With Actual Talent Who Make Names For Themselves, Not Ride On Coat-Tails Of Other Famous People. K-Fed, It’s Time To Understand That We Are Not Laughing With You, We Are Laughing AT You.

  13. sapphosbro

    Just a little note on the side: watch the kid who gets up to “cheer” at the end of the performance (I don’t suggest actually watching it, just fast forward until the end). The wigga waves his arm and screams “PUNK”, though the sound is not on at that camera. Cheers.

  14. ha ha…he should just stick to scamming britney

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