Kelly Brook takes Billy Zane to Bikini-town

January 2nd, 2008 // 60 Comments

British actress Kelly Brook spent yesterday with her boyfriend Billy Zane in the French West Indies. I have to say I admire Billy Zane. Not because Kelly Brook believes sex is a form of daily aerobics, but because he’s not afraid to show off his baldness. You see Billy used to rock the completely shaved and shined dome. I guess one day Billy Zane decided he didn’t want to look awesome anymore and instead wanted to look like, I dunno, my dad. Wise move, Billy. No one gets action like my old man. And by action I mean DUI’s. I think he’s up to 10.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. yeh

    I’d bang that baldhead like a ball in the cornerpocket of my trousers.

  2. Nancy

    I can’t believe how hot this guy used to be…and now look at him! What a shame.

  3. Her figure is perfect, I’m sooo jealous!

  4. paris

    that’s hott

  5. Annabel

    What the hell happened to Billy Zane?

  6. @7 Ha! I just noticed the fug pattern on the bikini too

  7. here i am freezing my ass off in Canada. Well at least we have hott eskimoes here

  8. ipanema_girl

    she’s pale flab in an most ugly bikini and he’s well .. but he still seems to pluck his eyebrows? he was always gross.

  9. everything but water

    her bathing suit is not good for her.
    i think she should have gone with something lavendar, or solid black. no tie sides, not so high cut… that style is making her hips look wider.

  10. sla

    It’s so nice to see a father and daughter having some father-daughter beach time.

  11. Is that a black hairy armpit or just a shadow

  12. Ted from LA

    It appears to me she likes to play with her own tits, ass and hair a lot. I wonder what Freud would say.

  13. gotmilk?

    she looks better with clothes on.

    if one has to adjust her bathing suit that much, one needs a better suit. that thing is uggos.

  14. babs

    it looks like they’re more than just boyfriend/girlfriend. they both have rings on.

    she looks like an uglier jennifer garner, which i didn’t think was possible.

  15. Thomas

    Oh God, here come the necrophilliacs who will complain that she’s supple and healthy… “Why can’t she be anorexic, bony and angular? I like my girls all crack-addict-y”

    Guys: This is what a woman is supposed to look like.
    Gals: This is what you should look like.
    Trannys: If you look like this, marry me and fix my car.

  16. p0nk

    never heard of her but those are so damn fine curves.

  17. Who Cares?

    Nice to see that Eurotrash floats.

  18. I really think that’s a pretty bikini, i love the feminine floral pattern.

  19. Hey, David Cross has been working out!

  20. yukadoozer

    She dropped by Penney’s at the mall to pick up that gay suit.

  21. crazypants

    billy zane looks like himself, except you kow, he’s lost a lot of his hair. Which hapens to like 50% of all guys. He’s looking pretty fit for a guy his age as well.

    so get a grip – unless I’m to believe that the lot of you would drop your beaus for having the audacity to go bald or…gasp…age!

    bunch of teens and twinks the lot of ya!

  22. pointandlaugh

    She’s got some WIDE BIRTHIN HIPS. All ripe to squeeze out a few puppies.

  23. kitty_kat

    Really nice figure… horribly unflattering bikini. It makes her hips look huge.

  24. BIPP

    Look at the gap at her pussy. I bet she has big ole pussy lips.

  25. RENEE...

    Yipes, Billy Zane used to be a beautiful looking man. Now he looks like fricken Locke from the tv show Lost…Eeegad.

  26. #15 “Trannys: If you look like this, marry me and fix my car.”

    You just made me LOL..

  27. nipolian

    What’s wrong with her teeth…….They’re straight…….and white. Thought she was from the UK.

  28. Cindy

    She used to be hot, but she’s let herself go. Fat waddling thighs. Gross.

  29. D. Richards (Scum.)

    Hey, man. Billy Zane’s cool as shit. Remember how suave Billy was in the Memphis Bell? Even the boys wanted to suck his bombardier cock back then.

    One thing, though. He is starting to look like creapy Telly Savalas, which weirds me the fuck-out. But Zane’s still cool. I just hope he doesn’t do any Players’ Club Gold Card commercials.

  30. Ang


  31. veggi

    Billy Zane is one of the few free men who truly deserve to be raped.

  32. redsonja1313

    Ok I know I should respect him for embracing his hair loss and not doing the “hollywood” hair plug…..but uhmm he just looks bad with the half head of hear… Please shave your head…PLEASE !!!

  33. Man, she cleans up really well, and by that I mean she’s not so stunning here. Gotta look at those other articles. If she spends much time on health and fitness I’d be a little surprised.

    It does seem Billy was better off with the shaving. I don’t know if he was covering up that gut before or what.

  34. holla@meh

    billy zane is so hot. i wish i was there. i would have gotten down on my knees and gave him the best blow job he’s ever had. he’d be so amazed, we would go off and got married. bye bye kelly.

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  36. Seymour Butz

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  37. secybitch

    She has my favorite body of all of the bikini pics lately. Huge hips?! You posters are really idiotic morons. She’s perfect (from the neck down)

  38. Michael Vick must Die

    She’s gorgeous but I agree the bikini was not a good choice, he’s an ugly fug who should be washed away by a tsunami never to be seen again except by the fishies that eat him.

  39. thats billy zane? wtf happened to him =(

  40. stephanie

    She’s got a nice body, but she needs a different swim suit for sure…. she would look good with no ties on the side.

  41. anonymous

    i didn’t know who that guy was until I googled him. i remember him from titanic. so not the same guy. what the heck happened to him!?! on the other hand, kelly looks fantistic. what a great bod. why are some of you calling her fat and flabby? jennifer love hewitt is fat and flabby, not kelly. get it straight!

  42. johnnyfive

    Is she going to go play flag football or something….that suit is hideous.

  43. bangthegenius

    #33, I totally agree. Matthew McConaughey is totally bald, but has been plugging for years. He now looks fake and generally like ass (aside from his ridiculously ripped body). It would be much better if he were a bald badass like that dude from the Transporter movies.

  44. Toni


    AS IF.



  45. lambman

    is he her dad? she looks 16 and he looks 46

  46. iza

    god damn it, i was madly in love with
    this man when I watched dead calm.
    i fell madly out of love when i realized
    that movie is about 30 years old and
    hes old and looks like ^THAT (my dad) now. sick.

  47. latty


    Oh God, my eyes are vomiting at the sight….

    Billy, come on now…for the sake of the children…shave your goddamn head.

  48. If I didn’t see your face I would swear this was kim kardashian:
    - wide hips, that’s a bonus at giving birth.
    - big TITS are a bonus to the boy’s!!!

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