Kevin Federline cheated on Britney Spears with a porn star

November 29th, 2006 // 75 Comments

Star magazine claims Kevin Federline was having an affair with former porn star Kendra Jade a month before Britney Spears filed for divorce from him. The two met in Las Vegas in December 2005 while Britney was visiting her family in Lousiana and apparently stayed in touch to have sex.

“Kev and Kendra had sex at their friends’ apartment multiple times, starting in early October,” a source told the tab. “Their friend would phone Kendra and a few other girls to come hang out, and it would always end up with Kevin and Kendra heading off to the spare bedroom!” Now that K-Fed is a single guy, will he and Jade become a couple? Not likely, says the source, explaining, “They’re just friends who have sex.” When contacted for comment by Star, Jade said only, “I’m in a committed relationship.”

Besides the fact that it’s Star reporting, I find it tough to believe anybody would use Kevin Federline for sex. A human toilet maybe, even a trash can. But sex? That’d be like using Lindsay Lohan to cheat on the SAT’s. Which sounds like a good plan until you find out you scored so low they’ve sentenced you to death.


  1. LoneWolf

    @22 – I find pussy to be like pizza – the worst I ever had was still pretty damn good.

  2. veggi

    K-tard watched a porno, and that’s the sex tape we’ve been hearing about.

  3. veggi

    #40- Damn right. Works like a charm.

  4. saltpeanuts

    I watched Kendra Jade in the following pornos:

    1. Anal Gangbang #53: The Guiness Book Tales
    2. Kendra Jade and the Twelve Angry Dwarfs
    3. Thanksgiving at The Homeless Shelter; Servicing the Community
    4. Ass Pirates of the Caribbean; Kendra Does Long Dong Silver
    5. The 2006 Amputee Bukkake Festival
    6. Deep Throat 5: Kendra and the Circus Freaks

    And yet I still had respect for her. Not anymore.

  5. JungleRed

    @52: Yeah, but this would be like a slice from a box you forgot under your sofa. From, like, a month ago. With a bite taken out of it. Covered in mold. Would you still eat it? Huh?

    Oh, hell, maybe you would…

  6. JungleRed

    I’m sorry, but to all the people saying that they’d hit that skanky mess, would you really want to follow Earl? Or any of congo line of gimps that have been there before? You’re gambling with your life there. And by your life, I mean your penis.

  7. NipsyHustle

    I would strongly suggest spraying her poon with some Veridien’s Viraguard before sticking any body part in her.

  8. Jeremy1Esq

    Mans biggest pussy.

    Some give in to the temptation, some dont. Its not always about the quality of the pussy, its the fact that its new. While one might jump from Vanessa Minillo to Jessica Biel and someone else might jump from Elle Mae to their other cousin, its all relative. Some people cannot or will not honor a commitment. Britney surely could see KFed was not a guy who bought into the commitment thing so she deals with it by drowning her stupidity in PAris Hiltons twat and some air freshner spray bewteen her legs like she is airing out the stench in her trailer.

    However, some pussy, no matter how new to you, is so old and tired, that any normal man would pass. Fucking a porn star is not impressive. Most of them have websites where you can fuck them for twice the price of a good looking hooker. You just have to jump through more hoops to get to them. Fucking them is like bragging because you fucked a hooker. The only kind of guys that do it by choice are the ones that brag about it. For example, Tito Ortiz, a decent looking UFC guy, brings Jenna Jameson to his fights. He thinks that is impressive? Its the same mentality as a guy like K Fed going from impregnating a black chick twice, and while she is pregnant, move on and marry a hillbilly with bank. Then some skank porn star tempts him and he gives in without thinking. Low rent pussy attracts low rent dudes. Thats how people like that live. Money just gives them exposure and ridicule.

    Britneys snatch looks like any other mother of kids from a trailer who cant shave properly or wipe her ass of the blood of KFed or the stickiness of her ass and the semen of others that now grows in her cooch.
    Getting licked by PAris Hilton is like using the glue to keep the disease permanently on your body.

    Take the money away and all these people are just like the neighbors we live near or make fun of from a distance because we got enough bank to live in a nice house.

  9. JungleRed

    @22, PapaHotNuts: I’d copyright that “Super Pussy” before someone else runs with it. I see a great comic book franchise in your future. Think of the fun just coming up with names for sidekicks and antagonists.

  10. She’s way classier than Britney …

  11. killeristic

    thats why i say kfed’s a bitch!! he has sex w everyone all around the world!! :/

  12. Dingles


  13. Amberly

    Kendra’s foster dad was talking about her on the radio this morning and how she got into porn. He kind of just laughed off the whole k-fed thing. That girl must have been raised with a loving nurturing family to end up fucking this douche.

  14. NeckneySucks

    This girl is a million times prettier than Britney Spears will ever be.

  15. MizScarlett

    Funny, in all this talk of pussies and porno and cocks – oh my! – my first thought was that I hope that Fertileloins and Skankalina used the one brain between them and thought to use birth control, because there’s already far too many of this guy’s fetal-alcohol syndrome, doob-infested spawn on this Earth as it is.

  16. NicotineEyePatch

    Ah, but #55, you didn’t mention seeing “I’m A Dirty Cocksucking Filthy Cunt!”.
    Watching that might just put this fine, sophisticated, and morally upright lady back in your good books.

  17. kitty_kat

    Is everyone here fogetting that Britney stole him from Shar Jackson? The bitch got what she deserved.

  18. CowgirlUp

    Earl wishes this were true!

  19. MoorePunk

    Kendra is in a “supposed relationship” with Lukas Rossi, the guy who won Rock Star: Supernova. His myspace says otherwise, lol. (

  20. Shopfemina

    Porn stars are the last people to have a fling with. Hope that this story is not true.

  21. NipsyHustle

    the only “relationship” she’s committed to is sucking and fucking anything that waves a dollar in her face, whether it is married or not.

  22. temrick

    Don’t you think Britney was cheating on K-Fed as well?

  23. yeah, that’s believable

  24. its like looking at a “don’t let this happen to you” for Paris..Looking at them both together as they are..Paris is a goddess compaired to the slug…BTW- is her friggin skirt caught up in her control top panty hose???

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