Kendra Wilkinson & Holly Madison in Bikinis

March 29th, 2010 // 190 Comments

Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison hosted a pool party at Wet Republic in Vegas on Saturday, and it’s nice to see Kendra return to (partially) serving the purpose Hugh Hefner created her for. Seriously, she’s been practically walking around in a beekeeper outfit these days, and I’m pretty sure Hugh didn’t grow her in a lab just to hear her thoughts on child-rearing. Which reminds me, why didn’t he sterilize these things during the bleaching process? Or is building an Aryan army of big-titted sex slaves already pushing the limits of playing God? Because I could see that being the case. if you like to half-ass shit. C’mon!

Photos: Retna Digital, Splash News, WENN

  1. philipp


  2. Harold^Sick

    She looks great for having just had a kid.

  3. phillip


  4. SECOND!!

    sex mmmm yeh wow whore powersssssssss

  5. SECOND!!

    sex mmmm yeh wow whore powersssssssss

  6. name withheld

    post the pictures where Holly Madison is finger fucking Kendra, and Kendra is licking her own nipples.

    If wanted to see pictures of my aunts Holiday in Italy I would go back to the family albums…

    come on what a waste of 2 good whores


  7. Anita Hanjaab

    Who’s the fat chick?

  8. jlylec


  9. gen

    I think Holly Madison has the right amount of flesh on her. She’s curvy, but she’s cute and just looks luscious. Kendra looks fat. Stay at home until you work it off. Ew.

  10. Plastic or not – these girls have curves. Some saving grace in a world full of bone lovers.

  11. JesseJimmy

    Wow, Kendra is fat.

    Kendra looks like a soccer mom who would be consider cute in a blue collar suburb. Certainly not a hottie. Plus, her face still makes her like like she’s missing 1/2 to 3/4 of a chromosome.

    Ladies: Here’s today’s lesson: When you have a kid, you get fat. And you never get skinny again. That’s why, if you ever get knocked up, do everyone a favor, and get an abortion. Or, have the kid and look like a blimpie pig the rest of your life.

  12. sarah

    #11 JesseJimmy…

    You suck at trying to be funny like the person who runs this site…


    I WANT BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!!…….that would be BLONDE HEAVEN!!! for me…..

  14. Jade

    Wow some of you are just plain a**holes. Kendra looks amazing , Honestly i think she looks better now than being a tooth pic with big tits.
    Love ya Kendra………..

  15. JesseJimmy


    Who’s trying to be funny? I’m just stating facts.

    Now, back to the typing pool. I’m sure your boss needs that memo soon.

  16. Stating the Obvious

    #11 JesseJimmy, you are so right. Please forward that comment on to the person who needed to read it most. Your mom.

  17. gen


    Actually laughed out loud.

  18. Cory

    Kendra looks great! Holy geeze, she just had the baby in DECEMBER … she hasn’t even had time to lose all the baby fat., and she’s come a long way in the last 4 months. Give it a rest with calling her a cow!

  19. Inmate #2648927

    Here an oink,

    There an oink

    Everywhere an oink, oink…

  20. Steph

    Wow JesseJimmy you are a complete moron. Some woman look great after having a kids and kendra is one of them! Just because she doesnt want to go back to her post pregnancy weight doesnt mean she doesnt look good. And she does. I think we all know who will be a lonely man for the rest of his life.

  21. JesseJimmy


    This isn’t a subjective issue. Objectively, Kendra is fat. If you put her on a scale and calculated her BMI, she’d be overweight, even if you subtracted those silicone floppers from her weight.

    This country has become far too accepting of fatness, just so we don’t upset some poor little girl’s “body image.”

    Kendra’s body image is: Fat.

    P.S. I’m sorry you didn’t lose your baby weight, and now your husband would rather fwap to internet porn than see you naked.

  22. terry

    Both look super! Wonder if Hank got to take part in a 3some…hhmmm…mmmm

  23. Natalie

    Kendra looks so beautiful! All of you haters are just jealous!

  24. Gueibor

    Am I the only one who finds this to be a huge turnoff?
    Not the baby fat, mind you – that I can respect and even like.
    I mean the whole tired Playboy bleached siliconated West Coast bimbo shit.

  25. Uh-huh, right guys.

    “She’s so fat”, okay whatever. If someone who looked like her hooked up with your lazy loser asses you would be shouting from the rooftops about how you boned a total hottie. Go back to shoveling chips into your fat faces in front of your computer screens while you masturbate and cry, and little pieces of chip crumbs fall down into your skin folds.

  26. HatesIdiots

    JesseJimmy is a woman hater.. I dont think anyone will be upset that you are against having kids. The world is better off without you spreading your genes around. After reading your post, I’m pretty sure you like getting pounded in the ass anyway.

  27. HatesIdiots

    JesseJimmy is a woman hater.. I dont think anyone will be upset that you are against having kids. The world is better off without you spreading your genes around. After reading your post, I’m pretty sure you like getting pounded in the ass anyway.

  28. Photoshop Police

    Ok, this is the second time I’ve seen someone post on here that someone is wearing a ‘bikini’ and assuming that the word means ‘any swim suit’.

    Holly is wearing a bikini. SEE? TWO PIECE.

    Kendra is wearing a swimsuit. ONE PIECE. (we also would have accepted bathing suit)

    Now STFU about Kendra’s weight, you jerks! She’s probably still thinner than most of us posting on here and will probably be back to her old shape in weeks because other than being a mom, what else does she really have to do all day?

  29. She’s a bit overweight, especially compared to what she looked like before. Pre-baby she was VERY fit, muscular yet slender and in shape. When you don’t use your muscle, it turns to FAT. She also just had a child maybe 4 months ago. It’s not rocket science that it will take longer than that to bounce back. Besides, it took a lot of confidence for her to even get into a swimsuit, knowing most assholes would eat her alive. Good for her, I wouldn’t have had the self -esteem to do so. She’ll get her body back, give her time. Until then, grow up kiddies.

  30. TekMoney

    It’s the silicone sisters… yawn. That said, Kendra actually doesn’t look bad w/ the post baby weight.

  31. #30 is a moron

    wtf, seriously, #30, ‘self esteem’? what kind of self esteem does that worthless fat bimbo whore have that she was so secure in her self worth she had to have giant fake tits surgically installed, and then spend the rest of her life trying to make a living showing them off? yeah, she’s a regular Eleanor fuck!ing Roosevelt. if her only goal in life is to make money looking good, she should stay the hell away from cameras until she loses the jelly rolls and fat ass. they both look so incredibly plastic and fake, neither is attractive in the least.

  32. Sport

    Kendra is a pain in the ass no matter what she looks like.
    (And I think she looks pretty hot most of the time.)

    Her arrogant ‘tude and demeanor ruin it for me, a glorified Kardashian.

  33. JesseJimmy

    @27 & @28

    First, get over your ADD. Your post takes a second to show up. So, you don’t need to double post. (Alternatively, get a computer that works.)

    Second, I love women. I am repulsed by fat women. But I love women that have the willpower and self control to not allow their bodies to become temples to twinkies.

    And nice work with the gay reference. I often find that those who are the most homophobic are most likely to be gay, Sen. Craig, err, @27, @28.

  34. Fati87

    Kendra IS fat. But I’ll let it slide because she just had a baby. However, this is not a body that should be hosting pool parties. Lose the fat first, girl.

  35. haha

    I love all these anti-JesseJimmy comments. Especially #17. Jesse, I bet your mom was really fat after she had you. Probably still is. Loser.

    Get back on the treadmill fatty.

  36. April

    FYI – Kendra is not wearing a bikini, just a swimsuit…

  37. aborted fetus

    You low level intellectuals are concerned with the fat that this well paid old man fucking whore, is FAT???

    Why do such street whores spawn, children?
    Can’t they just stick to their orgies, video cameras, and cocaine?

  38. Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Is Kendra the new star of Whale Wars?

  39. Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Is Kendra the new star of Whale Wars?

  40. Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Is Kendra the new star of Whale Wars?

  41. abby

    Really? Get your computer fixed.

    Kendra looks great.

  42. dude_on

    Whoring for the paps looks like tough work. I bet they miss the good ole days when all they had to do was sixty-nine for an octogenarian in a diaper.

  43. absinthe

    Everyone leave JesseJimmy alone. Remember, if you starve the troll, he’ll go away!

    fyi: If you don’t think a woman could ever get her body back after having children, take a good look at Heidi Klum.

  44. No GayTards

    I would be motor boatin’ Kendra all day! Straight titalicious!

  45. who cares

    poor kendra. if she had only had the foresight when GETTING the implants that they would work against her when trying to lose that baby weight.

    if she was breastfeeding, she’d be in great shape by now. ugh. such a waste of space.

  46. Nick

    Everyone is so critical.. most of these people making these rude comments look like shit I bet! She had a baby.. she gained weight.. big deal. Atleast she is exercising. JesseJimmy is an asshole.. Get an abortion, that’s a pretty fucked up comment.. Maybe your mom should of gotten one.. The world might of been better off. How’s that sound? Now why don’t you go jerk off with your girlfriend/boyfriend (your hand) like you do every night. You are pathetic!

  47. #32, you seeme REALLY worked up over this. Everything okay on the home front? Lol…

  48. techman

    Just so that you’re aware…A bikini has two separate pieces. It annoys the hell out of me to always read ‘bikini’ when the person is wearing a one piece!!! I bet even the two silicon bimbos in the picture know the difference…well maybe not Holly, she’s dumb as a stump but I’m pretty sure Kendra knows the difference.

  49. Anon

    It’s becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between Holly and Heidi Montag…

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