Kendra Wilkinson Takes Bold Stance Against Bringing Babies To Playboy Parties

November 19th, 2012 // 38 Comments
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A few weeks back there was a big kerfuffle over Kelsey Grammer and his new wife/face-maul victim bringing their three-month-old daughter to the Playboy Halloween Party because “they couldn’t find a sitter.” So here’s Kendra Wilkinson making a stink about it last night because TMZ shoved a camera in her face and what the hell else was she going to talk about it? The fiscal cliff?

Kendra — and her hot model friend Jessica Hall — were out at Lure nightclub in Hollywood last night and told us they personally witnessed Kelsey raging at Hef’s pad with his 3-month old daughter Faith.
In fact, Kendra says she was so pissed about the situation, she confronted Kelsey during the event.
“Oh, he KNOWS how I feel, trust me,” Kendra said …”I gave him that eye and I left because of that.”

Keep in mind, Kendra’s son can probably find his way to the Playboy Mansion blindfolded – *touches sidewalk, rubs fingers together* “As I suspected, more sticky stuff. We shan’t be far, mother!” – so Kelsey Grammer should really take this as friendly advice, if not a compliment, more than anything else. Because while any child unfortunate enough to fall out of/come in contact with Kendra has absolutely zero chance of succeeding in life, people think Kelsey Grammer is British which is like winning the goddamn jackpot.

ADMISSIONS OFFICER: While your transcript looks in order, young Mr. Grammer, I’m not quite sure you’re Hahvahd materi-
KELSEY: *bursts in* Spit spot, my good man, tea and crumpets, tally-ho. How go the chances of my young lad here matriculating? Splendid, I should hope you say. Pip pip!
ADMISSIONS OFFICER: My word, this boy is truly of noble blood. Accepted at once!

[Ed. Note: Never, ever read the “Early Life” section of Kelsey Grammer’s Wikipedia page if you want to feel good about insulting him. It’s literally a miracle the worst thing he’s ever done is vote Republican. – SW]

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  1. Kendra Wilkinson Bikini Wet Republic Pool Party
    Commented on this photo:

    On a scale of 1 to “some”, she’s a solid “meh”.

  2. Yeah, because of that “early life” thing, I can never, ever crack on Kelsey Grammer. This whole story could have been about him setting a baby on fire at that Playboy party, and I would have been like, “Duuuude, do you know what happened to that guy?”

    • cc

      I know…I remember reading it years ago. How the fuck you get over that shit…

      • red kippers

        He created an alter-ego ‘fraiser’ that he’s played for 20 years. Other people have split personalities, he did that.

      • Juch

        By convincing yourself your tragedies entitle you to a lifetime of special treatment, and to be inconsiderate of others.

  3. Kendra Wilkinson Bikini Wet Republic Pool Party
    Commented on this photo:

    What’s funny about this is if you look at the people in the background, hardly anyone is looking. What did MGM say…come to this event and hang around so no one can give a shit?

    • it had to be said

      “Bro, check it out. There’s that lady who was in that Playboy we stole from your dad when we were in grade school.”

  4. After reading the early life part of Kelsey Grammer’s wiki, he gets a lifetime pass. It’s truly a miracle he didn’t turn out to be as big of a fuck up as some younger celebs who haven’t gone through 1/1000th of what he went through.

    • squiggy

      ^He wrote it that way on purpose. ;)

    • Okay, fine, I’ll agree. But I’ll never stop laughing at that clip where he is drunk and falls off the stage. Never. And you can’t make me.

    • Burt

      I agree and disagree. The guy has had a traumatic life, that’s for sure. I can only imagine what he must have gone through…But, after a while, if he’s using that as an excuse for his fuck ups, particularly now decades later, that just comes of as a pathetic attempt to justify his narcissism.

  5. Kendra Wilkinson Bikini Wet Republic Pool Party
    Deacon Jones
    Commented on this photo:

    Yes, please

  6. Kodos

    “… a whore says WHAT??”

  7. Drew

    I wonder what her stance will be when it comes time to explain to her kids that mommy is famous for flashing her pussy and tits to the world and blowing Hef along with 3 other girls.

    • it had to be said

      That’s bullshit. She never blew other gir . . . oh wait. Nevermind.

    • karl anglin

      I suspect they will read a copy of their mother’s book.

    • Burt

      Consenting adults. Kelsey Grammer’s baby didn’t ask to brought to a party for adults be used as an accessory or a novelty item. If anybody knows whether that milieu is appropriate for kids, wouldn’t you think that she would be a good judge of that?

  8. EG

    I hate, hate, HATE myself for knowing this, but the baby is a girl. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go kill myself now.

  9. JC

    When she says, “I gave him that eye…,” I assume she means brown eye?

  10. *reads Wikipedia page* Yep, that sucks. I still think he’s an asshole, though.

  11. Juch

    Its a sad day when the moral barometer in the room is a molester of the elderly/fame whore/amateur porn star.

  12. What an idiot

    We’re supposed to believe anything said by a paid whore who released & promoted her own suck/fuck sex tape? Sorry; no sale…

  13. So she comes stumbling out of a nightclub on a Sunday night and that’s when they ask her why she’s a better parent than Kelsey Grammer?

  14. Kendra Wilkinson Bikini Wet Republic Pool Party
    Commented on this photo:

    white = virgin. :D

  15. Kendra Wilkinson Bikini Wet Republic Pool Party
    Commented on this photo:

    Love that puss!

  16. ben dover

    “Oh, he KNOWS how I feel, trust me,” Kendra said …”I gave him that eye and I left because of that.”
    Kendra is that the same eye your Mom gave you when you moved in to that 82 year old geezers house to fuck him every third night?
    PS you looked way better in your fuck video

  17. nikk

    I bet Kelsey had no idea how this hooker was

  18. mel

    this gal looks 85% terrific…which is to say; she looks terrific from her feet all the way up to her neck. and then there’s that face of hers. aside from her WAY too long forehead, her eyes seem to always suggest that she has recently experienced a heavy object whacking her over the head. coupled with a bizarre looking mouth/smile, i can’t understand why any dude would find her attractive. body? certainly. face? she looks like she’s autistic, or has ass-burgers syndrome; or the syndrome of a down….something is really off and scares me when i see her.

  19. My wife just glanced over and asked me why I was looking at pictures of Pamela Anderson…

  20. ma

    love that everyone is defending a man who brings a child to the playboy mansion..
    its also nice to know that calling a woman a sl”ut is still ok

    • Burt

      Exactly. And even if she were, what would that have to say about Kelsey Grammer’s lack of responsibility? Quite a lot, I would say.

  21. kery

    she has a fit body .. soooo envious :p

  22. She draws the line at bring a 3 month old baby to a Playboy mansion party, who slept through the debauchery vs. the countless pre-teen and teenage girls she inspired to become a professional harlot with The Girls Next Door?

    • Burt

      Two different things, two different stages in her life. She’s a mom now. Parenthood normally brings along a shift in perspective in someone. Apparently that didn’t occur with My. Grammer.

  23. Kendra Wilkinson Bikini Wet Republic Pool Party
    Commented on this photo:

    what’s this location? Every douche bag with staged, self paid, photo ops has had their picture taken standing in that same spot or within 10 feet of here.

    • hollyhood

      its the vegas mgm – the pool there is packed every weekend in the summer by douchebags and vapid trashy women.

  24. Kendra Wilkinson Bikini Wet Republic Pool Party
    Commented on this photo:

    They say she’s retarded but them titties aren’t retarded!

  25. Kendra Wilkinson Bikini Wet Republic Pool Party
    Commented on this photo:

    So, she’s wearing a jill, right? Right?
    Hello? Hello?

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