Kelly Osbourne Quit ‘Fashion Police’

Fashion Police should’ve died with Joan Rivers, and I’d be open to arguments that it shouldn’t have even been kept alive in that context, but long story short, Kelly Osbourne saw the writing on the wall and needed an excuse to get the hell out of there which Giuliana Rancic offered up on a silver platter (Full of untouched food! Bah-ZING!) with her stupid Zendaya bullshit. And so Friday, Kelly quit the show which is nowhere near as fascinating as that time her butt looked nothing like you’d expect Kelly Osbourne’s butt to look. Before this pic, if someone put a gun to my head and made me draw a picture of her ass, it’d look like Clayface with a thong over his mouth. This is the bedrock upon which all Kelly Osbourne discussions should take place, and then never go any further because it’s Kelly Osbourne, and remember how boring all that stuff before the butt-talk was? Exactly.

Photo: Getty