Kevin Federline looks really really weird

May 31st, 2006 // 255 Comments

The folks at Item magazine took K-Fed and cleaned him up for their upcoming issue. And the results are shocking. It’s amazing what a sleazy goatee can do, because all they did was shave it off and suddenly he’s unrecognizable. It’s like I’ve forgetten he’s a douchebag and want to discuss serious sociopolitical and economic issues with him or something. But then he’d start talking and acting like K-Fed again and I’d remember why I want to karate kick him the neck. And then I would. And then everybody would applaud my heroism and possibly give me a medal.



  1. Chrissy87

    All cleaned up and still butt ass ugly.

    Hell he looks even uglier clean cut

  2. needlesstosay

    WHy is everybody all “Poor Britney, she deserves a better husband?” Pleaze! I say they deserve each other completely. THey both look and act trashy and retarded and I can hope they stay married for like 20 years. I can see it now, Britney is all fat and pregnant again with the rollers on her hair and wearing a mu-mu smoking a cigarette and having six children holding on to her legs and back screaming, “Mommy, mommy!” And K-Fed is all fat and por-bellied and balding and hairless and total Al Bundy without actually having a job and watching the tv while Brit nags at him. Ahh, beautiful picture would you say? It’s like a Norman Rockwell painting. Pure Americana.

  3. bitchgoddess

    you can take the boy out the trailer but you can’t take the trailer out of the boy. what a piece of shit.

  4. cricket1820

    Hmmm… try this one on for size- it’s a ring, not a fingernail. Guess he’s not the only idiot around here.

  5. Is there any rational reason why a reality show provides a overweight celebrity an impetus to shed excess plumage, aside from the appearance fees they earn?

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