Kevin Federline and Wilmer Valderrama hook up

May 30th, 2007 // 53 Comments

Wilmer Valderrama and Kevin Federline were spotted partying together in Las Vegas over the weekend, and the two hit it off so well K-Fed invited Fez to collaborate with him on his next album. The NY Daily News reports:

The new BFFs “chilled out together and insisted on rapping along to every song played … K-Fed invited Wilmer to be involved with his next album.” Britney’s baby-daddy even had a nifty new trick to foil the paparazzi at Heineken’s Thirst Studio Global Sessions. “He had a little flashlight he would shine in cameras so they couldn’t get any shots.”

This might be the greatest partnership since peanut better and jelly. Assuming, of course, that peanut butter and jelly were douchebags with no careers. I guess they could, like, hold meetings and discuss their goatees. Maybe braid each other’s hair and have pillow fights? And at the end of the day they can fall asleep in each other’s arms while reminiscing about better times, trying to be brave for each other as a single tear rolls down their cheek.


  1. NicotineEyePatch

    K-Fed looks pretty hot in drag but if you’re gonna hire a beard, get one that’s less gay-looking than fucking Fez.

  2. LE


  3. Amber

    I don’t get it….why is he in a dress?

  4. Kim

    that is just freaky and disturbing. i’m going to have nightmares tonight.

  5. Staci

    I’m a little confused about the dress…

  6. Whammer Jammer

    “K-Fed’s next album”????

    God help us.

  7. ella

    Can’t you guys tell it’s photoshoped.


    This photo is totally fake! The guy who photoshoped this didn’t even try to make it look real.

  9. I am sure they still get more box then we do.

  10. Denitsa

    yeah, that’s a girl’s bod with the K-Fed’s head…

  11. elle

    i refuse to believe that anyone thought this photo was real even for a second. jesus fucking christ

  12. jenster

    next years cast of the “surreal life”

  13. shanipie

    I personally would like to see K-Fed actually make something of himself. I mean he’s got to really have wanted to be famous, he slept with Britney Dirtyass Spears for pete’s sake.

    If that isn’t determination I don’t know what is.

  14. shanipie

    I personally would like to see K-Fed actually make something of himself. I mean he’s got to really have wanted to be famous, he slept with Britney Dirtyass Spears for pete’s sake.

    If that isn’t determination I don’t know what is.

  15. This is a Photoshop fake and a bad one too. Who the hell made this? Stevie Wonder?

    Photoshop is not for amateurs.

  16. Kamihi

    KFed would look hot as a laydee! hehe! I am one of those dorks who thought it was real!

  17. Handy Manny FTW!

  18. Cristina

    If this pic was real we would have to assume that he’s got boobs, long hair and his wax made…and K.F. is the kind of guy that would perfectly have these reqirements…but look at the photo! it’s ovbiously a girl with wilder and the face of KF attached to it…put on your glases and leave the glass of wine! It’s so clear mam…

  19. KatieKates

    So sad that anyone thought this was real. God.

    So now the Superficial is getting so lame that they have to resort to cheap Photoshopping?

  20. ssdd

    Fucked up job in photo shop..

  21. Marcos Glez.

    TIPICAL AMERICAN STUPID BOY, they must record a movie of they fucking and put it the your fucking liars news chanels..

  22. julyper

    that’s obviously fake: it’s a joke… it’s not supposed to even pass for real. Here is the original:

    And, I would stay as away as possible from this guys and their penises: there is something about their penises that turns average and lightly talented woman into crack whores.

  23. For chrissake. Just use this URL:

  24. julyper


  25. tatianalensky

    didn’t know Lindsey had facial hair

  26. scottymac

    It’s FES, btw, not Fez. Foreign Exchange Student. A Fez is a hat.

  27. Chauncey Gardner

    Hey, it’s Wilmer! I just watched that douchefucker get his neck snapped by Jack Bauer after only two lines of dialogue on Season Three of 24. Fucking rad.

  28. sweetnsnooty


  29. K-fed lookz better in drezz
    than Brittney, and at least
    he haz hair.

  30. The douchebag line was priceless.

  31. lickmybutt

    #23 is right. it wasnt supposed to even look real at all. in the story it says K-fed had a lil flashlight he was shining in the photogs cameras, so they couldnt get a shot.


  32. lambman

    is it made up news day or something? First that BS Britney vomit story, then that invitation from Nicole Richie…that I don’t think is real, and now a photoshopped picture putting to people together.

  33. cosmetologist

    Kevin has a nice mane of hair. Perhaps, that is why Britney shaved her head, she was jealous?

  34. leelee

    maybe if K-Fed wore that outfit more often he would actually sell tickets to his concerts.

  35. black Sunshine

    i’ve met Wilmer before, and he seemed like a pretty cool guy – came to our club and hung out in a booth surrounded by little indie rock chicks.

    K-Fed’s next album??? stay awaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

  36. Jen

    cryyy babbbyyyy

  37. Don Mega

    I know it’s been said many times, many ways…


  38. lovejoygirl

    this is obviously photoshopped. doia. his head is too big and not even in the right position for this image. and those are girl shoulders. but really who gives a shit anyway…

  39. LOL at people thinking they need to clarify that it is photoshopped

  40. wtf

    The photo is a JOKE. It’s not supposed to look real. Pointing out that it’s shopped just makes you look stupid, k?

  41. The Superfish guy is on coke

    K-Fed needs to take that 10 mil he bilked and invest in a little something called mutual funds. Maybe some CD’s(not the music kind) and some government bonds. If he wants that money to last he better not even think of blowing that dough into investing in another album cuz god knows no one else is putting the money up.

  42. sharpeidude

    Maybe this is a visual of things to come in K-Fags future, eh? A detour through the prison system sometime down the line so he can model his dresses for the homeboys down in D-Block.

  43. I don’t care if
    it iz real, they
    look cute together,

    whoever made the pic,
    is a geniuz….how
    did U know that K=fed
    would make a cute couple
    with Fezzzzzzzzzzzzz?


  44. wedgeone

    Damn, that’s a funny pic.
    Wilmer & K-Fed swapping “ho-bang” stories. Wilmer & LiLo vs. K-Earl & Shitney. Who’s least proud of their “accomplishment”?





  47. dannielynn'sdaddy

    I have one, and only one question…….. Can anyone tell me if this picture has been photoshopped? I’ve been staring at it for about 4 hours now and I simply can’t decide. If there is anyone proficient with the computers, will you please let me know?

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