Kendra Wilkinson Wore This

November 1st, 2010 // 24 Comments

Hope you guys like Halloween posts.

Kicking off the festivities is Kendra Wilkinson hosting a party at Pure in Vegas Saturday night where her costume consisted of giant breasts and.. a jet-pack? Who’s to say? Anyway, I took the liberty of also adding pics of Holly Madison hosting her own, less-popular party because I’m a firm believer that the fact she used to fluff Hugh Hefner so he could ritualistically bang the other Girls Next Door [Ed. Note: Actual passage from "Sliding Into Home."] should forever be an albatross around Kendra’s neck. That way no one forgets she’s a soulless gold-digger and accidentally marries her. — Oh, right, that guy who lost the Super Bowl.

Haha! Right off his helmet.

Photos: WENN, WireImage


  1. TruTrini4LYFE

    At least she dont look like a slut

  2. Ash Bones

    Looks healthy

  3. captain america

    sorry to say but her brains are still “Dead Meat”, folks!!

  4. Still a whore

    Still struggling to find anything to make her relevant. Still a slut who would take a dump in public if she could sell the tape & make money.

  5. Chinny

    Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson: two people who love leathery balls in their face.

  6. nasty

    I dont care what u people say, but I know I could spend an entire day licking Kendra’s turd cutter.

  7. sandine

    kendra you should be ashamed of yourself you filthy little, nasty, dirty, shitty white trash whore. I hope your husband leaves you and your son disowns his fucked nasty ass drag queen looking mother.

  8. sandine

    fuck off kendra, unless you are going to show your twat, bitch

  9. rusty

    Kendra is the type of slut you fuck after receiving a session of deep throating and drop her off at the nearest whorehouse.

  10. Sugar

    I find it very funny that she never got her body back.

  11. I think she looks hot in these pictures actually. I’d like to have one night with her.

  12. I find her to be very attractive for an older MILF type. I would definately hit it.

  13. me22

    Her body is DONE. She will never look the same, even her legs have stayed fat. I normally do not care about people gaining weight but the fact that this chick is so dumb and annoying I had to comment on it.

  14. Kendra Wilkinson 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    She use 2 have nice legs!

  15. Annie
    Commented on this photo:

    she basically wore the long boring version of this on the girls next store. we get it holly, you think you are a disney princess.

  16. Bob

    Damnit it, Grandma. Put some pants on. No one wants to see that,

  17. She’s still hot but become quickly irrelevant.

  18. Kendra Wilkinson 2010
    Commented on this photo:

    Pregnancy really wreaked havoc on her body. I bet she regrets having that kid.

  19. Cardinal Fang

    As long as she keeps her mouth shut she’s ok

  20. Kendra Wilkinson 2010
    Willy Wonka
    Commented on this photo:

    First bitches!

    She’d be a good titty fuck…..then squirt all over her face.

  21. Normal Male
    Commented on this photo:

    Getting old and wrinkly Hollin Sue and your hair still looks like dead straw.

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