It’s Kendall Jenner’s Nipples Already

November 19th, 2013 // 49 Comments

Kendall Jenner just turned 18 two weeks ago, so already it’s been 14 days too many for Kris Jenner not to get her pimp on. Which probably explains why Kendall just posted a pic of her breasts in a see-through shirt to Instagram where you can see her barely legal nipples. You’ll also notice she appears to be covered in some sort of liquid, but before everyone starts with the golden shower jokes, that could just as easily be blood from the Satanic ritual that allows her mom to enter our realm. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

Photo: Instagram


  1. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    When you can fit a 3rd boob between them, I call Phony.

  2. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    aannnnnnnnnnnnnd whore.

  3. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    If this is penance for the fuckery of a video that Kanye and Kim released today, then I will gladly accept it. If they think we will forget that video they are sadly mistaken though.

  4. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    Nice tits. I assume this is a outtake from the recently shot sex tape. Too bad she shares DNA with the Unholy Succubus.

  5. Cock Dr

    She is already bought and sold into The System.

  6. Can you put a price on love? “Yes”, Kris seethed through her fangs as Kendall cried.

  7. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    on a more serious note, these people are just plain awful.

  8. Poor Kendall and Kylie. Never given a chance to be anything but a piece of meat peddled for whatever price is bid. At eighteen, you have all the possibilities of life to explore, but these two girls only get one choice: soft-core porn and sex objects. These are Kim’s replacements when she’s deemed “too old” to attract attention.

    Well, now we know why they only attend home-school four hours a day: who needs an educated porn star?

    Kendall and Kylie need parents. Instead, they got pimps. I’m truly sorry for them.

    • Guest

      It’s just a modeling shoot that many other professional 18 year old models do. Dakota Fanning dressed in lingerie when she was 17 for a movie role. It’s work. And Dakota as soon as she turned 18 did a nudity in a movie role. You’re getting a little carried away. This girl may end up fine, just gotta see what happens.

      • Veronika Larsson

        You don’t get it.

        The issue isn’t whether or not she’s an “18 year old model”.

        The issue is whether Kendall or Kylie have ever been given other options and other choices in their lives.

        A model is nothing but an object. These girls have been home-schooled to satisfy bare minimum legal requirements. You think they’re going to go to college and become doctors or architects? They will never be given the chance, because their parents have been grooming them since childhood to sell themselves.

        Life is supposed to be choices, good ones and bad ones. I think the Jenners girls have had their choices taken away from them. That’s not right.

        Get it now?

      • Guest

        I get that’s how you see it. But she’s an adult and made a choice and not forced to do anything that she doesn’t want to. A model is a job, whether you think they are just objects or not is irrelevant, it’s a job. How they are groomed is how you see it. You don’t know what Bruce said to her and what their private conversations were like, it’s always that case when people think what little glimpse you see of someone’s lives are the whole story. And you didn’t say anything about the Fannings. Both Elle and Dakota are actresses and Elle does a good amount of modeling, why didn’t they do other things? And Dakota did exactly what Kendall did, you have a double standard with the two girls. Kendall may end up fine as a young woman, do the modeling thing until she’s 25 and then she has a lot more of her life to live. Let her enjoy whatever it is she chooses to do at this time in her life and again, modeling in something shear or even nude modeling is nothing unique and nothing to be ashamed of. This does not look like a sexualized shoot. At least she’s doing honest work, and modeling is hard work.

  9. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    don’I never thought 18 year old titties would make me sad.

    I’m not familiar with this kind of emotion…I think it might be empathy. I don’t like it. Don’t like it at all.

  10. Kendall Jenner Nipples
    Big Dick Magee
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    If only she wont’ be decimated by huge black cock………..

  11. Swearin

    I’m going to look at this if only for the chance to exclaim “You’re too late, she’s legal now!” and cackle like a supervillain when Chris Hansen shows up to my apartment

  12. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    So, there is no question whatsoever, that the entire family has collectively said, “Fuck it” and charted out exactly how, by eliminating all shame and morals, they shall stay relevant for the next 100 years.

    This pic would be sexy if it wasn’t both incredibly sad and hilarious.

  13. Poor thing. Sucked into the family business.

  14. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    She is kinda cute, very plain type of cute. Yet the concept of Darth Gigantor aka “Black Cock” creating chaos all over here bumhole and/or titty canyon and/or vag bunker kinda ruins it for me.

    I would like to see her getting gang-banged by 30 black dudes ( Sasha Grey Style ), then she gets the honor of rimming all 30 with a finale of a group golden shower on her.

  15. cc

    Bring on the hoin’ Kardashians…you know we expect it.

  16. Kendall Jenner Nipples
    Hugh G. Rection
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    What does an utterly talentless person, whose only claim to fame is that her sister had a “leaked” sex tape, have to offer?


  17. Pike

    People sure are getting excited over some nipples.

    Americans are weird puritans.

  18. poop

    i don’t think this is THAT bad. isn’t she a model? by 18 most models are full on nude. on another note, can you please get rid of the horrible iPad version of this site??

  19. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    Awww, someone’s all grown up and getting peed on already?! How cute!

  20. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    Wait. Did I miss the video of her taking it in the ass from some black guy? I’m so behind.

  21. Kendall Jenner Nipples
    gary coleman's ghost
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    “If only she wont’ be decimated by huge black cock………..”

    Too late buddy; that shit’s already been smashed. And there’s line of rappers, basketball players, football players and parolees snaking around the corner waiting their turn.
    Hell, I could probably smash it, if I were still alive.

  22. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    I don’t care what King Tut said, those Persians put out!

  23. I’d say I hope Kris Jenner would go to hell, but I’m afraid she will only be welcomed back by her true husband and reign there for all eternity.

  24. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    Too old.

  25. kimmykimkim

    I wonder if she’ll make better porn than her sister. I mean, there’s gotta be at least one person in this family that has some kind, ANY kind of “talent.” Wait, the fuck am I saying?

  26. I thought you couldn’t put nudity up on instagram?

  27. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    It’s a trap!

  28. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    This is just sad.

  29. dennis

    I think I remember when Kim did her Playboy shoot her and her sister (back when they were in their tweens) commenting on stupid it was to get naked for pics. LOL

    Two seconds after one turns 18, her tits are out.

  30. Robb7

    When you don’t possess a single working brain cell, you show your tiny tithes to the masses. Papa J must be SO proud!

  31. 50 years from now, her granddaughter will be showing her young titties to the world, and we will all sadly remember this moment.

  32. Futility

    November 4, 2013 — 18th b-day
    November 19, 2013 — Nipples!
    Gotta admire Mom Kardashian’s restraint.

  33. Kendall Jenner Nipples
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    Wish Kylie had made it. Not sayin’ Kendall is bad or any shit like that, but Kylie’s body has a little bit more curves.

    Sadly Kendall was bitten by the semi-anorexic-model bug.

  34. Brozillian

    Of course, in two years or more

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