Kendra Wilkinson Takes Bold Stance Against Bringing Babies To Playboy Parties

A few weeks back there was a big kerfuffle over Kelsey Grammer and his new wife/face-maul victim bringing their three-month-old daughter to the Playboy Halloween Party because “they couldn’t find a sitter.” So here’s Kendra Wilkinson making a stink about it last night because TMZ shoved a camera in her face and what the hell else was she going to talk about it? The fiscal cliff?

Kendra — and her hot model friend Jessica Hall — were out at Lure nightclub in Hollywood last night and told us they personally witnessed Kelsey raging at Hef’s pad with his 3-month old daughter Faith.
In fact, Kendra says she was so pissed about the situation, she confronted Kelsey during the event.
“Oh, he KNOWS how I feel, trust me,” Kendra said …”I gave him that eye and I left because of that.”

Keep in mind, Kendra’s son can probably find his way to the Playboy Mansion blindfolded – *touches sidewalk, rubs fingers together* “As I suspected, more sticky stuff. We shan’t be far, mother!” – so Kelsey Grammer should really take this as friendly advice, if not a compliment, more than anything else. Because while any child unfortunate enough to fall out of/come in contact with Kendra has absolutely zero chance of succeeding in life, people think Kelsey Grammer is British which is like winning the goddamn jackpot.

ADMISSIONS OFFICER: While your transcript looks in order, young Mr. Grammer, I’m not quite sure you’re Hahvahd materi-
KELSEY: *bursts in* Spit spot, my good man, tea and crumpets, tally-ho. How go the chances of my young lad here matriculating? Splendid, I should hope you say. Pip pip!
ADMISSIONS OFFICER: My word, this boy is truly of noble blood. Accepted at once!

[Ed. Note: Never, ever read the “Early Life” section of Kelsey Grammer’s Wikipedia page if you want to feel good about insulting him. It’s literally a miracle the worst thing he’s ever done is vote Republican. – SW]

Photos: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN