Kendra is a ‘Single Mom,’ You Guys

November 3rd, 2010 // 59 Comments

To all you single moms out there looking for a sympathetic ear, Kendra Wilkinson wants you to know she’s just like you once you look past the millions of dollars, nannies and still being happily married to a professional football player. Never mind all that. Via Life & Style:

Not having Hank around hurts,” Kendra tells Life & Style. “Moving across the country by myself makes me think of my own mom who raised me and my brother alone. Hank’s not going to be there forever, but with him not physically here, I’m a single parent now.
Hank’s decision to sign with the Minnesota Vikings — and spend time away from his family— resulted in a screaming match with his exasperated wife. “It hurt a lot,” Kendra tells Life & Style. “When Hank left I felt lonely. He’s my everything. Nobody else can really fill that loneliness.” She admits there’s been a lot of tears throughout this time. “We cry. It’s hard, and we aren’t ashamed to cry.”

Oh, the pitfalls of marrying a professional athlete. None of us can truly know the pain of having your husband in harm’s way hundreds of miles away even though you’re rich and can buy a plane ticket to see him at the drop of a hat. My God the sheer fortitude of this poor woman. It’s almost as if she’s the only person alive suffering through this, at worst, slightly inconvenient tragedy. Will you not cry for Kendra? CRY FOR HER!

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  1. phil

    is that good?

  2. moller


  3. Plane, fish, not plain. 8-|

  4. beep

    It’s “plane” ticket fish.

  5. Taylor

    Dear Superficial Writer,

    What’s a “plain ticket”? Is there some kind of ‘fancy ticket’ of which I am not currently aware?

    Just sayin’.


    • Nudgie

      Yes Taylor – it’s called “First Class” and we feel badly you can only read about it.


  6. Puddin' Taine

    Awww, no worries Kendra, I’m sure there are more than enough guys out there who are more than willing to “fill” your loneliness
    *raises hand*

  7. NeNe

    I have a sinking suspicion that she will now do playboy.

  8. Lady Blah Blah

    She’s starting to look like that Gosselin hog.

  9. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    Boo hoo hoo!! Get over it he’s only gone for about 18 weeks!!
    Some kids never ever have their fathers around!!

  10. Heyzeus Hosay

    Did he go an fix that spelling error? i don’t see any plain tickets….

  11. Kendra Wilkinson
    LIKE A G6
    Commented on this photo:

    ls it me or does kendra look extra FAT in those extra lame blue sweat pants.

  12. Shut up, Kendra

    Bitch, shut up. Other women who are unemployed like you move with their husbands to wherever their team is. You have no career holding you to LA (spreading your legs in a sex tape is NOT a career, stupid). Just move to Minnesota, you hog. And, please shut the fuck up while you’re at it; your idiotic voice is like nails on a chalkboard…

    • sunshine

      I’d like to add one for the military wives (and husbands) who send their loved ones off to harm’s way on a daily basis. You want to know what hard is Kendra? That’s hard.

      • SmotherMeBrother

        “Sunshine” you are right on the money. At least Kendra can visit her husband anytime she would like to unlike military wives and chances are pretty good that he’s going to be alive for the duration of his contract with Minnesota.

        “Shut up, Kendra” I would like to point out that Kendra is not unemployed. She has a successful modeling career not to mention an equally successful reality TV show. She even had a ghost writer put together a best selling book for her this year so it isn’t like she doesn’t earn her keep. I’d venture a guess that she has been the main breadwinner for the majority of her marriage to Hank since he is the one who seems to have trouble keeping a job. Sorry Hank…I love you.

    • and like most single moms out there, instead of getting and education and/or a real job to pay the bills, she does porn videos for money.

      Yeah Kendra, you’re quite an inspiration to women everywhere. Women need only to look to you to see how to get ahead in the world: get oversized breast implants, fuck an old man for a paycheck, fuck a younger guy for a paycheck, do some porn videos for a paycheck, and then ask everyone to forget what you’re famous for and pretend you fought for every dime you have.

      what a c-unt.

  13. Is the information in this interview really Kendra code for “my husband is out of town – I need action so come all ye traveling salemen”?

  14. pete

    She should cry about how bad her husband is at pro football. Not only is he away from her, but he’s not even good enough to be on the team roster during games.

  15. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    Where’s the ass shot??

  16. Flaming Liberal

    Her face is like a rats

  17. Casey

    At least she’s not moving to Minnesota. That would suck.

  18. People like this operate on a completely different fuckin level. I’m sure she’s riding some comfort cock while he’s doing the same thing that EVERY OTHER NFL PLAYER DOES which is fuck a different bitch (or 2) every week. Anyone who thinks that she’s “lonely” is a moron.

  19. burton

    dumpy walmart mom…

  20. missloopy

    just when i thought i couldn’t possibly like her less.

  21. Facebook me

    The reason why she should cry is when he is beating the shit out of her for being an ingrateful bitch,

  22. The Dude

    The US government should consider nuking LA after she moves back. Clear out all of these whiny “celebs” in one fell sweep.

  23. dumbass

    Glad I didn’t give up on this site after the asinine attempt earlier at political commentary – this is exactly the kind of snarky, sarcastic and funny crap I come here for!
    Maybe Hank Baskett should have called her bluff, and told her ‘yeah, you’re right, honey – even though at best I have 3 or 4 more years to earn millions as a pro athlete, I’ll pass on this opportunity, and be a stay at home dad so you can go out and get a job, but of course without all those NFL millions, we’ll have to downsize our lifestyle and get sensible cars, a modest house somewhere affordable, and cut out the fancy vacations’. What kind of stupid, selfish moron bitches and cries about her husband earning a living doing the only thing he’s capable of doing? Did she think she married a plumber?

  24. Deacon Jones

    Nice ta-ta’s!!!!

    She’ll pity fuck some guy, Hank finds out, and VIOLA!, Season 4 plotline is set!

    Hank will be made the scapegoat in the process

  25. Carrie

    All the single moms of the world need to line up and bitch slap Kendra . Moron

  26. Dan

    Wow really it’s not about her, she should know that in marrying a sports star that subject to change is bound to happen. Stupid bitch.

  27. itsme.

    THIS is why I read this website. The writing is so spot on, cutting through the BS of this rich cunts plight with that of say, I don’t know, a soldiers wife. Oh, I’m standing and applauding this piece.

  28. john

    Dwarf with huge fake breasts. Do not want.

  29. CG

    Sign with the Vikings sure, Play with the Vikings… that’s pushing it

    Hank = limited receiver skills

  30. Kendra Wilkinson
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, poor poor Kendra. Try being married to a military man who has to get deployed.

  31. Kevin

    I’m a, take that back, was a VIkings fan and I haven’t heard about this…Either it just happened some time today or it’s not even a big enough deal to report. I don’t see him playing at all…

  32. Laaaaaaaaaaaaame!

  33. rican

    The bitch can always move to minnesota.

  34. Kodos

    insignificant whore…

  35. rfy

    Google in the input: www. you can find many brand names, even more surprising is that he will sell you the unexpected o(∩_∩)o

  36. barry

    Is her body still OK for Porn, because that is her only choice now. Marry a famous Football star, does not work out…..I feel so sorry for you……….oh, so sorry…..

  37. i AM a single mom, but i get so much help from my parents that i would never call myself a “single mother”, so if i got to stay at home all day and have a nanny and a shit ton of money to take care of my daughter with i wouldn’t complain about a damn thing EVER

  38. What a turd

    What this vapid leg spread whore needs to do is SHUT THE FUCK UP. She chose to leave her husband & move back to Hollywood (which is a shitty enviornment to raise kids); other women who don’t have established careers (just like her; a sex tape where she fucks a dude & shows off her birth canal is not a career) and are committed to their family would follow him to wherever he is, particularly if he’s making $800,000 a year. She’s just proven that the only thing she is committed to is herself; she’s a turd & the sooner Hank flushes her, the better he’ll be…

  39. Normal Male

    Does she still call Hef “Daddy” when he’s fucking her while Hank is away? Hey Hank, can’t you just imagine that, Kendra bouncing up and down moaning, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy”? I think Hef is her baby’s real daddy. I hear Hef wants her to have a girl next, he needs new young blood for his stable. Go Hef!

  40. Grow up

    ““Shut up, Kendra” I would like to point out that Kendra is not unemployed. She has a successful modeling career not to mention an equally successful reality TV show. She even had a ghost writer put together a best selling book for her this year so it isn’t like she doesn’t earn her keep. I’d venture a guess that she has been the main breadwinner for the majority of her marriage to Hank since he is the one who seems to have trouble keeping a job”

    Uh, she’s not modeling anything. As for her “successful reality TV show”, it’s not only not a career, but it’s on the verge of being cancelled for low ratings. She’s a celebutard, not an actress; she doesn’t hold a job. She’s paid for stumbling around and laughing like a hyena, but less & less people are interested. She’s basically unemployed; she’s never had to work an honest days work in her life. And, having someone ghost write a book for you is not working; look at that slutty idiot katie price; she’s had 12 books ghost written for her, and she recently was quoted as saying she has absolutely no idea what they’re about. Same here.

  41. Cardinal Ximenez

    Does she realize wearing those sweatpants in public just ended her career? Seriously, thats a major erection killer. She now looks like the typical single mom shopping at Walmart.

  42. Gary B

    Her marriage fell apart thought would not have happened for another 5 years.

  43. Rose

    Yes, I will cry and pray for Kendra. You poor thing. I will look past the fact that I’m 20 years old, that the only place I can talk to my husband is at the cemetery, that my son lost his daddy when he was 7 weeks old, that we had no life insurance and virtually no savings, that I can barely afford daycare and a small apartment. That I hurt everyday because I can’t just pick up the phone or get on a plane to see him, that I don’t have millions of dollars to support myself. I will look past all that and I will think of you Kendra. Because your life is obviously so very hard. When my son is older and cries for his daddy and I have to explain he’s dead, I will tell him, suck it up son, imagine being in Kendra’s shoes.

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