Kelly Osbourne Got Drunk On That Plane Because Jack Has MS

Kelly Osbourne recently got drunk in a plane and had to be carried off by her assistant and security guard, except there’s a perfectly good explanation for her falling off the wagon that she’s not at all trying to exploit. Who even thinks like that? RadarOnline reports:

“I got drunk on the plane to Atlanta,” Kelly said in a no-holds barred exclusive interview with, and she revealed why.
“It was on an empty stomach, and before I got on the plane a gentleman came up to me and asked me how my brother was doing and told me about his brother having MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and directed me towards a website.
“On the plane I started looking at the website. It described how bad certain cases of MS got, and it made me lose it because I’ve sat through my mother having breast cancer, my dad almost dying from a bike accident, and now it’s my brother who’s my best friend.
“I lost it,” Kelly frankly admitted.

Because she’s said some incredibly poignant things about Christina Aguilera in the past, I really want to give Kelly Osbourne the benefit of the doubt here, but yeesh. What she should’ve said is, “Hey, I have a disease, although that’s a debatable construct built to repress handsome bloggers who just want a little whiskey for breakfast, and fell off the wagon. It happens.” Which sounds way less shady than, “I had an empty stomach my brother’s MS made me do it!” Because now I’m convinced she drunkenly stabbed a stewardess then tucked her under the landing gear. Someone should start poking up there with some sticks.

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty, Pacific Coast News, WENN