Kendra Wilkinson’s Husband ‘Proud’ of Her Playboy Cover

November 11th, 2010 // 49 Comments

Seen here promoting her new health supplement “Ab Cuts” despite the fact she refuses to show the current state of her own, Kendra Wilkinson‘s husband Hank Baskett is apparently “so proud” of her Playboy cover even though it’s an airbrushed photo from over two years ago and in no way represents her current form. Us Magazine reports:

“He’s like, ‘I’m so proud of you! You look so good!’” Kendra, 25, told of her husband’s reaction at a signing event for Ab Cuts at a GNC store in L.A. “Even though that’s like, so long ago, I’m like ‘urghhhhhh!’” she added, doing a fist-pump move.
“I’m very happy, very honored to be on the cover with the old pictures,” cooed Kendra.

I often wonder what it’d be like to have absolutely zero critical thinking skills and walk through life blissfully retarded. Seriously, you could take a person like Kendra to a video arcade and it’d be the equivalent of giving one of us a billion dollars. “Ohmygod, buttons! Pew pew pew! Do I eat the quarters or put them in the box thingies? Too late. Nom nom nom. WHEEEEE!”

Click Here for Kendra Wilkinson in Playboy

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  1. gogo

    what a shittly poost FIRST though

  2. castallare

    Whhhhyyyyy are we still talking about butterface here?

    • horn dog

      Good question! To hell with her, him, and that crapfest tv “show”

      • elephantman

        HAHAHA! i couldnt figure out the right words but she really does have a butter face, her and her fake smile, her teeth look so weird not to mention she does it with black men, even has his child! get rid of both of them! she is fat too, look at the flab under her arms, not to mention it looks like she’s wearing a circus tent. her and jessica simpson should get together and make a new fashon line for rich fat women, i’m sure opra, queen fatifa, and rosan obese would first in line to buy. in fact opra has so much money she might just buy out the whole line, and eat it. oh yes lets not forget kreol fatasian, maybe her and opra can have a eating contest. i can say these things because i’m not FAT and i’m just a normal person, well not really normal but i’m not FAT!

  3. dude

    nice arms, blimp. Think…this is the sexiest she’ll be from here on out. She is…how you say? Hooker.

  4. Yup. He misses her pre-baby body too. The December issue is like a paper time machine for his wang.

  5. xxx

    There is NO WAY that girl is 25. I saw her in person in Las Vegas. 30, yes.

  6. Facebook me

    Fish – BEST line ever “I often wonder what it’d be like to have absolutely zero critical thinking skills and walk through life blissfully retarded.”

    Had to steal it as my Facebook profile status!

    Why would Hef use pics of her from 2 years ago? Not unless she sucked REALLY good head or practically gave him a heart attack in the sack!?

  7. Glenn Beck

    one chromosome too many

  8. The Truth


  9. Rick

    She could use a current picture for the cover of “Torn Up Pussy”.

  10. Lady Blah Blah

    Science fiction thought experiment: Take Kendra’s brain, Kim Kardashian’s brain, and Kanye West’s brain, and hook them up so they work together, and pit them against my cat’s golf ball sized brain in some kind of challenge – a maze or chasing a piece of string in virtual reality, and I bet my cat’s brain would win.

  11. Is her husband really proud of her porn career, and the years of prostitution too?

    Kendra is a low quality person who sells her body for money, but now wants everyone to forget why she’s famous.

    Once a whore, always a whore.

  12. Doc Schweintrudel

    There is something about her eyes and her smile that’s like a little girl’s. I think she is gorgeous.

    • Gallo

      Umm, this thread got creepy really fast.

    • Chris Hanson

      Hi. Why don’t you have a seat over there?

    • Paloma

      I think she’s gorgeous too. She may be dumb as bricks but she entertains me. She seems to have a kind heart too and to me that out weighs a lot of what people are saying about here on here. Personally, I find her very likeable. Her zest for life is enviable.

  13. !!!!!!!

    why does her face look so old? she must be a hell of a lay for him to wife this whore and have to listen to her retard laugh for the rest of his life.

    • BooBooKittyFuck

      Her laugh should be used for interrogating criminals and terrorists. 5 minutes of it and they would confess.

  14. Because being rough is ugly

    Well I know when I have the need to feel proud of Kendra all I have to do is click on her name, and scroll down…Oh so glorious!

  15. Hello

    I always wonder why a guy would give a second glance to someone like Kendra, much less marry her. Do they feel comfortable knowing that with just a quick Google search, the entire world can see pictures of their wife naked?

  16. Ray Sist

    Same GD smile in every pic.

  17. mark

    always looks like she has been recently bonked over the head.

  18. Ash Bones

    She’s got a scary snatch, but still managed to jerked off a few times to her video.

  19. He’s a ham and egger that can’t hold on to a football and she’s got beef curtains that could sail the nina, pinta and the santa maria to the new world. Holly did give Hef anal though.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      And who are you? No really, please. Make it evident in some way you are worth something?

      • mud butt

        Hey Doc, who are you to question Rex? He is just a random dude, posting his observations about soulless tools of a slobbering pop media who put themselves out there and make tons of bucks, and have nothing to offer. She is a high-dollar whore and he is a high-dollar third-rate pro athlete. BFD.
        Are we to post our resume’ here before mocking these low-lifes? Would that make you happy?

      • So sorry to offend you doctor. Me, I’m just a part time airline mechanic. I have a full time job but I’m sure you can look that up on the internet. I am also the president of the newly formed “mudd butt” fan club should you care to join.

        Playboy used to be about really beautiful, girl next door types. Now all we have is 18 and 19 year girls with thousands of dollars of body work or “celebs” (and I use that term very loosley) with so much photoshopping done, the computing power required is actually greater that what has been used for all of the shuttle missions-ever. I can see the day when they whoo a celeb into appearing in the magazine and just take head shots and ‘shop’ them onto a models body telling the celeb that it’s 10 times less work.

        It is such a shame, I’ve met a bunch of these girls before they “made it”. One that comes to mind is Jayde Nicole. She was a pretty girl 6-7 years ago. I ran into her this summer, holy shit, she looked 50! Barring industrial strength drugs or setting yourself on fire (and putting it out with a rake) what and the hell is going on?

  20. NeNe

    Yes, he should have been, because when he met her, she was one of Hef’s little piggies. He liked her then, so why should anything change?

  21. Shows you how fuckin cut throat Hef is. He’ll fuck you in bed but he won’t fuck with the cover of his magazine no matter how many times he blew is old load on your face. If you she wants to get back on top: spin classes, weight watchers and a good slice and dice doctor is what she needs, not bullshit transparent reassuring compliments from the hubby. It’s a cruel, cruel world for those who sell their soul to play the game.

  22. And that’s why the rest of us drink… because we have to live in the same friggin’ world as these brain-dead celebutards. Looking at her face, I can’t help but think that she has to concentrate on breathing. It kills me that smart, hard-working people struggle to get by while these wastes of skin prosper by contributing… what, exactly? Excuse me while I go pour myself two ounces of lunch…

  23. me22

    She looks like shit and I only feel as if I can say this without being a complete pos cuz she gets PAID to be her pathetic self. I hate lazy people, hate them and she is the most lazy disgusting f*&k pig out there. Just goes to show her tight body was all due to youth, not hard work or genetics. It boggles my mind how people like her are rich and famous. How people can turn on the tv to watch this vile smashbox is also mind blowing to me. Either Hank is stupid or he is looking for the nearest exit cuz this trick is just bad news. Who leaves their husband cuz he has to live somewhere cold for a few months? A ghetto rat faced killer like Kendra. This is what our country condones and rewards. Hood rat hoes. From Kendra to the Kardassians I am so sick of it.

  24. wim

    what else can he do: TELLING HER IT STINKS?

  25. I would normally agree about no talent celebutards but this particular one, Kendra, for some reason, titilates me. I find her attractive. I don’t know why. I like her face. She looks, attainable, I think. Of course, I think she’s only 25 and she looks 45, so that’s not a good thing, but she’d be hot for a 45 year old!!!

  26. Dick Cheney

    All I want to say is, FUCK OBAMA

  27. Prince William

    I’d fuck her.

  28. ryan


  29. Testbot 5000

    Her breasts are like mountain oxen.

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