Kendra Wilkinson Turned Down Playboy? Hold Up…

If you haven’t figured out already, it’s Porn Star Day here on The Superficial.

Kendra Wilkinson apparently turned down a Playboy shoot recently after her husband Hank Baskett found out about it and made her realize she was doing it for the wrong reason: Proving to everyone she’s still “sexy” which I could’ve sworn was the entire point of these things. Also, boners. Anyway, E! News reports:

He didn’t yell at me,” Kendra says. “He wasn’t mad at me for doing that photo shoot. He actually sat down with me and he went over the reasons of doing it. And you know, my reasons weren’t right. I wanted to do Playboy for the wrong reasons. The wrong reasons are to prove people wrong, not to prove it to myself but to people and to put my middle finger up to everybody and be like, ‘I’m going to do Playboy!’ But that wasn’t the right reason, you know?”
Kendra insists she’s feeling really good about herself these days. She’s moved back to the L.A. area with baby Hank Jr. while daddy Hank is off in Minnesota playing for the Vikings. They’re looking to buy a house and settle down on the West Coast. “I feel sexy again,” she says. “No joke, every person I have run across is like ‘Oh, my god! You look so skinny!’ I’m like, ‘Oh, my god, really?’ Like that’s crazy! I haven’t even had a chance to work out!”

Oh, my god, totally! Of course, this story takes an even sadder twist when Kendra admits to People that the secret to her marriage is sexting Hank naked pics of herself because the bastard’s keeping them all for himself:

There’s Skype, yeah, that’s definitely our number one,” she tells PEOPLE with her signature laugh. “We also have our Blackberries. This morning, Hank woke up to a surprise text. Let me tell you, sending a naked picture to my husband definitely keeps him going.”

Dude, we practically looked into your wife’s birth canal when she, Kendra Wilkinson, personally released her sex tape by pretending someone else leaked it, so what’s another Playboy shoot going to hurt at this point? That’s where you found her! The cat’s so far out of the bag on this one it doesn’t even know what a bag is anymore. You could show it one, and it’d just sort of look at you funny before cleaning its genitals with its tongue.

I honestly didn’t mean for that to turn into a Kendra metaphor. Yet here we are…

Photos: Flynet